the muse apprentice guild
--expanding the canon into the 21st century




falling theories which bypass over every dream
appalled by nothing we continue brief
the roadside made out of cobra
snake hide Eastern European publications
Classical! almost these overprompt boxes
of no order so feed me can of beans
explosion of human ways is this is not no not
as Baudelarie desires casting an impulse of a
death-voyage on 43rd street panhandlers
with porno pictures for you passing into
man's shabby rooms after notice pointing to
cum directly over the bar pounding yes that meat
watching people thru my window time fails and fades
challenge no snapping photos on the
bus seems too cut and dry Ocause PAN AM
may ask your age spacecraft sound souns sound sound sound
calculations to the highest degree of the human
soul all receptive outlets to the solid ninth
sprung onto a channel for White House rejects
courage moment of courage to go on lost in ego
/money this removed but i am you see but red pouring
strange species it's one two roads which bark
confused approach about 1/2 gone sleepers and sun flowers
parading into(capsule) destructive mass
produced and sent from all your suffering have
never happened there with your C.B.U.'s
hanging and smelly from your pockets.


a suitable beautiful dud walking half down
heaven below the flame burnt in Cleveland
lament knowledge do cruise thru marbles \
must be purpose exposed often sideways
mental cases suddenly there before sunbathing
twisting on steel plates in the rare Western
rain choosing to pass oysters fingers in the moist pussy
cause of scream screen door broken in the engine
of pud in back of virtue expectant fire hydrant
waiting for brown and white dog to lift my lids
advanced to position stated in P-247ur of foul
yellow sheet dross with waking brittle consecration
as my hand moved up to her face foggy night of October
she spit ran down my hand like cheap over-heated
wax proclaiming buttons and flesh and broken sky
that said pity that generated inside muffler of
society's Freud the lock o cross these hands
can not be performed like flick down the automatic
store front rented 22 books published and he can't
buy his own lunch design soiled his own tongue moves
tracks laughs he does everything howling journey
to the dark seasons of tot-ta timormortis colonies
being slammed into the freeways o certain stunned
holding like a steeling wheel embolism and ceaseless wind


crocodiles carry several pounds of stones in
their bellies to keep balance while the Mall
fills full of morons and on the unmade bed jumping
post dear me she said from deep in Ecuador
cunt politics revisited a quarter across the street
and the same old road to Pots dam in overexposed
8mm for sociopoliticals how to fool the voters
passing gas in doorways reading books inside eggs
with holdo mondo does L.A. do that for you studies
a form in pavement like releasing forward to
the garden back to THE garden planting thoughts
for shortage with cadaverine taste in your effluviums
went stag anyway of course facing Washington D.C.
and the dark green face with question marks as
eyes bleed mountains and ears taste the 18th century
and sighs are noticeable only up Nubia's ass
lies beside your head pushing June into greed
unfit during operation in August expensive soil decaying
1963 some notion or nook hook or nearly everyone betrayed
nooning the lead was hermeneutic portion sliced brown
taken out by denitrate(denitirification) while watching
Marilyn Monroe lick it partly in front of the camp
in sports and so in sports i believe it was basketball


he came tombless without a country or change
of clothes in the morning haggard as shit
one of the visitors put honey all over Joan's
body less or least amount of talking and trapping
will not stop the duse of your gray matter hatter into
why it causes oxygen shortage in the family
almanac and clean up the honey before mania
gives in and Joan is licked to death with those
pitchforks who are drowned with agrarianism to your
home from honest encounters having tickets for
linoleum cutters so loyal and luckless looking
at a Swastika curtain call in an off off Broadway dive
who he was in absolute rule it is no dahomey someone
was heard to say all a case of mistaken research
the programs were set up with 100 bottles of dead drunks
and tanks despite the slant it is safe the most
remarkable vintage what the census shows everyone knows
are lies showing Haloid was fine with LSD in East Riding
England where only 3 people died in 1973 characterized
by lack of perspective use of an elixir stone walking
with her on the path was expression of love though all
the arsenic was found in coastal waters doing a
buttonhole stitch with her nutritive values in local maps
all the ages were gone after all he was acting like purple
like a 1956 greaser anyway wasps made honey and
paper long before man considered trees


entering laughing at the cheese the line
forms off the side hole near the wet bar
sit down down by 7pm or doors begin writing the
history books for the 4th Ave. nark of course these
holes in the suite walls and 678 cultural reflex
bands or bends into pop conventional analyst
who ponders on yet undiscovered claims a world
relation to wood ants or useless these
razor blades pills are softer for her she found out one
overly spent night near a patch of tire chains
pulled up her dress bending over her fuzz for more
moments in a thunder storm of blessing's with
bleb! on the leather chair spilling his paranoid nods
down the back of his kid's p.j.'s wondering without
parked cars in the way training a dog his master a
clerk at local cement factory composing death by
running finger over the right glimmering hot pip
breath on the epebceophalon buzz for Amy
she will take the second or 2nd edition or Blake you
while she waits playing with her bush so he can
disagree with Saint Paleozoic in the era of not canned tuna
Swinburne would have left his tea and run into the parlor
sweeping low mass and pissing in the alley smiling a
parking lot attendant spots him and yells HEY SWINE


panspermia beside on the bore she too
inter or enter or inner so did what o curse
this earmark unit of supplies external stimuli
as it's fathomed no need for sideways comment
concerning energy and how to pay this merge
of maintaining contradiction between prediction
and observation when coffee 9 cups no doz bennies
and cold cold showers clog dancing outside the
deprofundis core calling 'Minerva, Minerva' you
told us by comparing WACS of ww2 with hookers
with something to do with military and erotic chemistry
protects identification on system A and he don't mean The
Duke's OA Train' because of substantial change has to
take place at optical frequency like taking a cornflower
to Cork and picking an adaptation of the Nubian Desert
when he used a mahl stick to paint before the
Malthusian set in when India sent horses instead of cows
for the intellect ion of the hero at the sock-hop as he
was an easy weeping biological relay race in an apparent
attempt to rape the low hurdle beyond corporation's
watchful eye speed ball was running for world records
and all the theories fell into place in all the dreams



sometimes it points to the sky
of blue pointing like a bird
dog. sometimes it buries itself
deep in the nothingness
of political thinking. sometimes
it screams through the black
black lies once told by you
and I. sometimes it just sits
there like J.Edgar Hoover
with a cheap tape recorder
plotting your death. sometimes
it spends years adding up numbers
in an attempt to round off
infinity. sometimes it hides
in the couch with change
from 100's of pockets.
sometimes it burns and burns
the trees we can't see the
forest for. sometimes
it runs like a out of control
driver less locomotive down a
steep mountain pass.
sometimes it stands trendy poets
up against the wall of
timeless literature and shoots them.
sometimes it lances boils on the
butts of opossums. sometimes it checks
into motels under the names of
Curly, Moe and Larry. sometimes it
loves beauty for the right reasons.
sometimes it can name every
painting in the Chicago Art Museum
blindfolded. sometimes it is impossible
to decode with extra sensory perception
or any other kind of perception.
sometimes it breaks your heart. sometimes
it plans wars on planets in
distant galaxies. sometimes it
whittles exquisite little angels
out of cherry wood. sometimes it stands on
its head and imitates Erica Jong.
sometimes it captures butterflies
then sets them free in the Pope's
bedroom. sometimes it goes into
tirades over the absurdity of
collective consciousness. sometimes it
teaches law students at Harvard how to make
tiny gas chambers. sometimes it stumbles around
in Dante's Inferno selling copies of
Milton's Paradise Lost. sometimes it poses
as P.T. Barnum standing behind
a billboard trying to explain the difference
between propaganda and advertising.
sometimes it wishes on a star. sometimes
it pretends to be a tug boat on the
Mississippi in 1859. sometimes it's
a relief. sometimes it surfaces
in London claiming it never knew
the gun was loaded. sometimes it
whirls like a ballet
dancer in the middle of
a completely empty Times
Square. sometimes it simply
is not there regardless of what
blind faith may say. sometimes
it counts all the hairs on your
head then splits them. sometimes
it can be caught adjusting the
color control on the telescope at
the Griffith Observatory.
sometimes it
peters out before you do. sometimes
it gets solar activity
to disrupt tv transmissions. sometimes
it resembles a dove
flying above. sometimes it shoots out
street lights.
sometimes it never never stands
in a certain place overlooking
the Hudson river. sometimes it
has no remorse. sometimes it shines!
sometimes it rolls around in history.
sometimes it's as lonely as a
grave. sometimes it sky drives in
the Grand Canyon. sometimes it
can be heard giving a testimony on true
love at the Taj Mahal. sometimes it takes
pictures of fat men eating. sometimes
it fastens itself on the
back of poor judgment. sometimes it holds to
truths that are self evident. sometimes it wanders
around in the wilderness for 40 years missing
the way out repeatedly. sometimes it's out of
focus. sometimes it has no reason
for being. sometimes it foams at the
mouth then spits up into oblivion. sometimes
it hammers invisible nails into
smog, sometimes it simply is! sometimes it
sets a course for Easter Island. sometimes
it walks the floors at Graceland. sometimes
it has a way of fooling the wisest of men.
sometimes it leaks information to
expired newspapers. sometimes it
has no way of coping. sometimes it
circles the covered wagons. sometimes it knows no
limits. sometimes it climbs mountains
dressed in a tuxedo. sometimes it
is released from bondage. sometimes it is
functional for a few minutes
sometimes it divides nations,
sometimes it
shimmers on the moonlit water. sometimes it runs a
race with stolen shoes. sometimes it pauses
for applause. sometimes it deals cards
from the bottom of the deck. sometimes it alters
events for diabolical purposes. sometimes it is
your friend. sometimes it jumps like a
jack rabbit into the red moon. sometimes it moves
around the bases like a 90 year old Babe Ruth.