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JIM MCCURRY (Oct. 3, 1943, Hawthorne, California) edited and published Delirium magazine in the Seventies. He has taught at Carl Sandburg College, Galesburg, Illinois, since 1980. McC. went on line a year ago. His work has appeared in such print and electronic venues as the following--Alba, Annetna Nepo, Big City Lit, Boundary 2, the Colorado Review, Cyber Oasis,the Denver Post, Drought, Eleven Bulls, Identity Theory, Invisible City, poems Niederngasse, poetsagainstthewar.com, Quarterly West, Rio, Snow Monkey, Tryst, Writer's Forum (Gerard Manley Hopkins Award, 1999), Zacatecas Review and Zuzu's Petals Quarterly. Two poems will appear in Kathryn Rantala's upcoming eBook GUSTATORY IN NATURE (Ravenna Press, Snow Monkey magazine). Fish Drum (Suzi Winson, ed.) will publish a journal excerpt in an upcoming issue.