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Worthiness my name
Or lack of will decide
Thrown out into the garbage
Then perhaps for all I know
Any work - but that's just
Human desire, always true
Or lack of will decide
Then perhaps so I go on
Useless, with papers, files, underwear
Always true, preserved along with
Everything and anyone my death
After which time stops
I suppose that's always true
And time's destroyed as well as you

I can face my death" so quiet
For I know who I really am
Other than that circle: but what
Is that circle anyway wider
Then the world and the self in
The world it is a part of
Indeterminacy, desire to never
Decide on a single thing but to escape
Always anything never facing the music
For I know who I really am
Anyway wider than the world and the
Decision actually to be married to my wife
In the conversation "No it wasn't my diet
I can face my death" so quiet

You looked closely it wasn't there
And looked with an open look did you
See candles and a cooked chicken raw
In its pink flesh as such as slicing it
This morning a conversation lovely sweet
Thing to do sentimental thinking of the chicken
Candles that unfocus your gaze and songs
That looked with an open look did you
See the candles and the unmarked car
But easily, it was definitely there but simply
The immediate experience of indicating therapy
To avoid the intolerable emotion, to feel the tolerable
Conditions of quoting the dying master, honorable

That seems different on waking up
Who might say "I know who I really am"
On facing death in front of a white person
Something entirely humanistic, kept in their journals
Which would indicate not an immediacy of experience
But rather looking at the sunset later and assessing its value for readers
So it's been more like seven or eight years
Recording events till I get bored
For that's too simple: no one telling this
Was there at that time in these
Which would indicate not an immediacy of experience
But rather an important person. All problematic
By virtue of this record made
In seven or eight years of blood

The dispute between Luke and John
Attack!" of the lawyer's advice
Then the war drums advance upon the tattered field
That an e-mail's righteous victims happen within
Communities of faithful purpose, more raw
Act succeeds act to rub the wound within
A lively discussion, close to death, absent
The innocent wishful dialog
To be repeating many times over the same horrifying message
My success rate is rather low to rub the wound
Communities of faithful purpose close to death
More dismal even that I thought keeps them going
Lack of that protect yourself, protect yourself
Speaking of which bitterness dying to protect yourself