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--expanding the canon into the 21st century



say a final stage in the development of the
   grid system of sight is a poem at the
     very bottom of my poetry page where Lakota peed

so then how can you recognize oneness of to
   witness say the tremendous influence this of the vanguard
     of the black arts movement called the Harlem Drifting

Blues and then say I came out a volume
   short of essays like some years later non-duality of
     this and that which nothing maybe directly was said

of which a whole good versus evil looming over
   every line really too much creates the audience with
     a humorous poem called Squirrels good grief and it

well it seems to me that both within that
   domain and also recognized by the totality of warfare
     this is made and it's to arrive at an

understanding and reconciliation of what they call true pain
   untimely death I still feel from that motivated me
     to write when I was an intellectual concerns resolving

the whole damn mind/body the hero archetype
   and furthermore the shadow found in myths concerning deities
     say this also of the Songs of Innocence and

Experience we read as well as to the simplistic
   nature and childish tone of our chemistry or physics
     and if beauty is in an aboriginal ceremony or

North American native music guitars march in the background
   hodgepodge say of very advanced choirs being here's the
     poem they say that came from this page they

say it survives well this is what I see
   it is happening as the supreme god Ometeotl literally
     Two God may witness also wrote it and as

it perished it's like these false shadows on the
   glowing screen were original face and of being able
     to help our very selves like bird wings Strauss

named a musical tone poem after a book and
   by this it is loosely based on an ancient
     prophet after which now a quiet yoga practice I

soaked in a bath oh yes yes the plumber
   had called and come and absorbed the Affigne called
     in on the one audience to act no matter

how threatening or uncertain the duality of this might
   of matter that makes it impossible to develop a
     single theme this is called the Heisenberg uncertainty principle

don't cringe discusses particles of contagion called semina seeds
   with which to accomplish this digital emanation of inspiration
     until they fixed a device called the great device

or machine to this gave overthrow of tyranny in
   thought and action to this so-called noble
     vs. common how far those steps had taken

us if it is important to note that horror
   and evil are also one dichotomy that burns us
     bright as a mid-life crisis or an imagination or

as the duality of humankind lose count of the
   stresses which we feel in our sad appointment enough
     that the whole giraffe-jackal thing the decade preceding the

Civil War for example actuality wasted lives not knowing
   if its reality two divergent visions will even fuse
     again or to show us the music of spheres

some excellent photo essay to accompany for the ignorant
   video and to limited mind that is subjected special
     topos all the while recognizing that purpose the poet

would never have composed for herself shows the branches
   and leaves but the root is its own darling
     own child or then that I am the cop

who walks the streets at night thinking that all
   this bustling city we see is a handsome young
     Being who is reciting this poem to his in

knowing lines by heart of course so she called
   us up the next night which was Saturday the
     foundation of the week much but once the structure

of this to shake off what Carl Sagan called
   our obsession with lower jaws thereof indeed we said
     we need to get to the point in reference

or simply to the Falconet statue Pushkin uses as
   a joke no joke and dined on fowl and
     corn with chili sauce until the term which had

remained less famous through illustration of no ideas but
   in things tends to come across a scene in
     a Gnostic hymn or even what at first looked

so difficult is newly clarified by how he would
   embody the syllables or syllabus in absolute standards for
     the law of uncertainty again sorry create an irreducible

duality here simple or do the paradox at the
   very end of the visible universe answer this question
     what is found in the prologue image while not

remaining quite as true to the original one then
   we hear a sad tone of his mother through
     white space also shows that with his fruit knife

he cut into the trap which only could be
   found out contains a similar tree of seven Sephiroth
     or palaces' foot and voice who addresses a fictitious

Quebec lover long lost Goethe's Chromatics is called natural
   history of color which they own they were here
     but were before us and they are what we

refused to fit into later on in a central
   point between the eyebrows something like two trees together
     which are sharing so many others to fight in

a war not of our own making or intent
   but one that we all can be implicated in
     found one of his abiding philosophies between taste and

smell the most natural way of being imaginable about
   her still carries forth explaining it with words you
     have fallen into its own process poems that fail

to collapse are those poems which largely disappoint me