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SPENCER SELBY: Born and raised in the midwest. Studied Political Science, Psychology and Film History at The University of Iowa. First book published after college on American Film Noir. In San Francisco in the early 80s started SINK Press, and coordinated The Canessa Park Reading Series from 1987-93. In 1993 created The List of Experimental Poetry/Art Magazines. Now available on the web at www.poetrypress.com, the list tracks small press publications throughout the world. Performance In addition to the Bay Area, readings in New York City (Ear Inn, St. Mark's, The Knitting Factory), Boston (Word of Mouth), Phoenix (Scottsdale Art Center), Los Angeles (Beyond Baroque), Minneapolis (Center For Book Arts), Seattle (Bumbershoot, Subtext), San Diego (Beyond the Page), Vancouver (Kootenay School of Writing), London (Subvoicive), Portland, Cleveland, Washington D.C., Toronto and Montreal. Poetry Books Instar (San Francisco: SINK Press, 1989), Barricade (Providence: Paradigm Press, 1990), House of Before (Hartford: Potes and Poets, 1991), Sound Off (St. Paul: Detour, 1993), No Island (NY: Drogue Press, 1995), The Big R (NY: Angle Press, 1998), Task (Tenerife: Zasterle, 1999). Anthologies The Art of Practice: Forty-Five Contemporary Poets (Hartford: Potes and Poets, 1994), Primary Trouble: An Anthology of Contemporary American Poetry (Jersey City: Talisman House, 1995), The Gertrude Stein Awards in Innovative American Poetry: 1994-95 (Los Angeles: Sun and Moon Press, 1996), Word Score Utterance Choreography (London: Writers Forum, 1998), Loose Watch (London: Invisible Books, 1998). Art, Visual Poetry Art in group shows and three collections of visual work: Stigma (Oakland: Score, 1990), Malleable Cast (Cleveland: Generator Press, 1995) and Problem Pictures ( Berkeley: SINK Press, 2003). Magazines Appearance in numerous publications, including American Letters & Commentary, Avec, The Black Warrior Review, Boundary 2, Boxkite, Caliban, Central Park, Chicago Review, Colorado Review, Denver Quarterly, Dimensao, Doc(k)s, Facture, fragmente, First Intensity, First Offense, Garatuja, House Organ, Ixnay, Jacket, Juxta, Lift, Long News, Lost and Found Times, Magyar Muhely, Mirage #4 Period(ical), New American Writing, Non, Oasis, Object Permanence, O.blek, Offerta Speciale, Printed Matter, Queen St. Quarterly, Rampike, Remap, Rhizome, Ribot, Shearsman, Slope, Spanner, Stride, Sulfur, Talisman, Teraz Mowie, To, Torque, Untitled, Ur-Vox, Volt, The Washington Review and Writing.