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CHRIS OXER: English born, currently living somewhere in the hills that garrison Perth, Western Australia. Was a Police Officer for a time but an innate cynicism prevented that from taking on more than seven years. Travelled across the world instead and found the grass isn't necessarily greener on the other side - it depends on what grade of shit you use for fertilizer. Currently collecting single malt whisky (damn difficult to do in Australia), although if anyone has a Pig's Nose Blended whisky it'd find a good home up here (and yes, it does exist). Gouging the way back through university as a mature-age student, with fond memories of doing something similar years ago and finding the bar more efficacious to the learning process than tutorials, hence the return ten years later. Sigh. Published twice online. Written a number of novels and a larger number of short stories: obviously having more success with the latter at the moment but the two major works on the go - Vacancy and Deus ex Machina - are close to being inflicted on the world.