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--expanding the canon into the 21st century



After twelve years of chalk dust
I ask God for a sign
He took two boys
doused them with gasoline
and set them on fire
ashes to ashes.

With blackened hearts
they potted seeds
their parents could not tend
in a garage wire vines
grew up a trellis of hate
nails popped their shiny
metallic heads up
through burgundy soil.

Their shadows grew
as the sun rose
they harvest
a skinny cripple
throw the Christian to
the black barreled lion
who swallowed her whole.

Then celebrated with glee
their bounty with a giggle
and a two-step
down the hall, into the library
let's have a burning
of our own and the flames grew

Fire blooms in
a garden of metal, smoke, sticky blood
a father fails
I held him on my knee
when he was three
a son falls
ashes to ashes
we all fall down.



My grandmother
ate men
one after another,
first a sweet boy scout
marianted in wine.
Then a salty sailor
stirred into a blood pudding.
A tart gambler
she spit him right out
on the Las Vegas strip.
Finally a pot bellied
she grew fat on
who later cried
when he planted
her rotten liver
among the raspberries.