the muse apprentice guild
--expanding the canon into the 21st century



Meet me at the altar
of your church,
where I can lay you down
and rid your religious-affliction,
and strip you bare,
and hold on
to your nipples,
as I caress your moistness
with holy water
and purge your
chastity with incense.
Let me break bread
over your body
and eat from the gates of hell,
as you and I share communion. Christ!
Take this wine
as if consumed by sin
and swallow,
as it overflows your mouth,
drips from your chin,
and seethes your neck,
to your begging breast.
Watch saints blush,
as we act out
repressed temptations
of monks and nuns,
and as our breaths rise
and fog stained-glass
scenes of the sacrifice.
Lead the ladies
and gentlemen
in their Sunday-dress,
as they hold each palm
to each ear,
and let them light a candle
for the chorus of orgasms
in the voice of God,
they thought they knew.
But you and I muse,
tremble like carnal-beasts
toward redemption.
We laugh
as the church-walls
to the cleansing sea.
And the beast
of Hell, risen,
holds his demonic-shaft
toward Heaven
with rage, fury,
and bliss,
all-consuming bliss.