the muse apprentice guild
--expanding the canon into the 21st century



vicious sissies
delectable strategic
don't care dissidents
seafood army
running riot education
menergy quicksand
scathingly hilarious
space heater robot dogs
one hundred dollar Christmas trees
girly drinks,
the tell of tenderness
reaction tradition,
pancakes for dinner
braces and spit valves
used car carnal
intensely trend
a stalking force
empty flagpoles and hatchbacks
glacier lawn
crude oil conscious
national Coney Island
daydreams locked in a kiss
limits of appreciated
make-up to looked scared
attractive kindness
dazed gauntlet
secret Greek boredoms
curiosity half-bath dramatic
reality squealer
conjures and captive
the devil collects
surrounded, vesper tine designed consequence
big potential accumulation
sister fingers, fish tank piranha
non-stop furniture
night skylight floaty
muse consume
jinks contestants
X-ray vision
prime time imaginative
radiation security
shrunken head munchie
slumped in routine
traffic sweaters
noticed lonely comic
jiggle anniversary, dead plastic topsy drowsy
situation forming
sabotage dialogue
ice-cream drunk
movements, spontaneous sticks and stones
wild whys
landmark mouth, envy frontier
star flyers into another
dead end ambulance
citizens arrest spirit
lint candy sucking
dryer vent scent
slip it in
woman next door
Russian profanities redhead
fetish wistful
two-man advantage
cesarean aloha
born against it



kickstand, ignition down low
swing over off hot, megaphone pipes

deserted beach amusement park
tight black denim midnight
perimeter usurp,
deadpan shadows
insidious hung around,
presence a little panicky

bonfire witness
bottle tipped hard,
wild focus roaring
bronze backside hip shaker
wicked laugh, cool sea breeze up the twisted spine
arms high in the air, stiff pre-teen ballerina,
spinning demands,
wet t-shirt Valhalla,
nasty giggle calliope aware
dirty madness, exotic revel consequential
bruising suspense

force irrelevant,
to what a body can do
give up feelings,
decay blues nasty
heavy metal, zig zag mortal
useless on purpose
as humor,
wasted clown tongue,
leisure urged technique
merry-go-round guttural seduction, heavy whisky sloth

forearm inked hog royale,
sacrifice, minor threat
intertwined Detroit cobras,
squeezing traits, curse depending

carnie grip,
fleshy two broken press on nails
mouthful of bleeding hickeys
possessed liaison weakness
anemic sour
immediate swelling and willing
three finger swamp velvet
tunnel of love consensual squeal
long ride, Sturgis cheetah

looking up,
head back moon coaster aw
equilibrium, Halloween mask narcotic
disheveled flush,
stimuli swatted hornet

midriff pearls,
predatory compliments
impulse casual

crouched over
smile, dagger shine

sting ray leather boots dug deep in the sand
hombre corpse zarathustra



nightspot trendy
leased roadster pull up,
valet wink
getting out vendetta leggy,
V.I.P. tweet
backless black lavaliere
olive juice, lake water martini
lackadaisical flaunty,
happy apple jazz

feel good posture,
form over function, glissando stride
ex-models temper heart
followed and peeped,
enjoyable moody and appreciated
all expenses water mark smiles
fun house mirror thin
exotic dismissing spree, with dives
name dropping with a breathy robot lisp
enchanting fag hag macabre,

cologne multi-lingual
Jewish eyelashes
Stuntmen, meat hook rohypnol,
unwed sailors
relationships a protein source,
always tons in common
Hamptons, bon voyage,
break-up, bad boy ass tattoo cover-up
club throb, rollin' surface of the sun,
Astroglide after party,
liaison essential
precious pouty cheetah
latest aim, kisses on a tiny coral reef knee scar
wonder lick pleading
narcissist ecstasy, swapped vapors,
as loyal as options
lay about––.. white blood cell tranced



fire hydrant open full,
gushing summer
street feel, Brazilian tropical brown,
concrete, artificial banana smell
blindside narcissist overcrowding,
groups of ambiance, coolin'
priors declared,
stylin' bodybag slipstream
root down,
fat city sound
hold the speakers high
do your freak dance,
crazy raw, beautiful nasty
boom dip,
kisses low on the neck
encounters at the moment,
teasin' the stealth
gritty kitty purr-haps,
irresistibly harmless
skin, skin, skin,
absorbing excesses
healers brew
wavefold azure,
spaghetti western stares,
dilated wicked ambitious
in it, the groove
ain't changin'
re-light the roll-up



killing time
romance, the superstitious get even weapon of choice

discreet, end up wishing illumination

smiles of a repertoire

casual arrogance,
wanna be elusive,
novelty optimistic reliable pleasure

encounter infatuated,
available appealing

compliment lurks of an extroverted muse
enthusing bare hipped
hula heave,
vineyard sloshing in the belly
counting the deep breaths

hotnight sacrifice
blue pitch murmuring, ripe husky,
weedhead chick, humidity accent

weaker moods of excess
slow down allows of sweet melancholy persuasion
darkness everything

rubber butterflies,
fallen young fool
local pleasure,
doodish minimum wage hands,
eager robot attack
desperately funny,
opportunity once in a lifetime invincible

possessed in a sponge divers underwater stare

lap nova
rushing sensitivity,
beat ride cannibal
thrown smirks,
sticking to feelings like manslaughter

head back heavy
frowned off into the gold rum tinted shadows of a
coming idle mime


reputed attention,
threatening invisibility

tagged mirror
cheetah punk,
darkling luscious blasi

parasite chanteuse,
suicide girl songbook intellectual

rushing wishes
aspiring carcinogen,
without a hand wash

motorway rest stop

drizzle shiver
scurry back to the car

convertible duct tape,
windows fogged with explaining decadence
what to do with hands
buzzing urgently

stranger palms,
pushup playground

attraction charmer,
funneled through occasioned charlatan
high bridge crazy,
brave killer of an ass-wipe novel

caged itchy falcon,
taloned into the lolitabot, that's staying for
nostalgic daddy pig

escapist opportune
persuaded offender

kissing huffily,
wherever felt

private empty

drive off idealist

happened themselves,
casual exile



ultra definitely,
genuine dumpling

gorgeous porch, cul-de-sac realtor,
honeycomb drone

squander Coppolla,
appreciable vehicular tacky

chromatic cashmere,
marmalade mango peau de soie beu brummel

humungous parsnip insatiable,
boulevard root coquette

personable artichoke absolutely



bygone superficial
keeping promises like a conga line

rubbing a cocktail napkin,
into convinced drastic textures

teeth bared enduring gambler,
overkill lucky
convinced, idyllic and empty

equator barstools
bilingual double shots

minds eye–
beach spiker blonde
Greek rumped exotic
siance eyes and hands
candy in the mouth,
savored vulnerable
craziest irresistible
Lamborghini super suds car wash

blinking wet confetti,
whiskey looted
backwards desire, say anything you want

anchovy iridescence, sickbed accomplice,
with the appropriate vanish

tend too's exclusively love