the muse apprentice guild
--expanding the canon into the 21st century


Astonishment Machine XWRa1



   feet forward in
   deep vivid
   staring up square
   blue eye swirl
   tornado assault toward
   cracks & xylophone moons
   caffeine dreams
   all can't we share
   minutes awake
   while in nexus
   bring the car round
   9 o'clock in the morning
   bring the car round
   9 o'clock in the morning

   Dear Prodigy:
   The defunct saturated bound
   becomes our brain wave syndrome.
   After all, radish breath
   prohibits the face of JHVH
   & there is nothing left
   but a real pucker thus
   & capitalist risk expose.
   Our indecent instruction
   for your closing gorgeous career
   warps with this anything,
   & so we will
   bring the car round
   9 in the morning
   bring the car round
   9 in the morning
   to climb the ladder
   of oral examinations
   & machine guns.



Continue fACTUAL fESTIVAL toward hope. Us: Neoist-
Transcendentalist-Lettrist-Situationists from the 13th dimension
staging multiple requests for a herniated society. Wanton curiosity
existing on the fringe of Zen plagiarism and Biblical haberdashery.
Continuation of f_F_ would be beneficial to Luddites everywhere and
stop Greed and Philanthropy. We composed this while perusing the
(thing which we cannot remember): AUREUM THEOREMA: law of
quadratic reciprocity and being asleep at the wheel. The world through
our modem is terrifying.