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The Associate Curator of The Poetry/Rare Books Collection, SUNY at Buffalo, Michael Basinski is a Buffalo poet, born and raised in Buffalo! He considers himself a Fluxus artist and a visual, sound, performance and plain poet. His poems, some of which are improvisational and abstract, are an aggregate of fusiforms, fragments, phrases, typography, fused words, wingdings, webdings, neologisms, noise, glyphs, antique and romantic words, archaic words, sound scores, anti-rules and old stories knotted into a non-stationary poetry. Reviewer Tom Hibbard has noted that his work is, "a vocabulary of universal words, an astro-artistic Esperanto of the cosmos." He reviews zines for Zine Librarian Zine and underground publications for the ezine The-Hold. His essays, visual opems (yes OPEMS) and antique form poems have appeared in Ferrum Wheel, LVNG, Lungfull, Boxkite, Juxta, Xtent, Score, Kenning, Explosive Magazine, Lost and Found Times, Lyric&, Basta, First Offense, Rampike, Open Letter, Endnote, House Organ, Verdure, Abacus, First Intensity, Another Chicago Magazine, The Styles, Antennae, and many others. His poems frequently appear in ezines such as Deluxe Rubber Chicken and Shampoo. He regularly performs retro and new Fluxus works with The ByuffFluxus Project. For samples of visual, sound and antique work see: wings.buffalo.edu/epc/authors/basinski/. His many books include Heebie-jeebies, Beseechers, Strange Things Begin to Happen When a Meteor Crashes in the Arizona Desert, Heka, The Doors, By, Shampoo, Mool3Ghosts, The Lay of Fraya Wray and Un-nome. Many of these titles are available via Small Press Distribution.