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KELLEY BEESON: I am a poet living and working in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. My work has been published in Kalliope: A Journal of Women's Art and Literature, Erosha, CleanSheets Magazine, Switched-On Gutenbergand Pittsburgh Quarterly Online. I received an MFA in poetry from The University of Notre Dame and an MA in writing education from Vermont College. I am currently working on my first book of poetry, I am Magellan and getting ready to begin a PhD program at The Union Institute and i'm always dipping my fingers in several collaborative projects with visual artists in and around Pittsburgh. I have taught at Carlow College, The Pittsburgh Center for the Arts and Sweetwater Center for the Arts and led numerous private writing workshops. The work in I Am Magellan revolves around several themes: (1) The particular relationship awoman has with her body and how that relationship influences the space she takes up in the world; how she manages to walk around a world which all too-often seems to flow against her; how she negotiates the assault of energy on her physical and spiritual self. (2) The effects of light on truth; how light manifests in our lives either guarding or illuminating or distorting the truth in our perceptions and experiences. (3) A partnering of the study of fractals, iterative geometry and chaos theory with our search for proof and measurement through our bodies' inherent relationship with geography and land. I am profoundly interested in the nuances/perceptions/interpretations/the business of being a woman. The way information/motion/the passage of time/fuel filter in and out of our bodies. These are the engines behind my work.