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Blog poem #2
Who says heaven is up?

blog poem #2
posted on 7:28am

and i sigh.
posted on 1:26am

posted on 1:21am

our fingers
posted on 1:20am

whispers, "soft".
posted on 1:19am

posted on 1:19am

sidewalks thirsty from the summer sun.
posted on 1:18am

my hardness like water on
posted on 1:17am

the small cracks through
posted on 1:17am

his fingers find
posted on 1:16am

posted on 1:14am

posted on 1:12am

in my
posted on 1:09am

posted on 1:06am

posted on 1:02am

Who says heaven is up?

There is a relativity in dimension, the use of shape and line for eyes
to follow.

 a lipstick stained wine glass is a dreamless
 sleep is cobalt is a dragon etched in red
 paper is the sound of rain on tin roofs

This allows the mind to empty.

 a mayamon tree falls to prayers is accordian
 billows heavily breathing is a nursing mother's
 breast is the rattle of a sheathed sword

Infinity is one continuous stroke merging reality and fantasy.

 the smell of freshly peeled oranges is the spaces
 between wooden beads is the night sky breaking
 brittle is horse's hair pulled taut across nylon threads

It is important to break rules.

 snapping bamboo poles is the peerless eyes
 of a Korean bar girl mask is a hand curled to
 stone is magenta orchid moth petals