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CLAIRE BARBETTI is currently a coeditor of Janus Head: Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature Continental Philosophy, Phenomenological Psychology and the Arts. Her work has appeared in various journals, including American Journal of Print, Eclectica, Slow Trains, VeRT, Janus Head, Cimarron Review, and Snow Monkey. For the past year, she has been writing in an experimental prose form, foregrounding and blending disparate voices/ images that arise out of given moments, whether from distant memory, dream, current experience, from outside or within. These pieces have been described as "utterly precise and perfectly natural"; they are hybrids of drama, poetry, prose, and pause, comprising the disjunctive collage of the consciousness and often conveying the mythos and extension of small things, slivers and fragments. While the poems are seemingly rendered in pictorial flashes, the space and silence that threads them creates an implicit revolt against the fast-paced, overloaded condition of the modern/post-modern/post-post modern world. She is presently working on a masters degree in English at Duquesne University and lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with her husband and three children.