the muse apprentice guild
--expanding the canon into the 21st century



I came to dream in the place where I tighten and awake
had authorization to begin the sex with the two disowned
this hour tramples the vast quantity sense, too much
you can see my scintillating saliva mixed with come
music of voice expansion of man
male voice playing in wheel music
most hostile cum the projectile in the history of the porn?
appliance music of the jaunty intermediate seventies
music of the semi-scandal years
Ooh to be piled up with that finger which darkly smooth
pulls my panties cool vis--vis my cunt
my overdubbed Ooh voice "murmuring, I like its language
the times are pleasant & rainy"
there is no signal of my body that only comes

Harry Reems sexual intercourse Jessie who "is raped" St. James obtains blackmails into the hugeness obtains roadside blowjob Richard Pacheco from Marilyn chamber sexual intercourse John Leslie sexual intercourse everybody Georgina Spelvin. As for the Harry Reems the Georgina Spelvin the St. James of the fucked Jessie with the Richard Pacheco the blackmailed the John Leslie which obtains the roadside blowjob from the room of the Marilyn which is obtained fucked everyone the fucked.

pain of the busty blonde which is stuffed in my jeans
Speech, I would like to get married with you

I have Dorothy the Hammill haircut, but
our two obtain the soak in the sweat
his whole body is the perspiration
the instrumental roaring music of the seventies
is helpful his belly in sweat
in my dream times five which it tears sometimes
the license presents the characteristic of two foreign nations
I asked the two men whether they wished some
"some which?" they asked. "any fucking"
I knew myself dreamed
the drenched and the blaring
dark smooth skin on the stairs