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Her face bruised
Her body beaten
Cold eyes staring
Towards the bitter sky

Hair matted with blood
Breasts slashed
Beauty ruined
Blood staining the body of an angel

Lights penetrate
Through the window
Red and blue, red and blue
One of those calls you pray you never get

The phone rings
The woman answers
Drops the receiver
Praying they have the wrong number

Hundreds of people
No one knew how many cared
Most are crying
I canít find the tears

My best friend is being lowered
Tears still wonít come
She is too young for this to be true

Years later
See her mother at the mall
We exchange no hellos
We each blame ourselves

Should have seen it coming
Could have stopped it
Would have taken her place
If only I had been there a little earlier

God has taken one of his angels home.
We were unfit to keep her.