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I have stayed quiet
While the guns of war have assembled.
I have stayed quiet
While the sons and daughters of our generation are
Shipped to fight in a place where electricity is not an option.
I have stayed quiet
While history has repeated itself and the world gasped in horror
At the whims of the head of my country.
I have stayed quiet
While freedoms have eroded in the name of national security.

Now my silence is ended.
Once more I will raise my voice against the
Senseless battle about to come.
Would that we invested such wealth into the education of our
Baffled children who must swallow the mixed messages we give.

Now my silence is ended
I will shout my words upon this page
Shout and fight against the plans of the few
Who wish to substitute bombs and bayonets for books and
Whose wishes send the bodies of our young as fodder for their
Deja vu war in Iraq.