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B.GLEED writes poetry and essays. He is a graduate of the writing program at the University of New Hampshire, receiving his master of Arts degree in English: Writing in 1995. After graduate school he began a teaching career at New Hampshire College, Franklin Pierce College, and Hesser College. Currently he teaches writing at Southern New Hampshire University. He is a contributing editor since 1997 at Maelstrom, a literary magazine ISSN# 1096-3820. Between 1999 and 2001 he served as assistant poetry editor at Moondance. Gleed is also a part-time journalist, writing news and features for Seacoast Newspapers, a newspaper group in southeastern New Hampshire and southern Maine. In addition to his newswriting, Gleed has had poetry appear in Kettle of Fish, Isosceles, Parnassus, Maelstrom, Kimera, Concrete Wolf, Poetry Super Highway, and other anthologies, journals and small press magazines off-line and on. He writes a column on writing and other subjects, as well as book reviews, at Maelstrom. He had an untitled protest poem appear on the Students for a Living Wage campaign web-site during the spring 2001 student sit-in at Harvard University. Excerpts from the poem appeared on the Living/Arts page of the Boston Globe. Gleed is married and a father of two. He currently lives in New Hampshire, where he waits impatiently for the Boston Red Sox to win the World Series once again.