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SHELLY REED: faceted as your mother's best stone and a recluse. You'll need satellite data to get a glimpse of her. Currently running a bed and breakfast for stray animals, picking flowers for some deserving misfit and piecing together her first chapbook, A Collection of Broken Glass. She's had work appear recently with Conspire, 42 Opus, Thunder Sandwich, Wilmington Blues, Branches Quarterly, Comrades, Prairie Poetry,
r e a d i n g d i v a s, Half Drunk Muse, and Small Spiral Notebook. She has poems elected for appearance with Aught, Peshekee River Poetry, Branches Quarterly and 42 Opus. Shelly wishes to thank the late George Reed, whose passing inspired her first poem, and many to follow. His countenance and intrique find their way into her poetry on a regular basis.