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--expanding the canon into the 21st century



In the sawdust footfall, our world out of step, I followed your fall

Looming over the conflicts is the threat of "invisible" weapons of mass destruction
going on now in all stores

Some opt out of this language and point
a series of beautifully coded mental images of people
precise and out of prisons

I'd have thought in you it would have snapped
as anything sooner or later will snap, but still it happens
that's when I expectantly watch myself turn light in a mirror
there's repercussion, a crash and I look sickly away

"Air Force investigators concluded that
Schmidt and Umbach should have left the
area when they spotted gunfire to allow time
to determine its source. Remaining in the
area led to the pilot's misperception

Barbed-wire, bicep, a rose, remembered
in the small of the back. I forget to breathe
I choke to remember. His voice breaks, gathers itself
up, reconstitutes, more soul than vocal. Back to the ocean
face to the wind, she shifted shells one hand to the other
over and over until the sun cleared the eastern mountains

"slits and chairs and acid
splashed, filaments that gave
way of their own accord
from the stress of spanning
tiny, trifling gaps, but which
in a wounded psyche
make a murderous maze"



"He was soon forced to mute that praise, joking later, 'I was a little forward on my skis'"

Between us, there are no good solutions. Family and oil.
It's the defense that took off, the worst-case scenario

I know now it turns somewhere, seems to taunt,
turns out of knowing, burns, spits, before it spins off
into needing, absolutely nothing in the dumb center

His rage roars (or squeaks) political motivation,
pain-stakingly paraphrased by his self-righteous press secretary
to tell and not show. He thinks we want to feel
his anger; once and for all, we just want him to think

"Do you remember those happy bygone boom days when
the stock market was going to save us from a variety of ills?
Rising stock prices would solve the problem of Social Security
short falls, boost federal, state and local income-tax revenues,
and let us all retire young, rich and happy. It never happened, of course"

You do not need to prove damage or malice in an uphill
battle. Show the ordinary showing. Where's the line
you can't cross though the world of adult products?
Why are women in the mud, wrestling? I never imagined
how much of myself I retained out of their hands. It
is my body now. I will never have to face death again

The dumb reed reposing wrenches renown from the
No Mind's Lunge. This is a reasonable rhyme for a
retch of pretested grind that has yet to be dropped
by either side. The roaming has come to moan a
hunted smoggy expense of salient slum. A lump -
frayed, sallow, mean, mostly frayed, presumptive
except for the deed. Stars may romp across and remain stars



Two memorable comebacks or maybe a couple monumental collapses

Yet it is not thought, driving thought as it is driven,
carrying what carries it, connected to our laughs and cries but separate

"Standing on a snow-covered plaza in neat
rows, the demonstrators shook their
clenched fists against the backdrop of white-"

They got the first one two weeks ago, armed with missiles
with shorter range, at the end of the fourth season,
he was going to bolt the show. Johnny Depp was a sleeping dog,
taking you exactly where you need to be

"its stunning silhouette, with amazing turns
and cantilevers, makes it unlike anything
on any urban skyline. Like a lot of people,
Koolhaas has been mulling over skyscrap-
ers since 9-11. 'It's a kind of unconscious'"

North Korea mindset: We will not be Iraq.
Pull out of a treaty? A good idea, sir.
He's not freelancing at all if that story is true.
What more do we need to prove before we put
the story in place? Some of them picked him
out of a lineup, prisoner to the last minute.

Muffling of the war drums? React the way you're trained.
On a changing frontier, he is the last cowboy,
more like a cult than a country. Don't settle for less.
In the morning, in the mirror, he says,
I doubt the best I can. [I changed that.]
"Food was very minimum, daily beatings, daily interrogations."
She went to Santa Claus and said, "I hope I don't die."