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JELLE MEANDER (1977, Belgium) is a poet and musicologist. Since 1993, he has been working on an oeuvre consisting of prose and drama as well as poetry. These pieces are brought together in several works: Opus I to III collectively form the "Verzameld werk" (Collected works), logically followed by the "Postuum werk" (Posthumous works). He worked on these foundations until the year 2000. Since then, he has written two poetic pieces: "Triplum" (No. 1) and "Slaapversjes voor Lorelei" (No. 2). The compositions he has written besides these are collected under the titles "Hors d'oeuvre(s)", Dicht Boek and Vers Boek. These books have been performed on stage in the form of recitals and performances. The monologues "De schilder" and "Waterman" (from the "Collected works") were performed in De Schakel Cultural Centre in Waregem and the Vooruit Arts Centre in Ghent in 1999, under the direction of Maja Jantar.