the muse apprentice guild
--expanding the canon into the 21st century




 nine pm service meal and we're half nervous sex
 pretty young things their dazzles of cops and robbers
 spotty tarot and langage
 the ER rustling about on our sheets
 we get along with a stroller
 we get along with a cart
 who yer callin cunt it does

 no good
 or sunburnt

 i said no

 not such a sum of shooting pictures
 dear slovenly
 between the stars they stroked
 they gallop all over my dry-clean pants
 they now approve
 work the half-nelson

 sign out
 grant great pardon in a certain syllabic stretch
 we see it in most bad movies
 "deleterious" a critic will bluff

 favorite things no doubt in afterglow:

 your turned-up nose to mosquitoes
 baby indeed

 why, the fly made it into a highrise
 catapulted off the habit of a sky
 a sky though, sigh, is not the skirt for me
 simple as a strobelight as a kiss
 and the people my age defer to their care
 they take up the hoover i take up the phonics
 i'm too happy to attempt const
 const constantinople
 i'll dance for it
 stuff it in a pepper
 but never come down off the thrill of a hearty cross
 since the polaroids--



takes one object glass window
    decoration has a name hangs like the sun is a colored
sun is colored strained we say blue and black and creamish
                 neat white and baby orange through the placement
this sun fact or nonfact relevance or flurry comment
    flurried a marker item of penetration perfection flurry in a blade
style or pierce it pierces if it doesn't but stays my blonde wry humor
      glass quest cement in the heart of shafts convincing glass orange and green
arc of also two no green orange black and blue creamish
  face their also exacting turn of light or lazy fire trammel from on high
we would write not necessarily retrieving the three possibilities for light
fur and deliverance to fur is always a link to the risk of light that would ob
       scure the darker steamer irredeemably so the flyers three tries
make good their relevance their opportunity their performance
performance happiness or irrelevance or drawstrings or sugar humor a basement
    however softly we may creep
                    repair to a cellar tight jeans prevalence of enormous
reconciliation remembrance is not memory pay attention to my
              cup of tea leaving is not a break it
  is a claim to increasing cloning boogie we leave
once in a while yawning glasses too concerned with mileage fever fever
            how sentiment shifts in crowdedness which you choose to not predict
   fern from a market recognition t-shirt fact from which you will not stray or beget with sin the controlling fact of symmetry see it nebraska



        off the remaining hook:

                if that then this ?
                                        hag settlement
                but for


offwhite, capital
turntable analyst

                                        don't be a hangout

blinkblank grammar instead
polka a dot to qualimafy
our boat bending along the river say

                                I gotta bivouac to sing hail
                                I gotta wind that accompanies
                                gotta obscene scurvy seagull
                                swoped my nursery rhyme vane

this morning, maybe take a partner
                                conjugateable mate

                                riff raff ruff
                                (no one to ding the dinger

brer rabbit

tending forty

                                (earned secrets
in the dell

(completes me!
                                pattern of the soy field, grey
                                hobby horse, passion fruit, daily
                                cough syrup sensing
                                a way out



the umbrella to which I am indifferent and the crossing "T"

the sopped notebook and stadium it has left in the low-class umbrella

the sag prophesied its own death and portal the weight of a green

and sky supposed the present arms and left in me the fine sky

someday is greened and presently the raked arms that scrunch

they too filled with the nylon green and wet dirt of the limpid

and we have planned the long legs, they gain in french dirt

working trees that my stealing pets or mammoth the "T"

perpendicular a new place for the bus notice you walk

does not recycle will also once bliss my new place

is it good or a water layer sonny and they too shocking

we have planned for crossing the legs, a french "T"

profoundly it will be a bar across the red

they must also have done better friction



your letters

ho the ones i him

                        when i hum when i dream

the yummy doing yum persimmin

                with art ice art ice art ice
bein nice

you can feely with your finger

meaner menaes you you feel it

 frazzy oh soaper seen
sweet icy mangy

ice b/c i don't like helper member doin it fire drippy

nice tyke wann sane oh lumba fine

yolky hat

is how its speedy missy boxes

                                                        shifty rumbba

     no weasle people peaty p p p
  top o arkansas laura m swweety sexy

bring em out to light meself to bring some out threes
            shaddah party

        over over stopp weeez gladiola

toppa dinna wing and peeps

                                        see i no no keets pepper

fammy snot its how the becks toes n wheat

                tied a bread n cart stuff yo neck a baby

repuls a vast weako

                                        famous sons convictin me

    lady depilatory i love in yo meet yo meet

bring me sunlick freak injun

       joy no even silly idee

        ashame to leaf

                       hoeva hell n ween my dumpy clam

sounin deff or locutative pull me cream

baby pull me cream

        settee for me and for you the small rack hide me

a time to soda rack for me

jelly shaker sweet ready sid

      glover lead you name um tennie teet

howza lap to nippa brake baby faster

                                                durn to reek

sticky fusili bout the red raisin ring

sin me gaffin sen me gaffin

                    puttin to farrah ways

hicky septs all lipstick

                                                likes to make a solution likes to make it in heat

missin only way them boxes feel the picture
                         name yourself the way to heat topsa gangreen

obelisk leaklike to bring soda soda soda joy soda favory

         there infiltrating lower to get no car creeps

tower it

turn the bed the looking neck back threesome type

                ur usey door

        ashey leg don't like it

no pics no freaks your letters the ones ihm

himmy sumthin neat

                i dream of doin it manatee

maybe lease sides
                                                                                            cold wedgy link

fats the top off

bike work dancing

                        din not what got leaked

   never click yo studder rd rd rd rd

sides aw dandy dandy dandy


O AVENUE day the hills
got boring they bored us on our way to work
     they got in the way of our pe
ace ful
and systemically ranked
       the quality of our fun
    they did not
allow talk
      about race pro
   or sexist art
     they were always
 ested in set
ting up
     for the expect
ion of august
and the problems
that would
come from that

    they were a
voiding the fact
           that we al
ready had our
       habits, we rode
a bike to work, and act
ed out our memo
       ries, that dancing
is wonderful and cultur
ally efficacious and
is also lin
      d to a frozen
  ling of shame

 cause of the hills'
       desire to add
ress us
       as equals, they
pointed out our ridi
culous shoes
       and turtlen
ecks, wh
ich were sudde nly tig
ht, and our high atte
         ntion spans in co
nsidering the just deserts
  "hard-time" as a
nother old-fashioned
edge to coterie we sat
the hills and waited
              we felt that
    because everyone
             liked our at
traction to bums we
  could get away with it
     they followed us regul
arly to
        second ave
 where we could hide in o
ur favorite laundromat
  , watch
               them with
 they had tea and cup
cakes in front of the fr
ont door
             and in one inst
they guided
      our attention to words
that were har
    dly ever used
more, like celebrity
, and
     rubber gun
how do you get a
    way from fee
ling that yo
            u are no long
er a test of t
    he ratio of

in relieving my
self of you i am giv
ing away the wo
        rld's horror
 g glug oof--
 and i
ts las
   t attempt
at car
nal action
and symbolic

grit y of anxiety o
f martial in flu
 a pigfoot

for everyone



Halfway to the Blues Blues
Wondering Bout You Blues
Restless Only Sort-Of Blues
Right On Right Away Blues

All Tomorrow's Blues
The Blues for Kinky Blues
Blues About No Time (for the Blues)
Miscellaneous Two-fer Blues

Blues from a Happy Gun
Boy Dog's Biscuit Blues
Nothing's Wrong But the Morning Blues
Blues for Being Shy

Blues Just for You
Blues for Mama's Blues
Blues With or Without Sense
Blues that Taste Like Candy

Why Not Me Too Blues
Blues that Take Account My Sin
Blues that Give the Wrong Impression
Crumbly Roof Blues

Me Plus You Blues
Ticular Aesthetic Blues
Speaking Frankly Blues
Blues for Not Dealing with the Blues

Blues Outside the Supermarket
Blues with Double Cheese
Blues with a Marimba
Blues that Say Yeah Yeah

Andy Warhol's Blues
Nijinksy's Memoirs Blues
Midnight Blue Crayon Blues
Are You Blue When I'm Here Blues

Sitting When I Should Be Walking Blues
Blues for All the Times I Forgot
Dakar Blues, Sydney Blues
Dirty Sexy German Word Blues

Pebbly Beach Blues
First-Time Bus Rider Blues
Get Out the Way Blues
Whose Blues Anyway

Home in the Blues Blues
Blues When You Can't Be But Swept Away
Blues for Forty Lashes
Blues in the Woman's Prime
Where'd You Get All Them Crazy Ideas Blues
Who'd You Sleep With Last (Blues)
Blues That'll Validate All Your Worst Tendencies
Blues That Make You Spread em



        the length of a shoot plus results braids plus a guardian the original the marked shoot of a very brown betty of a garden very very shoot of a gentleman plus betty,
        riddles and not italian equals the things you find not her not only in a con game
        they are squiggles and in exile, they are convincing, shoot
        of beads plus gravy scratchitti plus tire irons cannot give you this warning
        power, these are the ways you go about, a bummy soda anxiety plus chills in the
        always air plus her second try, a pulse at the model's head, there's a shoot for
        that plus blessing of the rest, asap, is not a set of mint conditions something more
        shoot specific that that, the red plus color of spidery inkey, dust filling out the sentry, plus writing in a tangy is for the certain kind of always written
        about and when you don't know birds you'll do beasts, when you create a
        favorite and greasy approach to, plus resting outside
        when it was supposed to be warmer plus you're only pinkly related to sleep
        so that gives you a real experience with a folk remedy, burning
        matchstick label, feathery outside today and at your plus station's bikini a sort
        and jean dark affair, jean seburg holding up for the stilts and that broken plate
        plate, broken, she said it was borrowed, and those kids how do they get them
        back inside, shot it with a 45 - the door blink

        plus obfuscating a really angry cinammon-



        2 pieces branola bread w/ i can't believe it's not butter not-butter + seedless raspberry polaner jam stonyfield organic plain yogurt w/ raisins orange juice + coffee
        boiled egg
        syders of hanover pretzels
        2 flour goya tortillas refried beans broccoli red pepper onion w/ olive oil 1 carrot 1 apple
        2 ketel one cosmopolitans + popcorn
        but you said/ big job in the mak/ done by/ unemployed/ many
        2 scrambled eggs w/ spinach + mushrooms 2 pieces branola bread plain
        pretzels 1 carrot/ our boys who
        diet/ coke volunteer
        decaf coffee w/ soymilk

        2 pieces branola bread with peach jam coffee w/soymilk
        govt makes use/ drapes honey/ you

        ris gras - white rice tomato paste broccoli red pepper red beans
        fat rice/ all "thugs" can/ digest
        we/ will/ tread no other path but that laid/ appears/ nothing new
        to report/ career

        not pretzels with beans or peas
        stonyfields carton in backdrop bread piece plain
        2 pieces i can't believe w/ 1 carrot and 1 hanover 1 wayside
        2 more paperwhites
        1.5 paperwhites lost/ past 10 days
        2 pieces collateral w/peach jam coffee w/ soymilk and no sugar
        no vitamin c or wheat crop
        switch to poppy why not
        2 cardboard boxes w/ red pepper 2 straws no salt
        low salt
        2x2x2 imaging cartridges UX15CR made/
         in bolivia
        1 bottle liquid paper
        1 box dkble portfolio double pocket w/ space for business card
        2x2x2x2 reams great white w/ i can't believe it's not butter not-butter
        not cheese
        Hammermill 1005007---8.5x11
        fiendly horsefire
        not peanut butter

        .33 portabella wrap goat cheese white grape/red wine w/plastic tumbler
        nuclear w/ chicken green plaintain
        blend merlot 2 taxi w/rat/ keep em rolling
        2x2xcollateral settlement™ grounded/ cafe w/ date
        telemarket grade
        2x1.5 orson welles who but,com.same old story
        son of heaven/ pop gun more of both
        straight shooters is a race

        2x2x2x2 media guide
        mushroom spinach barilla w/ oil
        torch of i don't know/ my/ times tables/ notwhite people
        jesus my/ embedded/ boot
        at a discount

        w/ everybody owning/ slant
        ny/ chicago gangs songs/ "if i only had a brain"
        us/ al/ right
        yellow cookie w/ chocolate drop
        hoola/ burdin/ and the winner is
        whore pil/ whorl pie/ cuz well i juss doan
        's so/ into it



 in a great flurry of anger and silence was violated in the concaten
                to reap me revenge

how would orange
answer here
                                                would have someone to fuck otherwise


                                oaf and so

what girl or bod does
                left shoes

                                                        crawls over a sweetly pruning

was a see why

                                        pure timbres

                        plan to go there