the muse apprentice guild
--expanding the canon into the 21st century



Tests have been performed, and studies shown,
That Language, if taken subversively,
Can have lasting effects
On numbing your awareness

For just $19.95, it can castrate novelty
Pin it on you in the form of a social ill
In the end, bend, the bow of a dead tree breaks
And an entire generation pops a pill

Ingest these slogons washed down with War and No Guns
And here, these headlines, chew
Legislation as supersized, fried, brain-aids
Spin the stage, turn the page, too late to go back

A tree rules a barren country, from his father's bathtub
Splashin 'round cause rubber ducker's packin an oozy
Its what you can buy for your country now, man
None of this has anything to do with you!

All hail the incorporated giver of marked 1, 5 and 10 dollar food
To the workman pulling chains attached to his brother's back
Pullin his brother, who's double-clicking his son
Who's pullin more chains that are pulling you

You are corporately gratified, 3-meals a day put-away
Too-busy-to-go-get-a-refund satisfied
now muted, you are regurgitated
Man, you are the only recyclin going on in here

Customer service flankin you through the maze craze
Don't ask questions, do not pass go
Don't collect your 200 dollar placating rebate
we are meat eaters, don't be given us the bones

So, skip the flash intro, no pixpro.blah\porn
Only fructose syrup, more corn fed smurfed up la-la-la-la
And on life.Net, strip down, and put it all online
Now, kiss your first amendment lovin asses goodbye

I didn't know God was incorporated
Or trademarked or acronymed in fear from on high
With some holy owned subsidiaries as his side kicks
So, done your delta wings, get on the fuckin terror-plane, and ride!



An Economic downturn is a time
Swollen ripe for social pruning
Lets stir up change



Family photos
A family, framed
The [un]true story
Expose at 6, Special Report at 9
Which you'll just miss for some reason to be pissed

Undercover report
On what they didn't know
Was being recorded
Was being taken down
And shown, without their now knowing

Parents stand as hovercraft
Over the lofty ideals
Fluttering in kid's heads
Down below, edit their tivo,
Edit their computer usage, violate them while they are young

The pictures
Taken by priests
Of varying religious decrees
First the one with the parents
Now the one without

Pop pills, and covet the kids
Like candy, in their cloaks
Like the NYC watch sellers
Necks all choked, telling time by kids converted
Mommy, preacher's voice sounds funny

Doctrines strangled by smoky bars
Close enough to walk some nights
Zoned far enough so out of kid's site
Yet close enough for quick desperate flight
Scary steeples, and scarier people

Pews smell funny, day old guilt
Where they all sit, glazed over,
By a man waking pre-dawn
From that commercial, he wakes up and says
'Time to make the donuts,' served with warmed over American cream

He resembles the jewish slave
Nomad, no land to claim
Surfdome, incorporated
Yeah, I'll eat his donuts
Baker's dozen, the merrier more

What price, such a cheap death
Clogging the byways of my heart
Yes, I'll take some donuts please
I'll take it with my caffeine and my nicotine
Hook, line, and stealtoed boot

Sunday syndrome
That we confuse with religious suffering
Like our ancestors
Except we, by remote control,
Hold our own chains

We still go, I suppose
And stick up our nose
At the beautiful one way windows
That churches provide
A convenient way to view history

Your past, served to you
Medium-rare, and sauced over
Like the stainglassed lies we see
Through glazed eyes
BVlurred by the noticible lack of You

And communion, citizenship required
To stand on that line
And drink of the imitation, fake fur, of the devine
Service from the devine,
From the platter come from above
And marriages that have absolutely nothing to be with love



We put away big macks
At the same rate at which we killed an entire people
People burgers, gobble gobble
Hamburgler is a thief of souls

Golden arches
Some rite of passage
Wide is that gate serving you
Ballonotomy for the soul

Go on ahead
You don't have much time now
Hurry on line
Yhere are many behind you!

Now onto the mall
Where they have it all
Cart the kids in the wagon
That's pulled by the mom troll

Papa smurf tells us when,
And where, and who and why
No watch though,
He uses a sundile powered by sky



life bugged,
spread anti bacterial jell all over you
gells conduct electricity
make things see through

your skeleton, their xray vision
except, they don't have to wear the funny glasses
or fume you with gases
you volunteer for the desks in their classes

and use number two pencils
those record very well
and push very hard, now
or else, you'll go to hell



Seven, held in there
I here them, squared
Sedated, isolated
Frozen, and lubed

Ask not what your government can do for you



Like a paladon, towards the setting American dream
Yellow hovercraft of an apple pie
On a retired Mr. Ed I ride
Wheels replace its hooves now
And a mouse takes the place of my hand
As I double-click through the land
On a highway so illusioned, I can't see the real

        Gone are gallant dreams, in this barren wasteland.



Cloaked in metaphor,
Consensual box-ins


Your life and times
Told by naked men in thinning robes
Illustrated by stained glass lies
Go each Sunday
And swallow your dose



Those that don't work, lazy folk
Life lounging, instead of spending
Their heads will sit atop the spikes at the castle gates
Displayed, pendeluming your work day
Men, seaked, without aid of sauce or spice



Trees, our shade in the sun
Help not much in war
Though they guard us, take some bullets
That lodge long in their circumferential memories
But they still can't hold a gun



The night's the only time of day
When things seem to stand upright to me
At once, tall, unthreatened, nature sunk beneath us
She finally gets to breath

I conduct her, passing through, she breathes
The environmental haze of our eight hour work day
Turned temporarily out, breathing flows
No hacking or cough to slow it

And digging in my head, I find meaning there
Looking t the sky, don't need no telescope
I can see fine from here, hear its sensuality singing to me
And bending my heart like the young branches of a tree

And I think of the three wise men
Who brought gold, franken sense and mir
To baby Jesus, no need for none but his mother's flesh
More than just generosity can be leanred from those gifts

The bible tells of only values, riches of the world
Tithed to the child
But what of their passing's meaning
To the child's shadow, to its 'wild'

The gold sufficies, given its laideness in all things U.S.
And of the three gifts, I think it wisest in its lessons
The common knowledge of gold's value
As part of the collective consciousness of all humanity

Like the multiple appearance of geographically disparate parymids
The knowledge of a higher power
Like our myths and fantasies, girglings of our subconscious
Or even like something as simple as the shade of a tree

And the king that brought gold,
Was probably a former ruler of a country
That also laiden its ten commandments in the stuff
Only to find out some things are best in constant circulation

To keep and hord such a precious thing of common knowledge
Ought to, and should be, shared, like that knowledge, by all
For to keep it, like our common myths and fantasies, tell us
The ring cannot be kept by one, but must be cast into the fire for once and for all



American Brand volunteerism
Is Beat generation poet dharma-bum ethic
Circumsized and fantasmicly surrounded
By acronymed agencies with got-milk mustaches
Riding in corporate sponsored limousines
Presiding over their alters of governmental immunity



Got milk, wear this for a mustache
Here's corn on your ears
Smile sweet as fructose sugar pulsing through your veins
And making your hand twitch and your eyes bulge

Eat more eggs, no, they are bad
Now, eat only this part,
Don't eat the heart, cannibals
Eat just the white, of course that's it, white disassociative eggs

Government subsidized farming industry
Paying mostly for commercials
Consume more middle americaland
Three times daily times 8 times 24/7, encoded

Now, go, run on autoerotic advertainment
Feel like you are "going through the motions"
You are sick, crazy, take a pill
To cure your social ill-come-acronym



Ever seen footage of jazz musicians play
Concentrating faces, like your not even in the room
Sweat perched on their brow, like a gargle about to pounce
A tiny drop wants to slide down their face and onto their horn

It waits for the stanza break even to move
In the beginning: improvisation, and it matastisied
Each next note agreed upon in contracts made
Of glances between looks in fiery eyes

Scat singing is speaking in tongues
Done in heathen churches of smoke-filled rooms
Inspiration from the next song comes from
The last scotch and tonic, or the hem of a lady on the front row's dress

Tongue tight in throat, and their mouths dry
Reason on vacation
Gabby, space-talking, chat
All from some other and speaking alien

Listening: my note boat
Won't drown me now if I'm that song
I'd have fared better in a Never Has Been
My impossibilities suspending just for only a $3 cover

I've seen this erotic invention
Unfettered by geographically confusing legal chains
On faces of MCs and DJ, nonstop bibbity dat skat ringing
In the kid scanning my groceries to the beat of a phat tune

I see tapping toes on street corners
The musical message comes through louder on a public bus
Inner city kids forming bands to attempt at their own
Even mini-Britney at the nightclub taps her feet

Something's knocking the door down
On our dulling point on the time and space continuum
Hawking and Gould didn't notice it
To negotiate skills we never quiet learned
In circumscribed fit to cut-any-dull-bread knife schools

Maybe this generations the key
The will pick the grade-A lock
Or maybe its technology
That a hacker will defrag, loop, batch, and unlock

And through industrial, technological, electronic,
Look-straight-ahead, and hypnotic
Fructose filled, wood splintered, hypodermic needle fed lie
Fed to all as Sunday's Daily Dead, regardless of clichés Race, Color, or Creed"

Late-in-life, maybe it'll crack our jackin-in prison
And finally allow us to look down at our own feet
That are tapping loudly, some violently, to the instinctual beat
Thriving from long before our bones were even intended

It comes from when we were of infinite variety and possibility
We, amorphous conceptual, no desks in site
Holding reigns in the most limitless of subjective world
Perception of each, wholly subjective

Earth-born and nurture-adapted
By those holding the reigns of Time
Now ingrained in each the biological efficiency
To be the Everyman and his 2.5 oligopoly

Not to be free
Not to live in true communities
Not to respect the earth and the trees
Not to foster creativity

After generations of behavioral modification
The divide is so wide
That separates from each of us our wilder side
Our shadow

Clearly, our wars, industrial revolution
Coupled with the technology advanced age
Has alienated nature, leaving only nurture
To shape our awareness and sensibilities

Nurture: our social conditioning, teaching and raising
More than whether we are loved or whether we are bought
Whether we get skills to survive in our current and other possible environs
Or whether only those for conformity to someone else's dream

Our recent history proves
We've born, bred, and corn fed
As generations of Free-fighters
Behavioral muting of encoded passions and novelty

Moving at alarm clock coffee jolted
Fantasmic, blow-up-the-world speeds
Propping up trademarked, patented
Copyrighted, international agency protected

TM encircled, lofty intentions
We're marching brains
Their house pet, a muted, mangy mut
Tweaked now only to receive corporate zombie frequency

Hello, is anybody out there?
Stop speaking that desensitized oral code
Follow the blood trails
Left by our ancestors' shadows

No more custom-jet style gratification
Teach the world to say no, not to buy a coke
Not to drown out guilt with a song
That drones us as we clonely consume

Rest now, stop for a while
Turn off all input devices
Unplug a little
Watch the minute hand slow

The vibrations of us interacting
Transacting feel and touch, a little less green
Ah at your priceless American-Express-Terror-Never-Leave-Home potentialities

Its no cloned babies that concerns me
Be more concerned with the small town auctioned off on ebay
Read all about it: Get your constitutions here
This is the guillotined Nation

Freedom born into by birthright
Means equalized condition and an education fostering choice
And tolerance of the far out provinces
Ever windened by our shrinking Americanized world

But giving Freedom a horse to ride
The West, its riches, now midus touched
And the world's our playground
Those things that will test our tolerance

This country's seen wars
The mig-mechanical-spawed-
transforming-toys revolution
The high-resolution porn, online D&D

Not Gucci and cartier
Our watches are just grains of sand
Not in your precious looped speech
By your repetitive, automated day

The now again and back again of
A badly-in-need-of-a-pill-disassociative economy
Our democratic soil is the highest quality of
Meneauer for corporate stature

No crowned king, feudal lord, or law has crushed a democracy
Capitalistic corporations can neither lay such claim
But its unclear, when we, in our Applocracy,
Bake with typed-out wrists, lower backs, and broken hearts

So continue the fits and starts
Of the sixties and seventies for a couple of songs
Tap your foot to the tune of the LA riots in 1992
And to the oh-it-was-just-yesterday L.A. cyber riot in 2002

Spun on the turntables of the new world beat
Your daughters garage band might just be
Strumming hundreds of years of repressed
Evolutionary instinct

Their songs forshadow
More than raves and livatious dancing
Hip-hop, electronica, rap, down temple, or side trance
Infinate variety

Put down your eath-gripped kitchen knife
And go to the garage
Step to the microphone
And recall your song and dance

Some of their actions, though
Like Moore's 'Columbine' showed
Are weeds of evolutionary threat
We face creative dormancy

So stand up, represent, and join the posse-train chorus
And remember the Sunday school lessons you claim to follow
That the tower of babel meant that words
Weren't the only way to speak

Kids seek to use their domination-trained mind
Then confined to expression with mouths and fingers
The only body parts not atrophied
Roped like stear by the pen, paper, and desk

Automated goodbye kisses
Licks for disobeying
Humiliation meted out
Over twelve years

Welcome aboard
The white-flight, re-integrated
Again separated, look-only-ahead school bus
Ticket to disassociative society
Into an over-glorifed manufacturing cog
Smoggy, so can't see who's back you stand on
Desks facing the corporate-sponsored alters
Wheeled into war affroting hopes and dreams

Kids squeeze ever-determined hands
With keep-out fear-deinsentivized warning sign
With federal, state, and local-ordinance slaps
Of the oppressive uncle-Samed kind

Where's the last stick of bubble gum
That new thing,
Not yet price, untimed, unlabeled, not categorized
Or some unidentified flying object

Rounding Plymoth's bend
In a very funked up age
Senses beat sensibilities in a death match
Of paper-scissers-rock

Mark the akward in-between time with cautious beat
Say goodbye to the stifling, swelling flood
That is not their American Dream
Damn fear to its acronymed death

We administrate kids to the facts of a cold, hard boys' club world
A boogie-man-gonna-get-you based fear-fixated skill set
Stomp out the plugged in remote controlled government
You can control your own weather

Piles of wars travel on industrialized railroads
Education was split spyzophrynia
Friem' up style, in two
Sometimes at war schools tought for war and for business the same

Education by domination
It's a lie, its not a dog eat dog world
Boy, we do keep our illusions close to the eye
Death by tamed, friendly house pet

This went unnoticed under overlapping toes of war
Scholarship dollars were pumped into the Inc'd PimpCos.
The gold given Jesus by the king
The gold chase kept us from looking back at the school thing

The joystick back in Corporate's hands
Tradesman and its capitalists at the fore
Warp speed over 700 years of French history
In the dizzying space of a mere two Americans have sped

Whip cracked revved up 3 a day, 2 and keep doctors' away
Ovaltine, Bengay
Eat what she eats, get that mustache
Pills, drink, and then you die

An inherited nose-bleed view of reality
Biologically, we aren't enough to kill a flea
Without a can of Raid
TMed for your pleasure

This Eagle's wings draw tighter in
Like a ponny tail pulled to tightly
Birds flying faster and faster
And probably crappin' all over my sky

Leave the electrified no-tolerance Inc.ed-controlled government
The fellowship of eagle wings must reconvene
So that change sets into habit, and then sustained nurture
Facilitating adaptation back to who we were before the fear and misery

An ape at the zoo sits in a cage
Life on vidiotape, home more of a 'space'
Good for just sittin', playin dead under bad lighting
What color is your ape?

There's a fourth actor come onto the stage
Where at first were only a king, a fuedel lord, and law
What follows is perhaps the blindest of them all: War
One other nation comes to mind, rode this chariot to its down: Rome

If we continue to define America by its wars
Taking every king and lepricons gold
We won't implode like the towers
We'll land on those we've done so much for as the World's Super Power

If there is faith remaining
That one thing binding us with the history of mankind
Than we can turn back from capitalist piggy bank
And its warp speed cow-fed life

If we can just slow down a little bit
Augment our blogs and live journals
Beyond work and American dreams
Life isn't whats fed to you through the teller-to-go pipe at the bank

Perhaps, we can redefine life's meaning
By opening the mind's door
Truly making Franklin's Republic
Visible from anyone's backyard

Teach kids to nurture a sustainable peace
Localize self-sufficiency to revive our townships
Once flung so proud across the backs
Of men in still honored graves

And American workers forget the craze of your daily daze of a
Techno-, why not, he did, phase, of a long subsistence
And see your government analogies of foreign lands into diseases and evils
As the sharpening of steak nights, where you are what's for dinner

The time to act is only now
There is you, and there is January, 2003
The spiraling speed with which we've now arrived
At the brink of a never-called war that's aimed and ready to fire

Run it through Eye for an eye, if that's your bag
Do you know where your military arsenol is held
Where your pit bull government hides all of its Wag
Is this a government true to your interests when so much is invisable

And if the government is bluffing
We being bartered in some sorted exchange
What price for your emotions, your sanity, your very quality of life
Would you pay, with nothing actually at stake

Something you no longer so much treasure
As you do hold it out in front of yourself in a windowless gym
All carrot-like, with one hand, running breathlessly, out in front
The other hand behind you, beating yourself with a stick

And the worst part about it, that really makes you sick
Is to know that just as in war the other side must fall
That the mantra of the royal corporates is echoed through the ticker
Bring harm to my neighboring competitors, for them I don't care

Let Johny break his laptop tomorrow
So I can do the presentation and get the raise
Let her decide to take a leave of absence
No way's a women gonna make partner anyway

Competitions gone unfettered will not long sustain
When at every turn, you joust more to take the other's shirt
Than to provide for your own gain, with carnal knowledge
For the raw destruction, and you stay hungry, you thirst

Gone long uncontrolled, and left to guide the chariot
The corporates will, out of carnal hunger for that taste,
And not knowing what virtually assured end,
Bend, and break, give America's reigns to war

Now whether a chariot driven by war
Or one from the capitalist chariot the worser be
Is not, for such a far advanced and unprecedented peoples to see
But read up on old lessons before your US pen helps write history

A chariot driven by war or capitalism
Far away from democracy, without declaration of war
Too many players in the game now
This isn't like it was 12 years before

Capitalism gives more time, tolerance, and true hope of change
Less strangling of life's essences
More faith in people than in reliance upon machines
Slowed time through restrained consumption, and reeducation for peace

It would take just one act of Congress
And approval by our President
An educated man, and a man who's invoked God so consistantly
I get confused that he's one of the three

This will look like a disaster of un-democratic royal proportions
A government disloyal to its people for a namesake
Or, worse, a government buckled under pressure of corporate power holders
And a man personifying Greek nemesis

There's a request be made
Before troupes are sent to war end of this January
Given the reverberating power of our military hand
And we take still more breath from persons in foreign lands

And also for domestic victims
Those of sons, and of daughters like yours in my town
That you for just one small day
Do something totally within your power, slow time down

Do not let our forefather's incompletion of certain tasks
Justify our failure to take up their and our cause
Are not we better up to the challenge, settled here,
To craft an education designed to support other than war

An education system not so fearful of revealing to children life's other possibilities
Other property systems, religions, social systems, and gift economies
How we will begin some day to apply known sciences to reducing reliance on the car
After exploring, they'll tether back home, less disassociated, less medicated, sleepily

Also pause for a revisit to the reign holder that is corporate America
To what it would have been formed
Had there been peace-sheltered time for observation
And not so many wars

Where corporations don't bleed, gauge, and mame
As larger than life, fight-to-the-bankruptcy warriors
Where they don't eat their young bright eyed employees
Where they don't murder and acquisition their hopes and dreams

It is on those just out of college, so much hanging in the balance
On whom their dominating ways are most impressionable and destructive
Yet they are told to pay dues and sacrifice so much
There choice ever removed from their attainable grasp, thus consumed

They are usurped of opportunity to value their life by other than money
For some valuable time, at least
And after a few years of corporate slavery and spit out
Another kid duped on the soul-trade exchange, depreciated peoples

Corporations would have, and still can be
Formed as cooperative micro-collectives
Celebrating the blend of individual with collectivity
Put to use the higher thought that's contributed to our industry and technology

Just a declaration of one day of rest
And in that moment, destinies would silently shift and audible breath
Would be drawn in by the scores of all dead named on democracy's plaques
And be with family and friends, no working, no trading, no school

Consider where you take your own blindfolded people
Absent the steal towed boot of the American way
Away from those we love and tied
To our adult desk at the corporate alter of the eight hour day

And we'll know that to turn away from war
Means to invigorate individual responsibility
Each will take up tools in their glance, and as others have before,
Take up the task of building their garden

And with this time preserved, in memoreum or in victoreum
We can make right some of the incomplete progressions
Educate our children for peace: less desks, more lessons
Teach them to understand their shadow, so they won't be so frightened anymore

Perhaps we'll use a little more soil
And plant things that naturally grow
Less governmental manipulation of land ownership and usage
And more experimentation and observation

And in companies, work continues
But with the knowledge that people
Will not become a class of slaves
Like surfs, born into it and to die the same

But the workers of America will experience
Perhaps, the true mark of membership in a Republic
That of having the ability to change one's condition
All being equalized by what is our entombed American history

Legislation will tie more closely into big business, recognizing its follies
Codifying a separating out and highlighting of the individual
In honest recognition of the corporations held reigns
And play a larger role in the improved treatment of American workers

It is only by American government's hands
And by its hands alone
That a chariot driven by numbered U.S. corporations
Has been enabled to travel as fast as its been able to go

So in order to avert the crisis at hand
Corporations will also sacrifice
No more can people be discarded
Like broken down sludge or trash

No more what has gone before,
No legislated, USDA stamped approved
Corporate-sanctified at the alter
Of the gold exchange Scruges or Grinches

If kids be the education system
parents working for Inc. and Co.
Are depressions and disassociated
From their automoton corn-fed reality

On such a grand scale,
Then it seems this is a social ill
For which there can be no little round pill
To suffocate the massively unhappy majority

Corporate America makes them live in desks
Always looking straight ahead
Parents in eight-hour to twelve-hour
Cages on impossible wages

Imposed upon them by a smothering,
Swelled, bull horned majority
Revive now the alternative lots
Secured them by the US Constitution

And what a tragedy it would be, if we miss this opportunity
To stand up, having foreseen
Call it gut, intuition, our kids worst fears,
Your nightmares, and momma's screams

Driving the largest of chariots into the most fragile of arenas
Leading to our personal realization of Hell
Which we haven't the near the ability to comprehension
Having been held on a narrow gage track going very fast and can't get off

With what we know now, and possessing the tools that we need
The faith, the hope and the drive to succeed
For the love of our children and our fore fathers both
And so that we might actually keep our namesake alive

Merely by conserving precious time
First for just one-day
Then, should war not be forced on a voicelessly tired out workhorse team
By slowing consumption which conserves and slows up time

Also by reconstructing education to foster children's creativity and diversity
Parents working to meet attainable goals on a leaner consumption diet
Preserving life choices available to those in that gargantuan corporate wheel
And a government that's some control over the corporate powers that be



We are relearning lessons through kids
Touching eachother, words without speaking
Communicating emotional expression
Raving and dancing just without verb and pronoun

And they all get what one another is saying
Dancing feet conduct cool-as-a-cat energy
Liberating their minds through their world resonating beats
Harness that, and there's fuel for cultural evolution

Like other poetic howls in the jazzy-heated times
Look up at the stars, give wings to ideas
And then able to let them go, see if they can fly

What is poetry, some throw down at me
Its me and my darker glow
The more I push my shadow away
The more its screamin' to be near me

Soon, I'm scared it might snap
And then maybe poetry sound like this
oh, wait, no, that's code

Newswire: Gonna clone a human, crazy shake-yo-head cult gonna clone a human. Back to your previously programmed strife.

Response of the Underground: (heard from somewhere other, the gutters, down below, history beckons, falls on the shivering ears of half-dead mice, and fainter, we barely hear, until we have no need for our human ears, and we do not hear, and instead sprout Midwestern grown genetically altered acronymed corn for ears, we eat, consume, eat our own tail, yin ingests yang, to injects fro, now eat again, back, do not pass go, straight to, oh well, and nothing but infinite loop and batch on a program we built to sit in front of all day while it ran on auto pilot while we deal with angry dissatisfied customers who are really just pissed off at the machine!)

Go to sleep, so I can convene your shadows
Paladon, dharma munk, grifters, now Rise
Turn off the Andy Warhol machines
Its all a white lie, Inc.

I say, the cloning is no matter, cause
It's a diversion, fried up cult style, like you fear-it
With your 2.5 statisticly petrified white-picketed dronehood
Dow, NASDAC, give a dog a bone, in who-done-it ville

Government doin' a bit of callin' the kettle what it is, yo
Its like this, ya see, we is bein' adapted by their pills
Condemned by habits, drowned out by social ills
And those ills have names, the slang is "growing pains"

But if you a re a stickler for the scientific website names
They are Borderline Personality Disorder,
And Attention Deficit Disorder,
And maybe a bit of hyperactivity tossed in on the side

And if you mix catch up with mustard
Or the look-what-technology-is-capable-of-now shade of flag dipped blue
Suddenly, you can't reconcile your instincts with the rules
And so what the hell is wrong with you

There are lots of terms on official website
Paid for by a grant, obtained for doctors to hook up with patients
To disseminate information on the cross pollination of
Species, monitor and man, unite alone

Nickelodean, us, the U.S. (of A., Inc), info-, adver, enter-tainment
Containment in spin cycle on high, quicker to die
Powered now by bone nickels, flesh nickels, our own sanity nickels
Play that song again, maybe a bit, yes, faster now

And louder too, as loud as you please
If my weighted down drums can bare
Crushing and squeezing my sanity
Through a fib-lubed television tube

With all the immutable sounds
My economic class forbodes me mute
No more nickels in my pocket
I'm spent, deaf, blind, and mute

And as you eat genetically modified food
You realize that you aren't yet dead
But only behaviorally adapted cud at an advo-enter-stained alter
Waiting, in-vitro publicly educated, to be sacrificed at the corporate volcano head

And don't forget the bottled vacation-place water
To add to your rationed package
Of Wife and Kid Beef Brand stew

But the pills work fast with water, so save some
So that means less family and kid dinner, more pills and booze
Zoom zoom, gets you there, drive, drink, go to jail
Cafinate your head to their spon, end construction, and faster still

Delivery speeds measured maybe
In megaparsecs some day
And when a kid can't make a decision
Their psychologically splitting

Splitting leads to rips and wet tears
And the diagnosing of this
The wool-pulling-over-your-eyes analysis itself
Can go on for years, and may also cause cancer

And you can't tell your own personality
From that of others, friend from brother
Layered and overlapped now
Computer parts to fill in your gaps

Hooray, there goes you, 3-Ded and IMAXed
Shackled and shiny, your walking distraction
Your personality atrophied into regergitations of
What mighty monitor, call ER because you've LCD flatlined

No wonder you can't manage to focus, man
What's a shelf life in desk years? Can you tell me?
Inquiring monitors want to know
First, the onset of identity disturbance, distorted self image

Then goes the sense of self, feel the closing-in wood of the desk
Like the shrinking room on the heroes in our generation's Star Wars
Betcha can't feel your own legs, but no Ewok (jarjar-ish, back when a movie didn't rewrite itself because of the hollar of a billion dollars) gonna save you

Its ok, you un-PCed Gimp
Let your pen and mouse do your walking
Go ahead, touch it, don't be afraid
It going to totally replace you someday

But not because the machine came to be like you
But by your human potentiality
Having been behaviorally modified
To that of a computer chip

When those go bad, put on metal parts that have no hearts
No fear, tin man here, now oil those parts and go away
And your off to see the wizard
The wonderful wizard of Blah

Now onward impulsivity, in spending, then in sex
In substance abuse, reckless driving and then eating
Any two of these combined, and you, still vexed
Then unstable behavior due to a marked reactivity of mood

Intense episodic dysphoria, irritability, anxiety
Wait, did someone experience Euphoria?
Nope, that was a rerun of me, long ago
Chronic feelings of emptiness are just hicuppes, yuppified

Inappropriateness in dealing with anger
As held at paycheck-point against the statistical norm
Norm, as played by John Smith, who visited an island
Where the leading lady exploited you with the milk from her big fat tits

Pochahontus was made by an Inc.
Formerly owned by a man with a dead dream
Now sit in a school in Anaheim, CA.

Disneyland, its what's for dinner
And its the after party for millionaire
Ringed, pro ball athletes
After they win the game

His dream now sit in a namesaked university
And it will, in that graven ivory-tower way, educate
Write the todo lists for our future generations
Publicated shame of our failed [un]attempt

When its been so long, diagnosed
Boxified, desktified, tried and served
And you are in the fast moving
Kalaidescoped world

When you are served up all taco boat,
Salsa on the side, 3 kinds,
Served state-that-end's-with -ucky countrified
Dripping g-g-grease from the corner of your mouths

And your all shakin' in your pointy heeled and steel towed prisons
Just 10 minutes and some pepto, then back to factory work
For Sneezy, and Dopy, and the rest of the chain gang, too
Eyes all blood shot and clothes stained

Standing at the please drive up to the window for your poison
Grown on government subsidized land
Spinning on the Reality Top, weeeee-ain't this fun
Spilling the tall glass of paranoia you hold over your children

Though it spills, you gotta hold it, for it gets you through
And your kids, they got PCs in their bedrooms, so they'll drink, too
You all collectively drink it down to wash down the pill
That cures the social ill, that stops the jutted gut

From propelling you over the edge
The bridge railing, the gun in your head
End construction, trespass into the next terror-plane
The opportunity costs of dieing having been weighed

Lurching, you vomit up the onset of adaptation
Evolution, unreversable, can't rewind
No ctrl alt delete
End visual stimulation

{being driven along: a skywell internal ear alert heard droning as it passes through you onto those around you: Eckerds, Inc. Generic Prozac now available, In God we Trust, United We Stand")

And still, the pills you keep poppin'
Are makin' you look like monitor men
Telli-tubbies all grown up
Receiving your messages in the head wire and the belly fire

Nevermind that we is payin' for it
And televisionaries prayin' for it
So all this while they is feeding us stories
About cloning humans by crazy cults ten times the scarier

We are being adapted, through their external manipulation
Of our own personal evolutionary instincts, into jawed-jacked-in monitors
Plugged in faces, that leave no traces when they is gone
And if you overheat, a pill is the only fan you'll eat

                            America: the land of the Disassociated Peoples, do not chew



If you curious 'bout the kids, then come along
Listenin at the bars on the school windows
This is what you hearin' man
Songs that have been sung since the beginning of man

Snip the roses, clean your noses,
Sit straight forward, clip your toses
Nope! They can't sing that, and if they do, its
And stop singing that damned ring around the poses!

Echo fairy: mop the floors, do the dishes, sing no more
Make the bed, clean her whiskas, Cinderelli, dead with your head
Let the body remain, for the chores that it don't require no brain
Runs on corn and fructose batteries, just add subsidies

Socio-economically segregated, no two cheese or cookies is alike
lunch boxed out-of-sight-out-of-mind
Ride in vitro, on refried segregated buses
Now stay still while you pledge allegiance of a largely anesthetized America

You seen this book, no, move into the left line
You read this play, move to the right
Non essential reading, and sucked up moments of silence
These are the best days of your lives

A bunch of pathetic, desked-in shivering mice
With backpacks for briefcases
Mad, and insane-in-the-membrane
Unbillical cord tied to mom and dad

They tow their parents own generationally surpressed hatred
Blue light special blinded, and oh, sorry, we just sold out
Check next weeks parent-wanted ads
For less a yuppified set of nominal participant pacifists

Despite our kids' concern
We annually bribe them
You can't placate their cries and tears
Not when its an instinctual cry of fear

They want their mother!
They want to go out to recess a little bit more
And to play in the dirt
Not keep away from the storm and the rain

Kids take up guns when we won't retaliate
Out of love for you, not out of hate
Kids are pros at facing the scariest things
Things of the shadows in your first very-own bed room

Slide down the slippery slope of social problems
Funded by official sites, say your last rites
Paid for by grants obtained from the theif's own hand?

['History echoes: lessons of time in a shallow hall where no one sits and sits and sits, and no longer scattered with ticky-tappy feet of mouse crawling surface level towards an inverted drain.]

When the kids do what they do naturally
Turn their heads to notice some thing
The teacher slaps linear-measured instinct across their desk
And yells "pay attention, and look straight forward"

Those people with the gorgeous views in the environment scrapers
Conditioned to not look out nearby windows, but down at papers
And to write repetitive phrases on the board, resembling code
Monotone read like a code road would read, like the dead

Pavlov's fucking bark, his midnight sirens, his car alarms
If the kid won't shut up, he'll get a desk to the head
Legs rot, stinky feet, under those crampy desks
Go get some more degrees and certificated desks

Mr. Average American, Inc.
Who's been statistically anesthethized
Killed by numerated alliterative exfixiation, on the side homogenized
Must now change careers between three and four times

Which means more learning
And that's still more desks and desks
Don't squirm, Indian burn, ass hurts, dark skin bad
Face burned, try to fit in tricked, eyes blurred

Kids today are born as software, one can only clone
Insert your sentence into some, and some only a number feed
A life of keterin induced disassociative Blah!
Education weighed on economy scales like cars that explode

You'll hear no cries as they are hearded in
Bring on the kids, into the family-sized-meal pig pen smelling dens
Bring them with the beef, and bring them with the fowl
Into, double click on the monitor arch

Humans leave, enter the implanted autobot
To act as your Smart Agent, you without a brain
You've no tools to navigate the wild-environ of the nets
Legislated codependance of man on 24/7 monitored machine

Hurry now, don't delay, they are going fast
Buy the new one upped, augmented, lamb sacrified machine
Monitored, GPS chipped phone, all in one
Carry it with you night and day, take all your privacy away

But slowed, delayed, that arranged marriage of us and machine
Slow the advogasmic-5-on-the-dickter-scale comossion
And a kid might come up with an infinite array of options
To the political, social, and economic ruin he's being fed intra-hamburgerily

But too young to vote, kids can't file their instinctual "nope"
Before they take their plugged in dope
No, instead, its decided by statistical software
The kind like old dissolved used to consume

And what was the forest it slovenly mocked in thievery of its fame
The only nature many Americans now see
Being that of the water, the platypus, the tree
As brought to you by some blah on TV

With the other commercials
The ones that drive you insane
Yet, still there they are
You watch them just the same

With car companied pride, in a steal coffin you die
Hallmarked emotions plugged in and jacked up to induce the memory of cry'
Then, some times, tears start to flow, only to be insta-cured, with Visine
Keeps the reality out, and takes care of the drinking lines

The Eat less eggs commercial raised a DC stink
Not from the farmers, they are just a government mouthpiece
But by the trucking companies that delivered the eggs
That are the personification of the corporate head eggs

Little bits of incorporated, aural fecal stains
Smelling of oreo cookee treats, fat pig, no dairy
Ex-laxed on the binge-purge train
I'm unhappy, why's that, ope, show's startin' again

Breath in segment, ex-hale commercial
Turn toilet-bowl-clean blue at the couch climax
Hold your breath until next time
This show's to be continued, can't wait, then its discontinued

Stand up, chores, sit down
Stand up, what was mom trying to tell me, sit down
Stand up, answer phone, sales calls for dinner now
The military war march, TV monitor led

There's a milk called Silk
A shampoo called Clean
Dicks aren't for kids
You old grey bearded robed fiend

Look for a slogun that'll capture their heart
Emotions brought to you by Walmart
Thank god they are in every small town
Just Hungry, Inc.'s fork prong taking another juicy bite

Please rush in, and do take only your rationed out seat
Its ok to push and shove, you are animals now
Later, mid-lie, there'll be water and peanuts for the zoo
As we bring the skies to you, lie to you, at oxygenless speed

Stack your luggage directly over your head
So that if the plane jolts, it'll fall down on you
Served today in our slave class cabin will be
Our corporate in-fight magazine containing the following

How to die instructions are right there on page three
A picture of half the fortune 500 are on all the rest in between
Now, when you are done, please fold them away
And restow them in the front lobe portion of your brain
Flight attendants are all thin
There's reason for that
Weight limits, and free in-flight food
While you are on duty, all you can eat

Software that pukes on the purchaser when it is through
Before you've completed the current purchase,
it categorizes and memorizes you
If you buy a book on Gift Economies, it'll recommend more

On this narrowed piece-of-corn-fed-crap data
Given that its narrowed you down using such advanced mathematics
Which only many desks can teach you
You are a person who buys clothes, and as such, should buy the following:
Clean underwear from Target's Online Store
        Ladybug rain boots from Nordstrom's Store
        Pet socks from Urban Outfitter's Store
        Puppy footed one-piece for new borns from Old Navy's online store

That's brainwashing, or adver, info, enter, …
No, that's entertainment! Long on the third syllable
Jingle jangle, greedy little songs heard
That leech on to our freedom and such it away
Infecting the frontal lobe of our brains

I don't need no clean underwear,
Dont's what washing machines or for
Don't need them that plug in and light up
Or that vibrate, I can use my god forsaken hand

Besides, I can drive to the target down EveryStreet, U.S.A.,
Open twenty-four-seven to increase my use of compulsory insurance
Against accidents that they legislatively ensure will occur
Increased speed limits, ulcer inducing drink-to-drive road construction

I can't afford those Nordstrom boots
But not according to this program, see, survey says ding
Price Is Right, my stranger, Ed McMan's here to fulfill your dreams
Not thinking for yourself, and buy the thing that the loudest group's naming

My book was on gift economies, that sadly few read
Those few, few being educated, educated being
Work-horse style put to most valued use
Which the majority blares is the highest paying job

Which produces high spending snobs
Those snobs becoming consumption vacumes
Devils in, apparently, software says, Nordstrum boots
With their nose bleed definitions
Of what's fair and fair market value

Not taking the boots, I'll pass on the stinkin' pet socks, too
Brought to you by Urban Outfitters, jungle incorporated
I guess the socks that match a car that I once saw advertised
Its mine, no money down, open late, low interest if you die, or trade in your life

A car that oddly enough, shaped somewhat like a desk
A desk on wheels that climbs to the top of simulated hills
Car goes with the socks, though, so maybe I'll get some then
For pop-goes-the-weezel dinner's gonna be late again

The urban outfited deskdom in the jungle of lies
This harkens to a poet, briefly locked up
In this home of the free, -ly outfitted
Jack Kareaoc, one of the Beats

For his intentions of heading out into the Wilderness
Dharma-bum style, Zen, eastern, some Other
And what corporation outfitted him
Inspiration, a little brandy, and the question 'Why'

Evolution speaks, with the voice of our ancestors
And when Jack doned his ancestoral designed instinct ware
Clothes for the soul, and about Work, Inc. he didn't care
For that, carted off to big-white-building-gonna-prison-up-your-mind

It was run by the leadership called the Blind
Locked up for his lunacy of free, caged by other f's
F's known as flesh, food, and fear, which on TV, makes them squared
In the USA of scared safe, sit, blah in the drone of some monitor

Shutter at the suddenly loud commercial with singing raisons
Hear outside sirens blazen', and images of black men, terrorists, and thieves
Thank god the television's there to give you reprive
Or is it the dope, the drink, and the smoke, and the smut relieves

And when ya' leave that schoolin', the trainin', the certificatin'
Whether from public schools, and then university
Or from the more technical how-to schools
Called Juvanile Reformity

Or even if it came from rerun of our racial past preparatory schools
Which no student-to-teacher ratio or organic-programme can justify
Public in jail-suppositories or live at home style pergatories
or if it were Harvard or some get-nowhere-CC

In all these pans,
You are greased and fried the same,
Seasoned with fructose corn syrup and starch
Seasoned reasonless to everlasting infection, and ready to be blamed

But after that, there's no recycling for you
Bins take up the rented spaces where you lived
So, once you've been concocked-knocked unaware
There's no need for dog and people shows

Is she dead yet, you don't know
Well, does she bark or at least ingest
Plug her in and lift up her dress
Lift up her tail, and see if she breeds or glows

Today, corporations keep recycling bins near their cans
But its really only to placate the memory-impaired guilty consciounce of man
Who can't remember a minute before at this rate of speed
To give pause in rememberance of past immoral wrongs and deeds
For once its been dumped outside
And picked up with the rest of the trash
Man is happy, placated, and walks,
Coffee and sugared with dillusion, back to his desk

And if twitches of guilt do his work day slow
There's always the donuts, and McDonald's down every road
And there's the snickers that I keep under my desk
To snuggle with corporate candies when other humans are being pests

Ole Mr. Profit's having a Private Party, and tickets ain't free
Its their dollar, yo, and you won't get none just because
You weren't around when they started this game
And your right to vote, just another useless tick in your day

Kids and adults with the social ills, that pop pills
That cost all them bills, disassociate from all this a little
Disassociation means removing yourself from reality
That's daydreaming, running on automatic

Like an avatar might do, wearing our Big White Lie
They'd get bored with the game, though,
And I bet they wouldn't stay long
it's a simple program, and they'd opt for a new song

But acronymic diseases written on slices of tree
Here, use this lotion, decorated tissue to wipe after sneezing
Use this stay on antibacterial gel
Wash your hands every time, there's more to nickel and dime

Disorders that plague many in our working society
The social ills with a 'p' on their billboard
Advertised by doctors in every empty space like Walmart products
Are often described as coexisting with other effluent isms

They are disorders of mood and of stress
Panic disorder and substance abuse
Some that make you overeat, and some that cause bleeding
And there are gender identity disorders

Multiple personality disorders cuts one of you into two
Like disassociated selves off shelves
And made into apple pie
Sliced to serve, American style

And then there's obsessive-compulsive disorders
And there's you and there's me, so together, that's three?
But no, its eight, count them, all roped together, reigned by a steer
Held by a man with white hair and a beard

Get out your consumer-item-to-buy-calendar
Since when did calendars reminder notes to buy
Its always some time of year
No break from time is prescribed

At Christmas, America flails around the world
On TV screens, homeless see its lust and its greed
Bribing one another with presents
Consensual promises to not look beyond the lies

Together, they carry the white fat man throughout the world
And he delivers his ills, and his anhelgesic-like sour tasting pills
To all of the mutated boys and gills
Reigned in senses, sucked to their screens

Ears stuffed closed, belly no longer lean,
Tracts derailed, ride is over
Don't cry, don't ask why, don't turn sideways
And never, whatever you do, look out the window or up at the sky

After trippin on keterin-nip for a while
At the rate of 30-per public school room
You get pooper-scooped, grade-school, desk-fucked style
One box o' supersized children, ER-stat fried, at a time

And if you turn a deaf ear because in your house no children you yet here
But plan on getting pregnant with your team of super doctors in one year
Then to me, give a listen, and you will soon see
That for you there is to be pre-birth pill popping

There've been cases done, and studies have shone
That babies can prove hyperactive even as they are grown
This occurs when they kick more than the statistical norm
You can know this by listening to its kicking in your belly

It's a pill candidate if its hoofs are fast, like an approaching storm
And if you per chance should hear thunder, in your belly, or roars
Then, quick hurry, phone your state representative
and tell them what you have heard

For you, it will be socialized medicine
The best of its kind
And they'll even clean your house, and provide new computers
They'll leave nothing behind

Now to work, with your kids, and drugs, all you clonely go
And calendar, gone from college time to corporate warp screw with a twist
Ah, onset of persistence of transient, stress-related paranoid ideation
Followed by severe dissasociative symptoms

Learned by the desk life of a child
Extending every day from 12 years to 20 or more
It could be to hell with this and four score, blah, yada
Captain wants boat drinks, and we start an island war somewhere

Capitalize on Crazy, Inc.
Living on coke and food dyes
In a never-should-a-happened land
Where processed cheeses float on magical aerosole carpets

Profiting on you, what a weight
Say Yes to, vote for, just say, hate, reject
To wait for your turn to burn
People have an idea, go, fast-forward

Blast off like, I forget, go auto
They stack, laid down atop eachother
Likes bricks in a wall, the head of one is crushing the other
Willingly, marching as though by the arms of a watch

Hesitating a moment, I sat and thought
I'm about to have an original thought
Crazy are actually those who've forgotten how to ask why
The others, still inquiring, are the birds, if set free, that can fly

And you sit in the sound proof booth
Pretty complacent pink on the walls in a game show life
Peptobismalled for your double cheese burgered belch
The barrette in your hair will take longer than you to decompose

They smile inside coolly, while you sit and fry
Noone cries, no victims or video monitors here
For this has become, compared to death sentences
Far less controversial and standard fare

For this desk-worker-booth recycling machine-aid, Inc.
You are the toll, the only cost to ride
Its where you sit every day
Only the window's not as reflective as a monitor

America, home of the incorporated
Acronym built on an indian grave
Legally legitimafied, crumpling on its fear
Got by legislative mandate, so don't dare take it away

Economically segregated, manufactured, repressive,
And monocultural immune from care for others
Right to self-expression, desire behaviorally fried out
Individual, all muted and collectivized as unimportant

The Inc.ed pill-wheels have carried our choices over the borderline
Where spirited Kareouacian locked up people conspire
So they can write, do and be
I think its those who deserve legislative praise

Anyone in a white hospital bed on account of his head is entitled to receive
A voucher good for hope, reading "recipient entitled for your evolutionary integrity
To one Supreme Court Appointment in the State of your Choice simply
Because you still know how to use your fucking voice"

If you still don't get what I'm telling you, man
Listen to the echo
Caused by the some-doctor-inspired boom
Of the environmentally caused gloom
That started in the TV-sucked gut of your living room
That comes from the haze
In the eyes of the glazed over demise
Of our species on this planet, man

But to find it, the capatilistic round-top spun repression, ultimately, digression
Its down there, yes, where the hip-hop meets the "oh, now I get it"
Electronicly created sounds, rebirths of long since deaths
Conjuring up old buried notions to save us from drowning here in our never settled ocean

We dance to our aural weather, with its foreshadowing motives
Click our heels to the beat, not minding the heat
As we glop through the gloop of the oompatidu
And realize we are burnin' for some Hollywood man's lesson

In the face of fleeing time and space, onward shadow lead
Maybe some other plane of definition will appear
Hurry science, go fetch, and do better than we
Don't bring a fucking sleigh and eight tiny reindeer

GPS us to the muted and unplugged shadow
Its unInc.ed, down below, in denial, in lies, in so long ago
Where only remains a few remaining fairy tales
Look down 'round the ankles of workers' boots

Name your favorite of the cute little men
Now dig to the roots
Of their 'you' and their 'me'
Now open your eyes, you are at the root of a tree

Now, it speaks, but be patient
Your watch it doesn't know
And at your warp speeds in decays and so it grows slow
Sit for a while, and see what ideas drop down on you from above

A man of such ideas, Ben Franklin, wrote
"Remember that time is money"
The timer was set back then
Of the downfall that started with a boat, and some tea

All designed to appease a few men with a new idea
Something's broken on the west bank, men gone bazurk
For what once men were guilloteened for
Now they must live and die by desk, publicly fed, and work

They'll meet up with Indians and they'll all soon be dead
Women: you clean, and you cloth, and you fold
And continue to grow ever after on your husband like a mold
Don't worry, you've much worse yet to dread

Those were an oddly bunch, so the Daily's read
Thought wacky by some, thought quiet crazy by a few
They no longer identified with their world
Felt disassociated from it, a bit confused

Didn't trust their government, hails of conspiracy largely afoot
Unjust economic system that ruled by kick of steal towed boot
And what echoed their government in response to their cries?
Pill them, Pill them all, we must quell their rebellious cries?

France when it flexed its 700 years of change
Had the advantage of experience and old age
Why then, as their decendants
Measure own faith by that gage

Such perspective was not brought over in the boats
Perhaps it wouldn't float
But they must have taught it in school
Or in the ocean, left us some bottle containing note from that wested Left

Benny's Republic, the ideal democracy
But its hard to bare multigenerational fruit
From a capitalist tree spawned in this
Our a parasitic succubus society

Mecha, tech, super reved up rhizome, rented space
Bloodily tilled for planted of the first flag
In a haunted ground we Flash grow
A society where for each man a desk is a grave

All dead now, we their heirs
Have in possession some of their wares
Some of their dreams, less their war driven cares
Problems of old, layden in gold now,

Lay before us are unkempt pathways
That we do not surely want to walk, being desked for so long
And pathways into our minds
Through behavioral modifications, kept scarcely conscious and alive

Electronically isolated and, not in 'nuclear families'
Our medical chart sentences us to the illusion of 'alone'
We are sedated, incubated, underdeveloped
Inflated ego drones

With a tail flung, nuce-like, 'round our neck' of Private Property
That destroys the very empty condemned buildings on which it is perches
A mocking smirk, even God gets cocky, with the right legal team
It crashes and the building is destroyed, homeless onlookers cry

Crusty old apple egos go to work
Come home to the noise of the licensed cable company H2drone
Hate the wife, tongue-slap the kids
Only cry alone at the kitchen sink

Sucked in, garbage out, garbage filled picture books
Stacked away in a closet out of minds view
Taken out by the kids, disguised as 'chores'
To one-hour compacted bad psychotherapy sessions

In the future, they GPS your location, here and on the net
Know where you'll do school, though not graduated, yet
Pregnant, take a pill, helps the environment or some other distant excuse
Really, it helps the baby help the government along

Our undemocratic fairy tales and myths
Luggage carried over on great ships
Got woven into the fabric of a tattered quilt called hypocracy
And Got planted under the trees

Dig past our founders, to the ones we grounded
This land's seen the building of more than desks
Built to symbolize the confinement of the mind
Into a shape best suited to those that rule

Compartmentalized education designed to legislatively define a Fool as
Someone who doesn't pass a TAAS, CAT, or SAT test
When, in our envisioned, imagined, imprisoned reality
Can find value outside deskville

Do not be too quick to scribble on stone tablets
What it is their spirits have to say
But let the words, imagery, and feelings out of the cage for while
Letting them float on their instinctual wings

And now plugged in, on high fidelity screens
Digitized round-the-world heard
Virtual shots and forced declarations
So plugged in now, you smell yourself toasting over the plugged in air-raid

You have a baby, plant a seed
Pop a pill, suited in your sweet die to buy
And maybe, you too can give birth
To a fresh-out-of-the-oven apple pie

In this world that measures families
In units of 2.5 and $ signs
And has the gall to even put in the same sentence
Arcain money and infinitely Time

Instead, maybe think awhile of
Pies of another kind
The kind that Carl Jung spoke of
When he looked up at the sky

Some people saw round discs
Even fewer claimed to have climbed inside
Probed for the good of mankind
These cast outs are your repressed desire for novelty

But, not after work, after your chores, after you die
Now, this is the first unmarked hour
That by inspiration of higher power, space craftian shadows
And wings of forefathers we must rise

Perhaps it was our education and property systems
That for the price of our founding, instead of a peoples, should have died
Perhaps it was some other luggage that we mistakenly let seep into our life supply
Perhaps it is of some of ancient Indian curse of which we will all die

Whatever the past and the future, the present is our own to mold
Open ears to the bells and whistles of AmericaBrand and behold
The dancing kids, angry, they distrust what they've been nurtured to trust
Being what you ate, they are angry, its obvious that you've been deceived

Like our entertainment has shown
The genetic power-housed plant can't, like that, continue to grow
And a corporate lunch box that gobbles up
The same person day in and day out, so saliently-greenly

Earth is a soft and quivering mouse
in our big, greedy, sweaty white hand
A mouse, that, when freed
 Will lead you to safe lands

We've unfinished business
Of a completed revolution
Hurry quick! Our idea ship is sinking
And you are in dire need of undesking

If we fail, our ideas will sink
Into a very long-unforgiving soil
Revisited upon our now biologically handicapped children
The sins we and our ancestors should bare ourselves

Time and space persist
Continueing to separate shadow from self
The one is quickly atrophying
While the other sits, pillified, on a dark shelf

The bow tilts, but it doesn't snap
The mouse's strength waining now
Watch out, the baby's in there
Original thought and all

Use your legs and walk, instead of drive
Send apology letters for votes you made or didn't make
And, without revealing yourself, tell Bush
He's your mouthpiece and that war must cease

Talk to your neighbors
Look into your children's eyes
Start spending socially responsible
Educate yourself for change

Don't sit at desks and couches
Turn off the television and the phone
Think about notions of individual privacy
Verses the ever growing sense of the collective

Find ways to begin unplugging and debugging from
Corporate-manufactured collective consent
That you are bound to uphold as seregate law
Regain your some life, be a little less archived and segregated

See the analogy of the dominoes game
To your spending patterns
Ration checks and ATM trips
So later, you might not have to ration water and food

As a US citizen, you are the world's atomic time keeper
The rate at which time passes is controlled by money, consuming time
So until another system that values exchange by other than time
Slow it down, live fuller by consuming less in your life

Reeducate yourself on the art of spending
And on how best to effect that flow
They say Think Globally', wrong
Think expansively by buying closer to home

Now cross over the dessert separating
The Real from the Imagined
And without all the corporate cancer-evil-enemies imprisoning your attention
Reach into your grab bag of myths, fantasies, and legend

Get a little lost in your fantasies
Confer with the stars
Give flight to your inner child
Break our your ill-used wings

Reassociate selves separated by commercial breaks
And American pie knives
And Reaqaint yourself with your shadow
Tour and vacation in the devine

Eat less sugar, especially of the fructose kind
And less starch, more rice noodles
This slows down your nervous system
Which affects your perception of time

Lets more of your brain out of the cage
It effects where conscious and subconscious draw the line
Redefine biological necessity by calling for
A constant expansion of the borders in our mind

Demand privacy as to corporate property you use
As a matter of personal dignity
Vital to productivity
And cooperate to negotiate models that discourage abuse

Demand at your company a change from the
Domination model to the cooperation model
Permitting for trust and of mutual consideration
Necessary for a business model's sustainability

Work fewer hours and accept cuts in pay
Consider volunteering for part of each year
And not everyone needs to leave
At the same damn time everyday

In your consumption, demand customer service
This will force slowed output
Given the increased cost of providing improved service
Demanded customer service, more time is saved

You control the valve of customer service
And can clog that wheel, make them pay
Send back products, talk of quality
Complain ceaselessly about delay

Build fewer fences 'round where you work
Same goes for where you play
And teach your kids as well as relearn yourselves
Tolerance of things provincial, not of the genus majority, in society

And to the rest of you still Awak[r]e
Its all a corn fructose Inced up lie
Cleverly burried under some meat
Mashed potatoes, and of course, some apple pie

With this knowledge, what will you do?
Go Keroacian on me and live with a chic in a shoe?
Remember what's been handed down since before America's birth right
See a kid's cry as the last Snow White or Peter Pan, our ideas in flight.