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JANE MCGOVERN: While still in college I worked part-time for a company as a graphic artist and after graduation, stayed with them for a total of 11 years. During this time, I had several exhibits and took private commissions using our dining room as a studio. I continued to take painting lessons and computer graphics courses to improve my skills. My husband, Tom, and I turned our two-car garage into an art studio and a basement room into a gallery. In 1997 I bought my first computer, a Mac 6400 and slowly upgraded to a G4. This enabled me to do computer graphics as well as painting. Developed photographic skills with Minolta and Digital cameras. Because of the photographs I was able to take, I decided I wanted to share them with others in a small book combined with a story. That is what brought me to Widener College where I am studying writing. I am now 73 and look forward each semester at Widener University and I appreciate their generosity allowing me to extend and enhance my education.