the muse apprentice guild
--expanding the canon into the 21st century



inhabitant, mutters
through an uncommon

wire, a zig
zag sliver

once resided
in state and oft

times mimic
not the slit

throat bewild

terror pieces
of something

and that's the way we likes it



urn, ugh, hey,
then seed, oh, I'll
angled else wane. You'll phone ace
toe, all egg oh reek, whom Sue
guessed, he on insist, he
wasps mood, and so Pa's, oh yeah, egg,
ugh, involved to ink are
accolades. He cigar as, marine, oh
flare, for■on ode a, fruit
hose a, good dose. It's eleven token,
they a, greet all. Osmosis else he'll
bead all day, moon train ale pot,
bordello a, temper hot, Moor, a sober
frail, achoo. Nope, hack post-own
heat, no pocked post own
        cake, I come on drop
                Owen low and
interminable, who am a repetition dead
set stance he,
                as one fiend all
        day colder, confounding door,
unappeasable pole, for ■Št event,
        they've clock us,
                Brahman doe.



The backyard falls off
steep into a bosky dark
holler, a strange timbre
where all light strangles,
a fervid and pestilent tone
surge in emerald mess
against white oaks, and
decays into an iterate
dusk. Each day gobbles
one thunderstorm, and sun
flowers droop gravid an
upper cumbrous mass, where
upon hurricanes pound august
mojo west bound thalassic
strand, an inebriate hornet
on a ferment of gust apple loot
reeling rot, and thereafter
hunkers an underground hive.



sod sur
rounding the in
stant of
house, and
the entire pack
age might be yours
with some money
down. See it
there on the o
ther side
of the rav
ine, over ther
e through the tr
ees. This
may or may
not be a quest
ion. Not this rat
her, but this
that and th
e other. Cash
for trash; and
thus tumble
the trees.
I am coma
tose, un
responsive. I
got the holes
in my head
to prove it.



That's Cocteau's car
radio to you, Buster.

Afflicted by an unfortunate disease identified
by physicians as "proselytizing," the victim exhibits symptoms
commonly associated with the spleen, and also exudes a foul smelling gas accompanied by peculiar noises which issue from both ends of the body.

Perhaps this can be harnessed as alternative signification
and renewable, no less thematic, Daddy
stone swallowing and then ask
the Poof-Master,

stricken as we are, without curiosity,
that somebody disdains
clarification, and instead flails away
with a euphemism
for water, by Gob.

Item over thair: tired
and grieving but, otherwise, in
good spirits, students of more
than the frivolities of surrealism, of
more than negative or positive superlatives
accompanied by exclamation points
and modified nouns, like the oxymoronic names of rock
bands, "Soluble Fish," for example, a substance
which, after it passes through
the digestive tract, leaves us
with a familiar by-product of which
all are laden and must,
therefore, unload, debunk those all
too common and obstinate
assertions of expertise.

Nothing here butt hills, Pip
squeak is fond of affirming.