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Fortune teller that I AM,
My crystal ball sees ALL.
Clairvoyant, the man's libido is flamBOYant.
Inside of THAT KISS will be BLISS.

Taking chances with amorous glances,
He advances... Lips pouting-tongue tied:
THAT KISS: SmOOch; smOOch.
When he romances: his gait prances,
his penis lances, his generosity enhances.
VOODOO, or DOO-YOU want dinner, dear?"
His heart dances....

Magician that HE IS,
He has a loaded deck of cards,
And wants to be my bodyguard.
Enchantment: a bag of mesmerizing tricks,
An ACE up his sleeve, a KING or a JACK
Are inside of his top hat of black.
Sleight of hand, THAT KISS is grand.

WIZARDRY: Pressed into his bosom,
I am caught in his embraces, arms
Flailing, like a net above my head,
His pounding heart is beating red.
THAT KISS tells ALL or just enough
to keep me Interested in ALL of his stuff.

Lips full of feelings, THAT KISS,
Soft as rose petals, free of prickly thorns.
In the the dark recesses of his mouth,
I find my way by the light in his eyes,
His smile is real, there is no disguise.

Even though we just met,
I am caught in the tangled web of
A hot-blooded, Israeli-Englishman:
"A Jack of All of Love's Trades."
A rare mixed-breed, a British accent,
Concealing a *Sabra, wherever he went.
Tricks of my own trade, I roll up my sleeve,
And I become a woman-in-need(?)
THAT KISS I can't forget, and with no regret:
It is almost 4 a.m., and inside of my gypsy's tent:
Sm(OO)ch, sm(OO)ch,
We are still one silhouette.

Sm(OO)ch, sm(OO)ch,
Some call it v(OO)d(OO),
Most think it witchcraft,
Experts refer to it as "osculation."
Others call THAT KISS Kabbalah;
A kind of Jewish mysticism:
Many are in need of exorcism.



No Time to Teach:
In Class, They Give a General Overview.
On Tests, They Want Particular Details.

No Time to Learn:
All By Myself, I Got to Teach Myself a Zillion Facts:
I Got No Study Skills, I Got No Tutor,
The First Day of School, I Gotta Be Behind.

Students Got a Cheat-Sheet:
I Use Citations From Books
I Got No Time to Read.

Teachers Got a Cheat Sheet:
They Got No Time to Read IT.
They Weigh IT:
Looks Beautiful
They Grade IT A.
Looks Pretty
They Grade IT B.
Looks OK
They Grade IT C.
Looks Ugly
They Grade IT D.
Looks Can Kill
They Grade IT F.

Quantity Over Quality:
Education System is Dumb
And is Gonna Get Dumber,
Wastes My Good Dime,
My Good Mind,
And My Good Time.
I Survive, I Don't Thrive.

Facts Move From Textbook
To Blackboard to Notebook.
Gotta Get the Facts INSIDE of ME:
No Time to Think,
No Time to Write an Outline,
No Time for Research,
No Time to Write a Rough Draft,
No Time to Reread, Revise, and Rewrite,
No Time to Write a Final Draft,
No TIme to Write My Masterpiece.
When I Get IT Back, My Work-In-Progress,
I Trash IT. I Got No Time for Junk.

Teachers Got No Time to Teach.
I Got No Time to Learn.
No Time to Educate.


On January 16, 2003, we were all certain that Astronaut
Ilan Ramon would JUST pull away the final curtain.

In good company, floating forever among the billions of bright stars,
The colonel is JUST one more pioneer, among many Israeli pioneers,
who have crossed, are crossing, and will cross unimaginable frontiers.

He rode the Columbia rocket STS-107 up into the dark and dreamy
Heavens, to catch JUST one more twinkling star and cast it down,
To humankind, to show the scientific possibility,
That a JUST heaven exists, for all of us to see.

He JUST Did What He Loved and We JUST Loved What He Did:
1. First Israeli in space, for 16 days glory was his.
2. First Israeli national flag in space.
3. First Israeli "Declaration of Independence" in space.
4. First citizen to cast his ballot in an Israeli election and vote in
5. First one-man operation to lift the spirits of the entire nation of
6. First t-shirt from the Israeli Road Safety Campaign in space.
7. First Hebrew words spoken in space.
8. First to celebrate Shabbat (occurs every 10 1/2 hrs.) in space.
9. First Kiddush cup and mezuzah in space.
10. First kosher meal in space.
11. First recitation of the "Shema" in space.
12. First: Dr. Joachim Joseph's Bar-Mitzvah Torah (Bergen Belsen) in space.

13. First: Holocaust artwork, "Moon Landscape" by Peter Ginz
(Thresienstadt), in space.
14. First picture from Yad Vashem in space.
15. First: Study of how near-zero gravity affects the growth of crystals
(Ort Technical H.S.).
16. First: Mediteranean Israeli Dust Experiment in space (Tel Aviv

He Had It All and JUST Risked It All, In A Fall:
Miracle baby, child of a Holocaust survivor, living in his own homeland,
A 2000-year miracle, a dream-come-true, at long last, a happy past.
Courageous war hero, he bombed an Iraqi demon, the Osiraq reactor;
Victories abound, Yom Kippur and Lebanon Wars: he is a prime factor.
Loving wife Rona and four beloved children: Assaf, David, Tal, and Noa,
No room for mamma's boys, his heart was full and filled with joys.

His Labor of Love Was Great; His JUST Reward, A Matter of Fate:
Everlasting, among the infinite cosmos, he lives eternally missed: We send
up a kiss.
He stared down the demons of death many times, and finally, living his
He died doing what he loved, a divine kiss on a life-long dream gone amiss,
Last orbit, over Israel, a dust plume is in bloom, or is it a premonition of
a tomb?
Leaving no trace of doom or gloom, 255 orbits in a row, his flickering
starlight in tow,
Dualities of gladness and sadness; a change in climate -- a new dust storm
is born.
A 9:16 landing: JUST 16 minutes away from the millions of loving arms of
Family and fans: our hearts broken, in an abyss, the bittersweet memory of
The space legacy and the legend of Astronant Ilan Ramon persist,
Even in a universe where destiny, fate, and cruelty resist;
We are still certain, that behind the final curtain,
A JUST Heaven Exists.



Ink needs a pen
Pen needs paper
Paper needs a poem
Poem needs a poet
Poet needs a muse
Muse needs a poet
Poet needs divine inspiration
Divine Inspiration needs divine intervention,
Divine Intervention needs divine grace,
Divine Grace needs immortality
Immortality needs eternity
Eternity needs readers of



GOD Gave Adam the Gift of Eve (Genesis 2:18);
GOD Gave Eve the Gift of Life (Genesis 2:20).

GOD Knowingly gave to Adam
the gift of UNknown Eve of clone
to be sewn from Adam's gift of bone
for his very own (Oy, a wishbone) (Genesis 2:18 - 23).

GOD spoke to Adam
about that UNKnown, forbidden tree of Knowledge of Good and
Evil, full-grown, a Known safety zone (Oy, a danger zone of clingstones)
(Genesis 2:16).

ForeKnown (Oy, tales without a tailbone)
good or bad, the serpent Knowingly Knew, that
Eve's interpretation of what GOD had said was matter of fact, untrue;
UNKnowingly, through the serpent's eyes, eating the fruit to Eve's surprise,
not be her demise (Oy, the matriarch known was not to be dethroned) (Genesis

In the eyes of Eve,
ingrown, with a bigger breastbone (Oy, silicone)
outgrown, it was instinctively Known, UNKnowingly childbearing prone, that
feeding and
eating were good for Knowledge (Oy, gotta graduATE college) (Genesis 3:6),
GOD Knowingly gave to Eve
the gift to be the she-bearer of the womb of life, as shown (Genesis 3:20).

In the eyes of Eve,
UNKnowingly naked . . . Adam ate
UNbeKnown (Oy, a crazy bone), fruit, full of secrets, Known to be sacred
(Oy, bemoan, a kidney stone) or (Oy, begroan, a gallstone) (Genesis 3:6).

In the eyes of Adam,
on his own, his behavior Known, (Oy, a poor retinal cone)
Eve was UNKnowingly blamed (Oy, a jagged jawbone) and disowned,
Eve was on her own "sticks and stones may break my bones, but
names... I married a doggone knucklebone" (Oy, a combat zone) (Genesis

In the eyes of GOD,
Adam did not acKnowledge his Known misdeed
for a commandment intoned, that he had Known, and must atone,
(Oy, poor earphones), out of tune and out of tone, monotone, if only he had
OY, a CYCLONE of hailstones "fire and brimstones"; cause GOD has no funny
bone (Genesis 3:17-19).
 . . . UNKnowingly rezoned (Oy, an eroding ozone)
Adam tiller of the Garden of Eden (Oy, a tropical zone) well Known
is overthrown to till (Oy, my backbone), the overblown soil of an overgrown
windblown, grass-grown garden UNKnown (Oy, the grindstone): fieldstone,
sandstone, millstone,
cobblestone, soapstone, drystone, ironstone, and limestone are RESEWN with
firestone and paving stone
into capstone, cornerstone, copestone, curbstone, foundation stone, and
brownstone, OY, Adam's aching
shoulder bone, hipbone, thighbone, knee bone, anklebone, chinbone, and
shinbone (Oy, muscle tone)
Genesis 3:23).

GOD gave Eve
of her very own (Oy, Adam was outshone) the Known joyful gift of
UNKnown painful childbirth, a pubic bone, holding her own, groan, a
milestone (Oy, phenobarbitone)
(Genesis 3:16).

Adam and Eve gave to Each Other (Oy, hormones of progesterone and
the Known cheekbone (Oy, seductive eau de cologne, and a gramophone playing
a saxaphone) of
homegrown unforbidden immense sexual passion unchaperoned (OY, OY, ALONE)
UNforeKnowingly, unforeseen orgasmic pleasures unforetold OY, OY, MOAN
(Genesis 4:1).
Enthroned, Adam gave Eve a well Known precious stone, a glistening gemstone,
a touchstone,
not made of UNknown birthstone, cinnamon stone, moonstone, toadstone or

Adam and Eve gave GOD
KNOWN (Oy, a microphone) and WELL KNOWN (Oy, a megaphone) and
UNKnown, no speakerphone or dialtone on the cellphone (Oy, postponed, Oy,
Oy, Oy Vai Iz Mir!)
"DUST to dust" gifts,
a loan; and a gravestone [Oy, a tombstone of headstone or footstone?] of
KNOWING -a stepping stone- (Oy, a rosetta stone or philosophers' stone) and
unKnowing -on their own- (Oy, accident prone)
To Be Continued . . .



Inseparable -
Abel and Cain were Born in the same Womb.
As Brothers like One. Together.
After Birth Separated Them into Two.
As Strangers like Enemies. Alone.

Inseparable -
Abel's Offering was Accepted by God. Together.
God Can. Together.
Cain's Offering was Rejected by God. Alone.
God Can't. Alone.
Cain Felt Humiliated as One. Alone.
Abel Can & Cain Can't.

Inseparable -
Abel and Cain were Left Alone Together.
Alone -
Cain was Left Able when Left Alone with Abel.
Alone -
Abel was Left Dis-Abled when Left Alone with Cain.
Abel Felt Cain's Humiliation as One. Alone.
Cain Can & Abel Can't.

Inseparable -
Abel was Left Dead - Rejected by God. Alone.
God Can't. Alone.
Cain was Kept Alive - Accepted by God. Together.
God Can. Together.
God Can't & God Can. Together.

Inseparable -
Together -
God Alone was Left Un-Able to SAVE the Lone Abel. Injustice.
Abel Can't & God Can't. Alone.
Together -
God Alone was Left Un-Able to STOP the Lone Cain. Injustice.
God Can't, Abel Can't, & Cain Can. Alone.

ALONE, CAIN CAN. Imperfected Imperfections of Perfection. INJUSTICE.
Together, The PERFECT God & The PERFECT Creation, Flawed. INJUSTICE.
Together with the Lone Cain, God ALONE was Left Humiliated. INJUSTICE.
God Can't & CAIN CAN. Alone.

Cain's Mark -
Together, a Conjoining of Cain's Crime and a
Constant Reminder of Abel's Reprehensible Murder.
Like Before Birth, As Brothers like One. Together.
Like After Birth, As Strangers like Enemies. Alone.
Inseparable, Cain was Left Together with Abel. Alone. Forever.


Central Park , N.Y.C., Sunday June,11th, 2000 (11:30 a.m. -6:30 p.m.)
CENTRAL PARK: Water Fight, Flight and Tears

From the five boroughs
of N.Y.C., sixty soulless
monsters came, not knowing
each other, they all found
each other in agreement:
water all the women with ICE
and bring them to tears.

Disarmed, each woman,
-fifty and counting, and
countless others - is disrobed,
robbed, sexually pawed, and
clawed. Concentric circles form
around a sole woman; a first
circle of raging participants;
a second circle of cheering and
jeering spectators; and a third
circle of indifferent police;
4500 police on duty; 900
in the park; eight calls to 911.

Videotapes abound: Sexual Abuse
and Violence Against Women. Madams,
did it or did it not happen in our park;
in the heart of the Big Apple?
Men are everywhere but no real
men are anywhere to be found:
Too afraid: impotent are our men of
the possible knife wielding soulless
monsters attacking.There are no heroes
marching in this Puerto Rican Day Parade

In childhood, my father gave me
an emergency whistle. Senselessly
murdered, crossing Central Park, with
the sun at her side, the tragedy of Joan,
the beloved daughter of our distinguished
Cantor, Jacob Singer, of my synagogue,
sent chills down the spines and tears down
the cheeks of the choking congregants, whose
heart-felt ears heard the horrific news that
severed their throats. On that Sabbath, prayers
went unheard and unanswered. An ICEBERG:
compassion, mercy and justice did not exist
in that space in that place in the park. A sign
must be posted. Where does the EVIL come from?
Why does cold-blooded, soulless Cain have
the wrong right of way to destroy the body
and soul of Abel? And why is Abel unable
to protect himself from his own demise?

As a young adult, a canister of mace
hung from the belt loop of a pant
pocket or from my keychain;
who knows who lurks behind
unopened doors, and the upper
east side rapist is still at large and
nightly, he is on the prowl. Flyers
of his mug hang in every doorway.
At 6 a.m., I jog around the placid
Central Park Reservoir, not knowing
whether I am getting more fit and healthy -
or am I trying to have myself killed.

As an adult, in full bloom, it is time,
says this breast bearing woman to
bear arms. Nothing less than a gun will
protect my sacred soul from the soulless
monsters who have no fear of daylight
or police and no shame of ganging up
on women, children, or the elderly.
This remedy places the victimhood
on the victimizers, as they are now
the victims of their victimization.

Provoked, even a dog would bite
off the hand or chew up the leg
of one of these soulless monsters
and remain on the right side of
the law. Quick on a trigger, a cat
would extend its sharpened claws,
engraving blood lit scars into each
and every face. Defenseless, women
do not strike back, unable to poke
out the eyes or kick in the groins of
any of these soulless monsters.

And another concentric circle of soulless
politicians say that there are not enough
laws on the books to protect women from
domestic violence, stalkers, rapists, and
hate crimes, at home, or on the street or
in the dark, back alley of a court room:
When all women file police reports, to
stand up to stand tall, the history books
will show that violence against women
was a national and international pastime.

All Women, Please Hear My Cry!
Fight back, learn to pull the happy
trigger in front of the monster cocks
that by force, dare to squirt their
poisonous venom inside the wombs
that gave them life. And then justice
will be served cold, and the tears we weep
will taste bittersweet. We will visit their
graves, and weep again, ICE cold tears.

Having handed out this poem to park police and running mates
who jog around Central Park, this poem has already inspired
women to open up their hearts to me and share with me
horrific assaults that they have survived at the hands
of violent men who prey on women; and has empowered
these same women to find the courage to file their belated
police reports. I want this poem to plant a seed in the hearts
of all women to fight for their civil right to be protected in
their homes and in the streets.



Lights On, Day In, Day Out,
Happy Harmony and Sweet Serenity
Captivates the Buoyant Beach of Bubbly Blue Sea.
Endlessly, Vacillating, Velvet and Vocal Waters
of Scintillating Sea Sprays into Infinite Air Spaces.
Trailing, Salty Traces of a Sweetly Soothing Aroma -
An Ambiance. Lights On, Night Out, Day In.

Lights Out, Night In, Night Out,
Cohabiting, at Deepest Depths of Seemingly
Bottomless Overwhelming Ocean, in an
Organized Wilderness of Divine Decree are
Collector's Sassy Seashells and Culinary Edibles -
Delightful, Delicious and Delectable Delicacies.
Lights Out, Night In, Day Out.

War On.
Awash is the Sea in a Bloodbath.
Lights On, Day In, Night Out,
Day Out, Night In, Lights Out.
Blue Sea Water Bloodied Red By Sea Beasts Armed Bi Jaws.
Courageously Hungry, the Pains of Hunger
Exact Pain from the Courageously Hunted
Salty, Salty, Sea Water - Tears of the Fallen.
Salty, Salty, Sea Water - Wounds of the Survivors Heal.
The Hunted Feel No More of Pain
and No More of Pleasure. Never.
the Hungry Feel Pleasure. Always.
War Out.

Day In, Day Out, Lights On, Lights Out, Night In, Night Out,
Waves Rush Back with Quiet Tranquility
and Rage Forth with Brazen Abandon Covering
Furiously Fast and Fancy Footprint Trails of
Two By Two Webbed Footed Seagulls,
Four By Four Creepy Crawling Prey,
and of Any Trace of Humankind's Flatfooted Trials and Tribulations.



A Streaming Golden Light Enters in
and Under the Windowsill

A Restless Sleeper is Awakened
to New Beginnings

To Catch a Sunrise the Dreamer Arises
as the Light Bursts Forth

The Sunrise Lights Up the Sky
in Anticipation of a a World -



My Man
is passionate and strong, all through
the night - I know his emotional,
spiritual, and physical being; I feel
the breadth and depth of his masculinity

All through the night, My Man holds
me tightly in his arms: warm, tender,
and cuddly -childlike - always knowing
where I am, secure forevermore

My Man's touch lingers-
I am sleeping soundly through
all of the night, still making love
with him, in my dreams

I awaken to My Man's soft kisses at
dawn, my spirit floating in the morning
mist - the promise of love is fulfilled -
my heart is murmuring a melody, a sweet
new song, all through the day



Driven by ever Delectable Delights of
Pure Perfections of Sweet-Skin Confections
Ever Enamoured
Sinewy Soft Skins Embrace
Ever Enkindled
Warm ever Tender Kisses ever Feverish Touching ever Retouching
Ever Entangled
Two Naked Souls are ever Woven as ever One
Ever Entwined
Ever Head To Head ever Heart To Heart ever Toe To Toe
Ever Engulfed
Caresses ever Consume ever Conquering evermore

Ever Enlaced
Ever Fine Cottony Linens and Ever Plush Pillows Harbor an
Ever Enchanted
Tribal Princess of Israel
Ever An Entourage
Ever Emanating
Fanciful Artistic Persuasions and
Ever Enmeshed
Ever Enthroned is a
French Speaking Lebanese King of
Ever Endowed
Virtuous Virility and
Kind Keeper of Medicinal Powers of the ever Sacred Heart.
Ever Enobled
Two Intensities of Two Beings are ever United as Each Other's Beloved

Ever Enveloped
Tightly Bound From Dusk Till Dawn Lovers Inextricably Embrace
Ever Enveloped
Touchingly By Osmosis Powerful Emotions Permeate Satin Skins
Ever Enveloped
Ever Thrusting ever Churning to Mysterious Musical Muses
Ever Enveloped
Full Bodied Naked Souls Ferment in Infinite Emotional Depths
Ever Enveloped
Cloaked by Romantic Fantasies Desires Seductively Impel
Ever Enveloped
Thresholds of ever Towering Peaks of ever Tremendous Passions ever Arise
Ever Enveloped
Two Hearts Secure in an ever Sacred Union ever Harmonizing
Ever Enveloped
Ever Needing to be ever Accepted ever Cherished ever Unconditionally
Ever Enveloped
Two Together - ever Feasting as One - ever Body ever Mind ever Soul

Ever Drawing Nearer . . . and ever Closer
Enticing, Ecstasy is ever Unabridged
Ever Drawing Nearer . . . and ever Closer
Enthalled, Ecstasy is ever Unbounded
Ever Drawing Nearer . . . and ever Closer
Enraptured, Ecstasy is ever Unbridled

Ever Entwined in ever Endless Pretzels ever Unending
ever Intimacy ever Uninhibited,
ever Intimacy ever Unencumbered,
ever Intimacy ever Uncontaminated,
ever Hard, ever Longing for Physical
Recovery, ever Wanting to Begin Again,
ever Hard, Letting Go of His Body, His Warmth,
the Music of His Beating Heart, His Lips,
His Hands, the Blankets - ever Unfurling

Ever Ecstatic
Love is ever Reborn
In Yesterday's Daring Darknesses of the Deepening Night
Ever Exalted
Love is ever Reborn
In-between the Slumber of One Sleepless Night and One Dreamy Day
Ever Exuberant
Love is ever Reborn
In Tomorrow's Penetrating Spiked Peaks of a Parting Sunrise

Ever Effervescent
Lit By Catalytic Sunlight of the New Day
Lovers Separate
Ever Resolved and ever Unresolved
Ever Enriched
In ever Body ever Mind ever Soul
Love Rehomogenizes
Ever Resolved and ever Unresolved
Ever Enlightened
In a Love for the Self and a Love for the Other
Love Separates
Ever Resolved and ever Unresolved

Ever Returning
An Enduring Hunger Remains
Ever Unforgetable
In Complete Recall
Ever Enshrined
In Eternally Memorable Time
Ever Endless
Love ever Never ever Ceasing
Ever Entrusted
Promising to Love All-Ways in ever Time ever Touch ever Intensity

Ever Enterprising
In a Grand Kingdom of Majestic Brownstone
Filled with Funnel Shaped Ruby Red Gladiolus
Ever Mightier Kingdoms within the
Ever Mightiest Kingdoms are
Ever Awaiting to be ever Awakened
Ever Enduring
Built by the Creator of
Ever Eternal Divinity and
Ever Eternal Desire
Ever Enshrouded
Ever Flowering Bi-Petals
Ever Decorate the
Ever Opening
Ever Widening
Ever Ascending
Opulent Pearly Ever Pink
Velvet Lipped Vestibule of
Ever Insatiable Pleasure

Ever an Enigma
Ever Gushing
Ever Liquid
Ever Lasting
Ever Lingering
Ever the Starry Night

Ever Entitled
Secrets of Lubrication
Ever H20 Designs of Universal Forms:
Ever Green Salad, Moist Israeli Feta Cheese, and - Lemon Dressing -
Ever Warm Challah French Toast and - Maple Syrup -
Ever Crispy Cereal, Bananas, Chile Blueberries, and - Cold Milk -
Ever Hard Red Brick and - Creamy Wet Cement -
Ever Fast Sports Cars and Premium - Oils -
Ever Touch, ever Time and ever Intensity
Ever Engorged
Ever Echoing in the Palace of
Ever Erect Grandeur
Ever Enclosed
Symphonies of Powerful Tunnels of
Ever Roarrrring Climatic Orgasm Varying Dimensions
Ever Resounds in Harbor Mysterious
Ever - Perrrrfected -
Side by Side -
Ever Form Fitting Intercourse
Channels of Deepening Crevices
Ever Canyons of Carnivals:

Ever an Encore
By ever Cosmic Conception
Dramas of Devastating Death and
Miraculous Rebirths ever Re-Play on the
Stage of the Womb
Ever Enacted
The - Egg Actress - and
- Sperm Actors -
Ever Cling as
Ever Upstream Heros to
Rescue the
Ever Encapsulated
Doomed Egg Heroine

Ever An Ensemble
Moonlit Serenades
Ever Monthly
Ever Ensheathed
Messsssy -
Menstruation of an Egg's Death
Cycle after Cycle -
Play On and On

Ever Ephemeral
A 9 Month Pregnancy for
Evolvvvving -
New Evolutionary
Ever Ensued
Naussssseating -
Vomit of Conception

Ever Enwombed
Excruuuuciatingly -
Painful Joyous Birth and
Ever Rebirths Replay

Ever Enwinding
A Sustaining Umbilical Cord is Severed -
Ever Enwrapped
A Nutritious Placenta is Discarded -
Ever Enclosed
Disposables of
Biological Love Waste

Ever Enabled
A Newborn
Ever Reborn
Independently is
Ever Born
Ever Unabled

Ever Ensouled
Love is Bound Up
Ever to be Reborn as an
Ever Beloved Newborn
Ever Ensphered
In Destiny -
Ever after ever and ever Forever



(I) Daydreaming. In the synagogue, on Shabbat,
he appeared: His face and body chiseled by
the hand of Michelangelo's "David."
On his tongue danced Yiddish melodies and
meditations of Osho, the mystic; in his hands,
a tennis racquet served up aces;
and in his eyes an Angel was present,
singing Hebrew prayers into his ears
as she beckoned and beseeched him to love.

(II) Daydreaming. He flew north,
away from the cold winter in
Uruguay, to warm his frozen heart
by the fireplace at her bed,
as the music of Vivaldi
played on his mind and
passionate patter recited in Spanish
poured out from his machismo.
Caressing the sinewy
wingtips of the Angel,
his spirit was longing for shelter
beneath her ample wingspan.

(III) Daydreaming. He had passed through
22 incarnations, and was searching...
for room, board, and shelter, wanting
to be reincarnated as a foreign
college student in New York.
Piled high, tests, applications, and deadlines
consumed his every wakeful moment.

(IV) Daydreaming. And spent, like Jacob,
he began to wrestle with the angel,
over a bowl of gazpacho,
challenging her to confront the issues:
1. Does GOD exist?
2. What is evil?
3. What is Anti-semitism?
4. Is there an afterlife?
5. Did the Red Sea part?
6. Did Moses receive the Ten Commandments?
7. Are Jews the chosen people?

V) Daydreaming. The angel, chopping on spinach
salad, like popeye, answered -- in between each bite -- each
and every paramount question posed that plagued her muse:
1. Does GOD exist? There is a power greater than
you that exists in the world.
2. What is evil? People are not EVIL, as they are STUPID:
Human beings are the dumbest animals
on the planet. The rest of creation does not
go to school or read or need books; nor do they
need therapy, mental institutions, or prisons.
GOD gave the animals twice as much and to live,
they don't have to work half as hard to survive:
superior vision, hearing, and smell. Underneath the fur,
my cat looks exactly like you. Schmaltzy, my purr-fect child,
is capable of giving unconditional love 24-7.
A teeny-weeny ant lives in a close complex civilization
and is smarter than an average human being;
An arctic polar bear can swim a thousand
miles without a swimming lesson.
Even if human beings overcome their ignorance
they will never overcome their stupidity;
people go into education; but
the education does not go into them;
people go into religion, but
the religion does not go into them;
people go into love, but
the love does not go into them.
Every person has emotional problems and is his own worst enemy.
EVIL is INSANITY: The world is not divided into
white vs. black, Jew vs. Arab, Muslim vs. Christian; it is really
divided along the lines of the SANE vs. the INSANE.
The sane choose life and create and let live; the insane
choose death and destroy and build graveyards of hatred:
"pissed off and pissed away" is the maxim muttered by small dicks.
small dicks know how to destroy everything."
95% of all people do not have to look outside
one's own family to find HATRED. Few people
have much LOVE inside of them.
3. What is Anti-semitism? A BIG FAT LIE:
Q: Why is the DEATH of Jesus GOOD for Christians and BAD for Jews?
Christians get eternal life: "Jesus died for you, so you can live" : Jews
persecution and premature death: "Jesus died and the Jews Killed him."
This is the biggest lie ever told in the name of GOD.
4. Is there an afterlife? I step on the ants when I walk, and
after I am dead, the ants will crawl on top of me.
5. Did the Red Sea part? The physical splitting of the Red Sea
is a metaphor for a greater spiritual reality: a crossing over.
6. Did Moses receive the Ten Commandments?
Moses received the Ten Commandments,
similar to Mozart who received a divine gift of
music to be shared with the world.
7. Are Jews the chosen people? Jews chose to follow
the commandments of GOD as revealed in the Torah.

(VI) Daydreaming. On one of his many sojourns,
in flight, north, south, east, and west of
Fifth Aveue. and in fright, with ten nail-bitten
fingertips, contacting and contacted,
CDs of Best-loved Tchaikovsky fell
into his hands and he gifted the entire
collection to his best-loved Angel.

(VII) Daydreaming. Seven days and seven nights
passed, and the eternal Shabbat returned
to the synagogue. The muse, Rodolfo
Goldman, now immortal -- transformed by
a mere transcription of the poet's pen --
returned to Uruguay wearing brand new
tennis sneakers with a poem in his hand.
And the Angel was left pondering the
immortal meditations of Osho, the mystic,
as the immortal music of Vivaldi and
Tchaikovsky, and the eternal questions played on
and on and on and on and on and on and on.



(1) Maniacal terrorists strike at the big apple of America's eye.
Famed majestic landmarks, the Twin Towers crumble,
imploding into billions of bits of molten steel, jagged glass,
seared human flesh, and flailing broken bones. Escaping
spiked and surging fire balls, staff vaulted through windows.
A canine-toothed wing of the Pentagon is broken in the aftermath
of the devastation: a massive death toll of innocents remains
lodged, buried alive, fifty feet under, feeling the cold-bloodied
hard rubble, a steely glint of hope, five warm-blooded survivors
are unearthed. Every save a divine miracle. Subways evacuate.
First-aid crews take to the streets and man the flaming towers.
Spiraling Downward, Upward We Stand United.

(2) Flattened, the first company of New York City's finest fire
fighters, police, and first-aid crews CRASH and BURN inside the
cascading avalanche of steel daggers. The 110-story Twin Towers
are brought to their saber knees and then to their foiled ankles.
Grieving, a 47-story sister building 7, collapses in distress into ragged
ruins. Billowing, nearby brother buildings in the zone remain ablaze.
WTC mass exodus: pyre and plumes of smoke hover, flying concrete
shards and soot, repugnant jet fuel, raining dust and debris, thousands
of frightful fleeing bystanders are entombed. Fatalities, makeshift morgues
ferry the sacrificial corpses to New Jersey. The Pile, 1.2 billion tons of
scorched scraps are hauled to The Hill of Fresh Kills Landfill. DNA matches:

a gruesome, grueling, and grisly task, steam still rising, pickaxes poke
for parts. Dogs sniff and succor. Ground Zero: dug-up remains are draped
with the U.S.A. flag, saluted, and reburied. Every find a divine miracle.
A carnivorous crater, vestiges of an office complex, in the dangerous
pit of dignified souls, hard hat archaeologists dig among the ruins:bodies
30 feet below ground: 10 fearless firemen, 3 fearful civilians. High-flying
stars and stripes fly low at half staff. Busy bees swarming, scalpeled
surgeons, bedpan nurses, and selfless volunteers man the hospitals.
Boiling, vigorous New Yorkers, from every mosaic melting hot pot
take to the streets and wait for hours to donate their warm vital blood.
Spiraling Downward, Upward We Stand United.

(3) Slamming, ramming into Grade A U.S. Steel,
four American jumbo jets are commandeered:
flight crews are maced; by razor blade box cutters,
pilots are knifed, passengers use their cell phones:
"I Love You" are their final words. Diabolical,
suicide bombers -- American men, women, and
children transfigured into four human missiles:
Flight 11, Boeing 767, Boston to L.A.,
81 Americans, eleven crew members, CRASH
and BURN, into the north tower, N.Y.C.
Flight 175, Boeing 767, Boston to L.A.,
56 Americans, nine crew members, CRASH
and BURN, into the south tower, N.Y.C.
Flight 77, Boeing 757, Washington to L.A.,
58 Americans, six crew members, CRASH
and BURN, into the Pentagon, in D.C.
Flight 93, Boeing 757, N.J. to San Francisco,
38 Americans, seven crew members, CRASH
and BURN, into an empty field, in PA., by unsung heroes:"Let's Roll!"
Federal aviation officials ground flights: planes dip, drive, and nose-dive
at the nearest airport. Soaring sky high, safe and sound, squawking
seagulls with whimpering wings remain in flight and brave the fight.
Zippered up, bridges, tunnels, and highways lock gates. Fiercely,
five warships, frigate ships, and aiming bull's-eye, guided missile
destroyers man the N.Y. coast: Two aircraft carriers: USS George
Washington and USS John F. Kennedy man the N.Y. skies. Operation
Noble Eagle: combat air patrol to shoot-em-up and shoot-em-down.
In steely determination, it is business, but not business as usual.
Spiraling Downward, Upward We Stand United.

(4) It is more than a terrorist attack -
It is an act of war! It is a national tragedy!
The free and democratic world is attacked:
White House evacuates.
United Nations evacuates.
Treasury evacuates.
State Department evacuates.
Justice Department evacuates.
World Bank evacuates.
All Federal office buildings evacuate.
Israel evacuates all diplomatic missions - 12 months of merciless jihad:
soulless suicide bombers maim, mutilate, and murder Jews.
All N.Y. State government offices evacuate.
New York's primary elections are postponed.
Trading is suspended: The American Stock Exchange,
Nasdaq, and New York Stock Exchange. 110 stories,
Chicago's Sears Tower evacuates. Homeless, a
frozen zone, 20,000 N.Y.C. residents are displaced.
Chartering a Saudi jet, 11 Bostonian bin Ladens evacuate.
Slumbering, F.B.I., C.I.A., I.N.S., and N.S.A. agents rouse. It is
the first war of the 21st century! No-man's land, hermetically sealed,
the President of the U.S.A. is whisked away. Blinding black smoke and
clouds raining ash, heroic, Lady Liberty stands tall in the New York Harbor.

Spiraling Downward, Upward We Stand United.

(5) Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani addresses New York:
"Deaths are more than any of us can bear."
Senator Hillary D. Rodham Clinton addresses New York:
"We will not be cowed by evil, despicable acts of terror."
President George W. Bush addresses the nation:
"These acts shattered steel but they
cannot dent the steel of American resolve."
"We will make no distinction between the terrorists
who committed these acts and those who harbored them."
"Whether we bring our enemies to justice, or bring
justice to our enemies, justice will be done."
Nefarious doings, suspect numero uno is "The Evil One," cannibal Saudi
Osama bin Laden and his vile circus of vicious cavemen. Virulent videos,
rallying all Muslims with venom and vitriol: "God Willing, America's end is
Operation Infinite Justice: seek and destroy Al Qaeda. Billion dollar bombs
Operation Enduring Freedom: target cells, villainous metastasizing cancers.
Flight 93 terrorist manhunt: 20th hijacker(?) Ramzi Omar or Binalshibh(?)
Americans man their maps and ask: Where the Hell(?) is Afghanistan(?)
WW III: Worldwide Coalition Bombers vs. Terror-Bender Troglodytes.
Biological, nuclear, and radiological weapons. Inhalation. Evacuation.
"Our nation, in our fight against terrorism, will uphold the doctrine of
you're with us or against us." "And the rockets' red glare, the bombs
bursting in air"
"America was targeted for attack because we're the brightest beacon for
freedom and opportunity in the world. And no one will keep that light from
shining." "God Bless America, land that I love. Stand beside her, and guide
Spiraling Downward, Upward We Stand United.

(6) Heaven sent, where 70 virgins await each Islamic martyr
on a homicidal-suicidal mission, 19 corrosive terrorists pulverize
into an Arabian desert sand storm: desolate and deserted; no bad
guys; no car chase; no planes; no black boxes, no survivors, no
witnesses, no testimonies, no revenge to seek; no justice to exact;
no war to win; and no Hollywood movie. Arise. Awake. New world
order and Office of Homeland Security: cockpit dead bolts,
armed pilots and martial art stewardesses, no curb side
check-in and Arab profiling strip searches. An inferno, charred
bodies incinerate into ashes, few funerals, many memorial
tributes, urns of WTC dirt comfort. Cremated. Sobbing. Closure.
Weeping widows, wailing orphans, donations flood the Red Cross.
International terrorism: a worldwide menace. Terrorists: a worldwide
monstrosity. Arise. Reborn. One true empyrean: a phoenix, names of loved
ones are inscribed on the walls of the observation deck, sacred ground, a
the hatched angels hover, protecting the Twin Towers rebuilt. Lighting a
ironworkers, engineers, teamsters, laborers, and dock builders take turns...

Last steel column of 2WTC, 58 tons, no. 1,001B, is cut down at 8:17 p.m.
Heartbroken, resting in peace, archangel-chief architect Minoru Yamasaki
"A beautiful solution of form and silhouette." WorldWISE: democracy,
freedom, love, prosperity, goodness, security, and peace, "We Shall
Spiraling Downward, Upward We Stand United.