the muse apprentice guild
--expanding the canon into the 21st century



buy a new concept if yr economy is so alive
or at least drive yr limo to halt the hilted sky

can you just unplug everything
pull the power from yr crotchrotten schemes

and walk to lose
that uplifting tight
tanning booth consistency

right up inside me by now
you've left the bait for dry
you've got no loveseat in yr cave
and I'm running a marathon
I care no longer for

wandering so I just

stop pondering how other runners steam the air
in stolen rain I find umbrellas found under
not under any
god-one nation

fucking yr piggy
I'm not fucking
yr piggy
banks stop fucking yr piggy
banks I'm not
fucking yr piggy
banks stop fucking yr piggy banks
I'm not fucking yr piggy
banks stop fucking
yr piggy
banks I'm not
fucking yr
piggy bank



kiss my cross
with yr mother
while amnesia
messes the sheets once again in bed

if lyf is loss
we'll be disowned

so mr. piano, won't you please build us rooms where there's nothin left to
be scared of

and I'll walk the lakes for peace
I'll even be the first in line

to heaven

and throw a brick

all our beercan promised promises
visions of christ receiving
cunnilingus at ground zero
hungrily gripping towards the
manhattan chowder

getting nowhere in the cosmos



in incommensurable drag
with dainty thighs
and swollen bitten lips are here again
as sleep is on
the hand me down bed of Ray Johnson
and jumping as well
into the sleepy hope
no one wakes for is here again
because everyone wants a safe neighborhood
and no kiltless sleeveless vampire disease will escape
this californian dejavu
that is empty as free fucking agency and all that is digital
is a flailing dead-limbed weakling of a ghost
but a t least someone here has
rereleased Cobain's voice angrily moving at
15 miles per hour
in reverse



big billy belief
believes in rock n roll and

tried so hard to be cut down by the swords of swindlers
tried to wilt so gracefully grey and enormous

but sweet as mythology is righteous
he has a lightbulb's boldness
in one of our most skyscraping of cities

and the FBI is listening easily
as easy as Duchamp is easy to fall in love with

and I wait for nothing to explode
as if wholeness comes like fallen snow

so how did we get here hipsters
and when did it begin
this hell as deep as sanity is out of reach

and how deep must we go to war
bored without a lot of bloodshed
and bored without a lot of fear



land where our father's dried, dry as my Jesus eye
where dan rather in 68
turned his back on the street
and sent helicopters heavenward

o dry 'subteranean lake;
on some founding father's property

in 'merica we're always bleedin
hormone replacin
poet paralyzin

everything is close to a convalescent home

happily droolin
below a frozen wind of mantras

as crime rhymes with dollar
boycott and undermine
nudge the funeral wishes
and all of commodity culture

into Bellona's demise -