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--expanding the canon into the 21st century



You dance with abandon. I,
sipping lemonade on the
back porch, watch in mute delight.
Your innocence shines bright from
root-beer eyes and I wish that,
for just a moment, I could
be you Ė dance without thought for
the consequence or whether
the steps would aggravate that
old sciatic injury.

You hold the mystery of
spirit-wind in your made up
meterless shuffle, a step-like
abandon, while I canít seem
to find a coaster or a
paper towel for my drink.
A drag from my cigarette
while I try to remember
if ever I gave myself
to a moment of whimsy
and danced on a shadowed breeze
with simple, child-like candor.



It's one more day for you to apologize;
for you to rant at your fate
and incriminate the stars
for all you've had to sacrifice ~
for every iniquity
and the injustice of your circumstance...
for the reason you hurt me so.

One more day that I'll nod and smile
and say, "It's okay... I know...
I know..."
but I don't.

One more day for me
to ponder the way out ~
or how I got in...
for me to sigh and curse my fate ~
blame everyone but me
for this plight of mine.

One more day
for the earth to stand renewed
while I can barely withstand
the weight of you and your diatribe ~
an ever-present ballast...

As I sink and wretch,
I don't even fight it.
The will for that gone ~
evaporated with the drops of hope
I held for us...

Falling through lives I've imagined
once or twice, my mind breaks ~
and the void that awaits is
a haven of sorts.