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BRIDGET COWLES holds a BA in English Literature with a Writing Emphasis. At graduation, she was the recipient of the annual award for academic excellence and significant contributions to college writing and publication. She has recently had work accepted for the Spring 2003 issue of Liquid Ohio and three of her stories appear in the newly released book entitled the elements, a collection of poetry and prose published by Scars Publications. She currently has work in the on-line publications Pindeldyboz and Children, Churches, & Daddies: the unreligious, nonfamily-oriented literary and art magazine. She's seeking an agent for her novel, Riding the Wind; her second novel is in progress. The on-line work can be found at Pindeldyboz in "Archives," and at Scars under the headings "Writings," "Chapbooks," and "Books," as well as in previous issues of the "muse apprentice guild.""