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JOSH MOORE lives in Brookings SD, where he an unemployable drunkard. His funds are running. Josh Moore is currently starting a PAC to get himself elected president. He figured if George Bush Jr. could get elected without a majority of the votes what would stop him. Josh Moore is moved by the Beats, the Lost Generation, French New Wave Film, French Symbolist Poets and the Grateful Dead. Did Josh Moore mention he also digs Gertude Stein and Yoko Ono? Those might be Josh Moores favorites. Josh Moore has appeared in Cherrybleeds.com, Undershorts.net, and Mystic Visions amougst others. Josh Moore once watched the Aberdeen SD Capital Theatre group perform one of his one acts were the lady was ashamed to say 'blow job'. Josh Moore hopes you like these. Josh Moore really doesn't care if you like or not. Josh Moore is always horney and looking for a 19 year old slender red head girl to accompany him on the journey that will make the best travel novel since "On the Road". Josh Moore wants a NEA grant and thats why he submits to a bunch of E-zines. Josh Moore wishes you the best of luck.