the muse apprentice guild
--expanding the canon into the 21st century



no no not the queen with a ladle, i will freak
the strangest girls tap into yr head
if u eat it it's yr head
the ladle queen taps into yr head
no not yet ladle queen
the queen will freak anyhow
burnt spaghetti it tells u
to face reality, tap it into yr mouth
i never did like dreadlocked blondes
rubbing up against burnt spaghetti
while i'm home slaving over
a spicy noodle shop
it's a red plastic fish a bit scary
and it tells u in love it's alive
describe yr fish ladle
a spicy noodle shop shower
just like this, perfect
no no not the queen u put on a thing
i am yr fish, it's alive maybe perfect
in love transitions burn



red threats, i was hungry posters of girl
so i say eyes of moon, someone
empty burned and hid under yr rain
a ski lift. people dusted dick cheneys
green eyelid birds under a very
hot racoon. most moon without eyes,
windy blanket district or san diegos
wading chaos. here are mermaids.
this is the last time yr birds write it.
life burned so disappointing, only
ocean and i can get yrself, get
yrself dark. urban realty pterodactyls
pterodactyls arent the moon
like palaces u say horses. what's
a horse earthquake? hid posters
of girl out of gray.



u bark like my eyes are phones
open the party
i go back and she's ghost bird
i go back to a bird migraine
hand out furniture
swimming pool make-up
tight ice moon splits open
yr shadows pressure the moon
unless i love white branches thru the dark phone
eyes pressure the moon in yr party mouth
moon saying ow to a religious swimming pool
human furniture i go back she's ghost bird
i go back, u bark like my eyes bark for a train
yr party mouth eyes pressure the moon
cartoon lips torn thru the dark phone
pressure the moon with yr shadows
tight ice song before u burned in yr suit



are u little mermaid i cd eat?
clives thumbs eat toast
u'd hear me screaming
a different kind of human

im pig stories he said
he thinks i can hear it
cuz he stares deep
did u say u drank

cucumber/celery juice
what's in it? im only my door
and i can imagine what else
men in the park sound like

boom boom boom
whose dead rat thinks differently
i think she's an anxiety lawyer
here are mermaids in aptos

human district or san diego
the planets are photocopies
the planets are thumbs
how i leave my house

toast silhouetted in the moon
she's the war and sees yr dead rat
she's the war and his beautiful name
thumbs are dark empty shoes



i wish a man tells me anything like a mountain

velcro made seagulls havent a circus moon

i'm hungry medicine boats not saying anything

legal pieces of theater moon look away

i'm afraid yr face can bark a song, a business

non sequitor bird breath i wonder why i didnt

hell and havent yr guarded bird i will holocaust

nothing, alot of japanese non sequitors and make-up bags

i didnt want yr face, a mountain isnt make-up bags

hell, im afraid yr face can bark a song

i didnt want yr face, a mountain isnt