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--expanding the canon into the 21st century



Just the fresh north
breeze passing freely

and a brown hawk
quietly soaring, looking

for prey; a gold sun
perch sneaking up

to the surface of a
deep-flooded paddy,

deftly snapping up
a fallen damsel fly;

the dull distant thud
of a fisherman's oar,

out to harvest crab
traps in the brackish

muddy river just beyond
the dense blind of trees.



Awake at three o'clock in the morning,
I walk out into the moonstruck garden.

A moist chill laces the motionless air;
I keep my thin nightshirt tightly buttoned.

My neighbors are all asleep, no sound --
not even of an early car cruising by.

All the grden plants are subdued and quiet;
their pollinators must have quit the night.

I can see the whole world standing still,
as if cast under some potent sorcerer's spell.

And I'm imagining having just stepped out
of a sleek spaceship which alighted nearby

on this fair and bountiful new planet; it's
heart-pricking, as I think of having to leave.



The newscast this morning was filled with reports
of a 400-lb dolphin, which appears to be so horny
it's been attempting to mate with human swimmers
off the coast of England to everyone's awe, if not delight.

They said the nasty sea mammal would slyly circle
a female swimmer, trying to isolate and mount her for
sex. The English ladies now won't go near the water.
But the oversexed dolphin, not to be denied, is after the guys.

Don't laugh, but some of you might be wondering on the sly
what it would be like to end up being amorously seduced
by the indiscriminate dolphin: which body parts, which
positions, what odd accommodations might be used?