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Can't hear myself think over this fabricated patented existence no life no thought no originality even myself caught in a sometimes self inflicting banal existence wanting to scream and break free shout at the heavens and tear open my chest cavity ready to expose some incomprehensible aspect of myself the part that yearns to be heard or to be excluded from the carbon copies the manufactured neighbors the "pop" ness of life why even the discussion of it we are already aware or am i not in the loop the loop of what is actually the rubbing of two brain cells together can you see me I see myself in slow fat falling rain absorbing into my skin discovering niches with probing fingers in my chest that with force can be separated and instead of my life being in danger my life pours out
my mediocrity banished and my voice emanating from my blood flowing freely not held by veins and not in danger and not exempt from flowing up to the blood of others knocking on their doors flowing and swaying back and forth my blood comes back to me tainting nothing no evil or malevolent connotations just my life exuding my dreams my essence wrapped in the plasma cells dna the opinionation of my mother the patience of my father the quietness of my grandmother not cloaked in bragging clothes not bound by a barbie figure or mentality that my sex limits me my blood more powerful than i am and maybe i can hear myself think come to think of it that's the way of it



it's all the mayhem
the "they" "them"
the government
in disclosed statements
produce to
coerce you
to conform to
or make do.
it's all the flack that
i get back
flowing upstream
rejecting mainstream
i did it my way
no tourist byways
and the assertion of
not desertion of
the american way