about this contributor:


DAVID MATHEW has published 300 pieces to magazines around the world. He was born to the north of London, where he now lives again, having worked in Cairo and Gdansk. He manages a team of fourteen lecturers and is working on a few novels and a film script.


M. F. KORN has written eleven novels and had over 210 story appearances in magazines worldwide. His new paperback, RACHMANINOFF'S GHOST is just out now. Currently available are two paperback collections, CONFESSIONS OF A GHOUL AND OTHER STORIES and ALIENS, MINIBIKES AND OTHER STAPLES OF SUBURBIA and a novel SKIMMING THE GUMBO NUCLEAR. A collection of four science fiction novels, ALL THE MUTANT TRASH IN ALL THE GALAXIES is forthcoming as well. He resides in Louisiana as a programmer and has a daughter, Savannah, six years old. Mike has a degree in Piano and enjoys playing Rachmaninoff, Gershwin, Chopin and ragtime, and listening to Requiems, Sacred Masses for the Dead.