the muse apprentice guild
--expanding the canon into the 21st century











Just clutter bound to merge

Feature survivor puts by request

Guides stomping sympathetic

A theory crossing numb weather

Found inadequate restraint

Memory index despite entrance

Bunch of sleeping deadline

Game structure delay pronoun

Person close necessary

Leaving sunset alone level

Indulge sanity slums

By fact improvisation to health

By unaware gossip recognize

Shadow bring reason for action

Slip and stress small thought

It was last original topic visible

Lips touch private arch

Right past near light changes

Response control cloud clearing

Poetic to psychic trunks

With stamina overwhelming logic

Heat specifies limits louder

Ribs in despair strewn outgoing

Glance hands oven in shit

Circle ability nuisance

The act together by pointing

Once dressed canals pleasing

Utterance mutual tender crowded

Directly spirit of intense pocket

Looming languor result uptown

Make resistance suspend middle of

Flood relapse nerve record

Solution peel off broadcast

Carefully extras mention millions

Stranger the weight of compensation

Wary beseeching maze

Busy another heart to air

Examine acid autonomous

Sort of bed glow unexpected

Overdue infinite clocks horizontal

Manipulates reading about escape

Rub shifts pupil of length

Turn difficult relaxing

Sensibility between belief frustrated

Spontaneous gone average

Any moment ignore thrust

Wire mask own affection

Uncanny but steady person opera

Training future reminder won't admit

Stammer place to interrupt

Attention incline details allow for

Propose jaw shape emphasis

Double spotted robe size

Local situation will carry

From among fences forgotten

Under labels feel ceiling

Envelope stamp variety

Self draw impossible

Eye doubt gently dazzling

Eccentric sudden implant from afar



Usual story at the wrong
time of day. Folklore surrounding writer's maze.
Aspirant getting advice from beyond, having
hypnagogic adventures that can't be recovered
later on.

High output machine
against clock moving backwards. Stern pulse vs.
continual evasion. Every second of equal length,
unless you count warp of dreams cursing things as
they are, finding recourse in vernacular of relics
carried off by other men.

Gift of paralysis
perversely proud of distance. Controlling,
reversing, slowing speeding images you can't
escape and no longer try to enjoy. Sitting in a
yoga position, trading favors on some remote
island more familiar if you say it aloud.

The word originally meant
fire and then was modulated through clay and leafy
haunt of birds coming forth into hot glare of tin.
How strange on modern ears falls prayer to cure an
alleged order described as burning evolved. How
thoughtless and excessive is the touch of one pure
object by another. Intimate but with no motive
except a feeling you get of being left quickly

Rhymes with dust in action
inexhaustible as form of praise to make flesh
selfless. Forbidden as obstacle mixed with exotic
fruits and pastries drenched in butter. Consumed
at table of ancient burden: bulky frame printed on
menu made by charity for the poor.

Could someone political
still play a lone hand, as an actor might play the
Devil because he has all the good lines? Do I
share this stage with fading ghosts who think
society will or will not improve? My role requires
slaves to knowledge I believe is obsolete.
Expelled from Heaven in my choice to say no either
way. Done despite temptation of an angel choir
applauding at my early grave.

Of all sin only anger in a
common tongue survives. Goes through the body as
hope endures by taste of blood. From rusty blade
to eye and ear that crave a shock no hypocrite can
avoid. Outrage screaming for revenge against
mistake of right and wrong alike, demanding
punishment to prove a judgment feeding on itself.
Declaring victory past all understanding in a
world we don't deserve.