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--expanding the canon into the 21st century



I tremble
fettered to an illusion

You make love to me
with tight eyes commandeering
your wild hands
You beg in deep saxophone notes
       I have never felt this before & one & two
       Stay in my love & three & four
       Believe me baby
I do those words again
I kiss the ring it shatters in a dreamy fall
lands a top of my snapped bones.

       You are my life girl, love without shadows doesn't exist.

Yes, I know
Your merciless hands deftly erase me
I succumb to this private inferno you drag me through
Living life in your affliction
Or is it mine?

Clutching bright plastic bags that laugh in open air I run
A clown quitting the circus small children wave freely as I pass
At the bus station I finally breathe
My heart bleeds: where will we go to this time?

I begin to break apart my resolve slips recalls your other touch.
Tears begin to commiserate along the banks of my eyes I close them
On the hands and knees of my mind I search within myself

A cool breeze whistles in circles me,
a gentle lovers promising arms empties my shiny bowl of pain.

I ascend my moist eyelashes fluttery against the welcoming azure sky.