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--expanding the canon into the 21st century



he said come over and we can spend the night on the roof of my studio. i'll get everything set up. you don't have to do anything/but come/ alright? he told me to come so i did. like i always did/whoreforyou.
many times he had sat there grinning wide and deep/at me me me/with that gap. air sifting through his teeth. chapsticked bulging lips parted. ready to make me come. but that night, with the motor city casino lights carpeting the asphalt in muted tones, i don't know. a tasty glow discoed in his gap/seemed ready for more. and so/the gap games were born.

let's play will this fit? i said slipping my scarlet baby fingernail through his teeth.
mmm. he was amused/grabbing my wrist pulling my hand in deeper/sucking the plump tip of babyfinger.

will this fit? i said sliding my tongue through his skeletal archway, tasting my own salty finger.
mmmhmm. he said giving a wringing wet/desiring dick in mouth/blowjob to my tongue and finger/in chorus.

will this fit? i said lifting/with both cool hands/my mango tit
and threading my poppy nipple through.
mmmhmm. he said convincingly/feather light/violently/feather light flicking my poppy through the backs of his teeth. mmmhmm. /

will this fit? / i said/thighs in mandukasana/plumwine clit craned down from the sky.
mmmhmm. we said/hips in bidalasana e bidalasana e bidalasana. mmmhmm.



we hike the swarming, bitter cold streets blazing a joint, traveling huddled. tight. assaulted.
using the crown of our heads as windshields.
we see the corner bar we've been instructed to go to.
the tribe, i think.
you go in.
and i stand alone, in black vinyl boots, shivering, smoking the remains.

i wobble in hazy and see old identifiable faces.
all hello hugs and smiles.
i find a stool and ease my head down to the counter.
i just need a minute.

and the girl that i don't know.
the french one with the velvety wispy bun.
comes behind me saying hello beautiful girl, weeth beautiful hair.
she gives me hello hugs and smiles too.
and i flutter fly ho away with her to the couch.
i think everyone else follows.

and you start talking to me, but she is too. the sentences she makes are so unembarrassed.
from that cherry mouth.
i fiend for her voice to keep petting my ears.

i tell myself i must focus to understand her broken american.
so i scoot closer to her. and touch her thigh like good girlfriends.
to understand her broken american.

she says that man. so een love weeth you. look at heem.
and i look. with mild disinterest.
you'll be there later.

and she says things like the life. the life eez so blameless and real, yes?
and she laughs like she's unacquainted with bondage.
and i get up to dance to something that i'd never dance to.
and you trail behind me but she does too.
and you think i'm dancing with you but i'm not.

i'm dancing with her black turtleneck and blood stained lips.



i'll stay at home today. melancholy.
swaddled in blankets and books.
playing with idiom and my pussy.

you'll go away.
and play with whatever gives you more pleasure when i'm not around.



my baby.
my god.
hoisting me onto your eager dichotomy.
your supple hardness thrashing feverishly in its cage.
unwilling to free itself.

in. out.
a lobotomized
in. out.
in out.

my slender thighs clenching. shuddering.
bony knees clamping your fatty sides. shaking.
body bowing far forward.
swelling chocolate-bit nipples ricocheting off your barreling chest. plump bits.
pogo-sticking on your nipples.

tasting your meaty lips.

in. out. in. out.

fingers snatching your rowdy hair. your eyes.
arriving at your ears.
lawless. grabbing anywhere. help me.

up down. up down.

making noisy noises. i can't stop. smacking. suckling noises.
up. down. up. down.

you clutch my ass lick your lips.
draw me into your flaming hardness. please.
up down. oh my god i love this dick. up down.
oh my god i love this dick. up down.

i want to plant my mouth on it and pay homage.
but i can't.
this shit right here feels too good to defer. to interrupt. i can't.

up down. up down. oh my god. up down.

you flip me over and i dizzy don't know how i get there.
but i feel you fucking me hard fronts of coarse thighs on my ass.
your right hand on the small of my back
pressing. barely.
driving your dick into me.
long baby. long.

i moantalk and gasptalk cause i can't talk talk.
your dick is too hard.
and my limbs are melting.
i collapse to my face. flat.
breasts. smashed. like sugar cookie dough.

you say you okay?
i say mmmmmmm.
you say okay.

my ripe grapefruit quivering ass being offered up. high.
pleading you crying you deeper please baby god. deeper.

you say mmm.
deeper and shorter than my mmmmmmm.

battered stained hands grab the folds of my stomach.
and you grunt like a wild boar.
consuming. pussy. smell.
through your nostrils. like a boar.
sniffing for rodents. grunt.

and you excite me.

and i want you to lose control inside of me so you'll fuck me like a madman boar.

and he does and he can't help it.

mmmmm and my boar is fucking me.
my boar is fucking me and making growls that thicken the air.
and everything solid vaporizes.
and he lurches. hard.
and i fuck him. hard.
and he wrenches. hard. hard.
and i tauten my pussy on him. severe.
and in tongues he speaks his coming into the air. mm. ahh. ohh shit. mm mmmm. uuuuhh. uhh. oouhh. ohh shit. his coming diatribe. ohh fuck. his holy sermon. god damn. i'm coming.

and i love that he comes like this.

his church. my legs unfasten and spread for my baby boar god.



we live here together. i have a writing space. we share a bedroom, which really ends up being more yours than ours.

and i have my own bedroom, with fluffy, billowy things. cottons and veils. i have pink and warm, gold lights. my bed is a womb. soft and protected. canopied by reams of heather and fuchsia cloth drapings.

and i invite you in for dates. sweet watermelon juice and joints.

sometimes i pull you over the threshold, holding your hands. sometimes i wrap my fingers around the head of your waiting dick, and lead you across that way.

and our love making in there seems like the bahian ocean. where the atlantic is unconcerned with fools who swim too far out. where olokun yanks at your ankles and chooses you for sacrifice.