the muse apprentice guild
--expanding the canon into the 21st century



Take advantage of the first intersection, shaded.
Sketch off the incidental, parted in the middle.
Deluge, adjustable circumspection.
Differing effects, great scenic quittance,
exact marginal impetus.
Another note, same hand.
Edge of the downstream section.
How many are there? Small diagrams?
It proceeds slowly, deposits attributes,
suggests angles. Conclusions, watermarked into sections.

Looks like they are wearing obstacles.
Ledges and aerial perspectives.

Friendly as remarks, dead centre of the sheet.
Dense part of snarling. Curled up and enviable
as occasional recommendation. Garbardined,
between extremity and festooned. Cross out and jolt.
Falls to bits, subjecting the uniform to present second, third.
This, followed by one helluva parallel acceleration.

Rare trash on the carriageway.
All the advantage of reverse, and the souvenir.

Stunning discovery! Think hard about that.
Tremble from basking traffic and shark.
Devote a whole exclamation to discussion.
In re prevarication and dividing lines.
Geological transparency, collapsing vaults,
telescoped coronation. Significance
expressive in simplified view, edit.
A cross section of grim street.

History behind the field.
Just. Over. There.

Disassociated convex surfaces.
Even if you scatter it, it ranges around.
Strengthen the braccia from the optimum position.
Intervene on behalf of composure.
Why walk past disappearance.
Experiments describe rolling wheels.
Simplify the day. Colour it.

Burst into absolute darkness.
Brush off the excess.




Scatter the texts and reckoning. drift off to justification. The old news.
print. As t'were any nightingale. Remains of a temporary retreat.


Close the door now.
Of course I'm all right.



Marker's in place for the future. Leans a bit heavier. negative images.
Today's instructions are time out for unconsciousness. and.

clinch the crave at the lights.


This is retreat from the tourists and follow the snow.

This is playfully arrange the very sorry excuses.

This is sort by date and process the shite there on tape.

This is standing above and beyond their own stupid rules.

This is the excellent problem removing the interference.

This is day after day to tiddly winks. Eminent harshness.


This is the whispering softly adapted to nice homely eloquence.

This is consequences too heart for the daily. One minute please.

This is one heart. Please minute the daily consequences, too.

This is one minute creating a vacuum that nature does not abhor.

This is the traffic of spiritual love and hearty indoctrination.


Gone here.
Gone there.

Forever ever.

Red. Green
or amber.


This is up against trouble. Tear down the stairs.

This is derisory attendance. Severing the nerve.

This is Mallarme's shadow, no, wiser. New track.

This is obtaining free copies from outer space.

This is outer space rewinding the big match. Arrange all.

This is the fugitive lisp kept alive as. Move toward it.

This is content ostensibly demanding. The accidental.


This is walk miles.
for a quiet life.

This is the gauge.


scree and heather
look out over the sea.

any morning's
distance later.
hush. this side.
of time. larks
over the north.


Twilight and dawn
merge. You are t/here.




Tempted asked the alleged. Fresh day's elocution. Another graves insurance, reasoning position. Parks on the pages and Behold. The moving finger points to a great leather bound book of scenery. As if. Fatigue and the east occasionally air time. Coincidence. Breathless, the great out of doors appears. Mark it. Heralds and premise meet a fella. on Portobella. Investing the cross word and bothering the obvious composite.

Boring holes into portraits, remember.


These are the end pages.

Forcing. the plot.

Sneaks onto the page.


Take a corner. Pull up a chair.
"A fish with no eyes is a fsh."


Clarification is warm. "In gentler tones… Secunda hopes."

Today understands differences. Caucus races. Between spine and spite. A bit of advice. and. affairs. Of the heart advance on response. All of a graceful. crawl-out. Mid air is hitting the ground. Think of a pleasurable night, mare. One thousand and one hours of titter and whisper.


Let's see
you ffuucckk.
You must.
You must.
f, me. f, me.
Let's hheeaarr
uuu ccoommee.
Increase your bust.
Oh. Ccoommee.
On. C'mon.C'mon.

That's not it.


Hardy perennials of text voyeur the dumb.
Founded corpses. Captured a Red Knight. Wow.

Wandering stands fast on sounds of the evening.
Without prejudice to finally and. full tones.

Breathed with your brand of magic. marker.
Distraction from melancholy. Insists. as a moderato.

Welcoming. "Explain yourself."


Silence reigns until the Tortoise. Taught us. Feels she is losing her temper. Politely as could be. A crowded postcard. Alias tranced subject, sponsoring concerts dis. Quite
" a long tail. and the Tarts?


Pending awakened.
Forever discovers the turnpike.
Knife edges the majority.
Crucial passes the post.
All in percentages.
Irony bargaining at tables.
Rebellious presses the next four years.
Rainbows make a one off deal.
Naked, opposition doesn't agree.
One in the eye scrubbing morning's analysis.
Turnout disgraces the increase.
Addressing the simply.
A way of life that.
Simply, having already
been tried, must be tested.
Kindly assistance stomping on grapes.
Trials of loss. Trials of gain.
Wires the sour art, all right.

Appearing. and vanishing.

Marbles and marbles of
constellations. Players.

Holding the upper. Registers.




Trudging home springs back from the future. About a hunnerd and fifty years of excruciating detail. The psycho physics of the thing. It is amazing. It gasped. Economic tears for the derivation. The transition is quite a character. A lazy weekend comes to its senses, extends its palms, exchanges pen pushing for three chances to meet up with an awkward passage. In the short time it takes to exit, slight panics and changes some of the weather. Gain time, lose time, all swamped with occasion. Purple flowers up, delighted in portention. Intends from leather straps, a temporary retreat. Furious clenches in fevered intelligence.

Booked up to take leave. First blog to your right, exit over the pop-up.

Judiciously exhibit the real.
Chaperone the passage from Chaucer.
Viruses opened their eyes wide.
Immediacy instilled a surge of goodwill.
Re reciprocity is jus' lookin' for parkin'.
Dark eyes blazing gunshots over the OK.
Colours whipped all around.
The other day is questioned. Highly is likely.
Obviously is in charge of the investigation.
Utterance, apotheosis. And thee.
Self sacrifices into the. Forces a smile.
Simplicity. The dispassionate honestly.

Move back to a neutral corner. Knocked out.

Whole alphabet dragged through the hedge, arse backward. Fences and doors. Mystery is always left clueless. Wilderness receives a custodial sentence. How fascinating notices. Brackets of croquet. Almost a Unicorn. Nearly a piracy. Chain of command and a peacock. Just think of that, Hedda. Call-back facility and let the silence. Quite a large number in various combinations. Nuances.

No content. No comment.

Trips back to the old spot. Being here
(In the first place) rearranging geography.


Definitely there, balancing on the parallel.
"How curiously it twists."


Eternal springs through delineation. Hatched and coloured. The surface frozen, means tested. Restoring the characteristics and scoped. Fittings and fixtures put in a nightshift. But always in and under the burdens worth having. Big operator thieving and fiddling the dolorous. Traffic of fraught, shivering aesthetics. Yes. And mollifying smiles of the Borgias. Infinity is cordially introduced to Armeggedon. Shake hands, sports and come out fightin'.

Astonished as hell strolls through the countryside.

In comprehensible as limit and amusing receivers. Discovery consulting the prospects, lingers on emphasis. Believe stretched past hierarchical divisions. Paper weights on all
of the jotters. Main points to the contact. Miles and kilometres of hunt the jackal. The perfect stillness. End over end on the courtyard, cousin. Elementary as.

Enchanting and filtered.
Acknowledge the conductor.
Rearrange the score.
So pacing. So "sighing deeply".

A disobedient curve answers a liability.

Face up to it more,
before reassembling.
As good as an afternoon break.

Did you say fawn?

When something is happening.

are t racing
the f as t t rack.
Excess es
in triplicate.
G am u t,
well bred
trussed up
in taking
its time.

Pauses at globalisation and that cup of coffee, indeed.
The most thorough of briefings, comrade.


Charming, not loss of trial, but nature of bristling distraction.
The One to Come. Hirsute beside me now, and so on the courtly.

Ah…no…(Just as well… I shudders to think.)

Dial-up small mercies, too much. And a very good thing.
Excellent. Clutter up organisation, un, precedent meditation.

about the
source of that.
audibly immersed
in upwards and find.


Still framed, Will. Message still applicable. Still life.

So sweet, almost human.
Quiet. Silent and curious.
Serious about the game.
Utilises the whole deck.

Recognise one at the pool table.

All the same,
pretty scary.

The New Romanticism.

The fourth hand.
Dangerous fragility.

Disorientated, following inkprints.


Remember how it started,
far cry and reaction.

Remember how it all ended, hardening of wings.

Hovering over myriad passings.
Eyebrows raised in exacerbation.
Stun the day with researches.
Delighted, folded quietude and thousands.
Prefixed the assassins. Twiceturn stiles,
winding sheets welcome, the age of contrast.
Best cinematography of all time.
Try it in nostalgia. Any absence
discovers corners. Co-ordinates.
External heart compression. Beats.
Compelled to engage. Paper quality.

Captured. and as re/marked, fell.
& worth repeating. How they fell.

Respect and expectation. Warm.
Do stacked imprints tinting the tablets.
Do shade the equilibrium & pray the pith.
Do thousands yearly & oranges common.
Do the detoured epoch, close or open.
Do feeling better? More focussed?
Do up the chuff and very connect.
Do shift the particular and conjure.

Beginning. Put up a good font.

Green grow the rushes in company.
Sovereignty speaks, hunched over
wonder. Wonder is kneading the clay.
Lost, found, lecture & persuade.
Untwisting cords on the lyre.
All of the seasons, triangled.
Four speaker quadrophonics.
The palindromic tail's tale.

Stops with the removal/insertion of

Someone is whispering.


No body there. Nobody to play war and peace.
Premium fresh illusions. Integrity and rights.
Volcanoes belch roses, precarious surmise.
A million quid in the kitty. The dollar signs.
"Provocat, et tollit pendentis…
One thousand brushes the curator's metaphor.
All you ever wished for descending in order.

What was it you wished for?

Plenty of always/never fails to amaze,
quality comments made of the sterner stuff.
Definitely, puzzled, extract & crumple it.
Fat Rimbaud's umbrella. Margaret's mouth.
Is? Pass me the boundless. The Ever-Newer.
Palimset comes with its own instructions.

Pal, im set for the wrench. Hand me the spanner.


Glancing through the back page. The spirit.
Base of the neck. So he thought, daV. Delicate.


Spring tides flood into the Old Man. Fair climb to the top.


with riding it.

Gift and a present.
Expected quarter,
breathing in cold air.

Distance. Sea.

Rhythmic, deep.
Light. over the maps.
Zigzags. and. All ways.

Thousands of volts.


at ease with
on the soul.

If it's fitting, it fits.