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Life for CASTOR BAYLEY began in a southern part of the northern hemisphere, Dania, Florida. The post-birth months that followed on the serene beaches of southern Florida would be the most tranquil moments of his young life.
At the one-year mark, his parents embarked to Rochester, New York, the dwelling place of his paternal family. It was here that Castor would receive the lifelong lessons, trials and travails of experience that would shape his perceptions. His parents found that early on Castor had a talent towards the drawing and painting arts and encouraged him by supplying the tools. He happily painted and drew his days away, eventually winning a few local and regional awards for his efforts. His life was growing and developing but among the tenacious nature of flowering youth was added the instability and frequently violent episodes of parental disintegration. Many nights he would be woken from a deep sleep, cold and shivering amidst the northern climate, and pressured to choose between parents. Because of episodes like this and the resultant separations, his would be a gypsy life that would take him to reside in houses of opposite camps from New York, to Florida, to California. This also began his needed escape into the fictional world, a place of safety and anonymity.
Eventually settling in California when he reached the age of emancipation, he soon settled into pursuit of the life of artistry to which he knew he had been destined since birth. Behind him now were the painting and graphic arts passion replaced by a passion for music and writing. The phases of each pursuit left their marks, but Castor found that writing offered him the most chance for needed expression.
His essays have been published in various e-zines and he is now looking toward having his novels published in print.