the muse apprentice guild
--expanding the canon into the 21st century



copper sulfate

empty space

four corners



no shortage

scroll crawl


the assassin


type h







anatomy hole philosophy where context carries filth
the structure of absences an argue dementia on taxonomy traced pronoun
vanished into time theory has melted poisoned metaphor

growing seedling spun the diaphragm lifts territory scope
churning the earth forever while death watches silently tectonic dissolves native
creating life's breath wind meets the echo snap-shot conquers proof

unconscious wheatfields golden silence waits self's ego alone
humanity's oxygen currency pierced reveals none the vein of autonomy
bent towards quiet space the rich will wail soon awakes to find dark

about whispers hate vibrant skull matter
what goes on in broad daylight photograph musculature
a mere shadow hint tissue elongates

calcium-weighted vocal code break-up truth lies in the split
milk-sweet of morning earthly loudly crackles the airwaves allegory medicine
the thirst for knowledge signals turned down east science cannot save

conscious dissection territorial stability fault
transplanted cranial light divisions between powers unattainable mission
memory fade-out all rulers falter depth crevice reigns now

trails what path is of feel sleep pulse on us tower of babel
sacrifice is the effort the heart's inner ear flows free desecration commences
acronym of faith touching others blood your's language it clash

effervescent cold vicarious dawn corpse what breath comes near
what lies in frozen nightmares rhythm's realization burial epitaph moans
returning from thaw music we carry paralyzation

halt zoology study history
evolves from arachnid's web learned what slaves the pain throughout
disintegration proclaimed treatise fails

wisdom's anarchy a plectra current
relegates knowledge fossil switch despondent there aware
unburied when truth as to voltage numbs



the moan frothed with larva stretched out, orange sky witness to. further, an amputation of the syllable showing a core riddled with malaria octagonal superstructures forced to plea upon the fossilized quicksand artillery captured within a vein of creamy mucus weapons of metal conceptualized to force computronic methodology something found, dripping and covered in malnutrition, use this to swallow through the cornea, image burning by the howl of your fingernails even so, softly music echoes the rock slave speak sped under a century of elongated
deny the drone that pounded open up your rib cage smashed rip cave hair, chemical, fingers knocking about vast sloth growth impaired, hemoglobin, sung chalk museum language artif(icial)actual pawing against glass, rain in the whisper suck up tape to law shown multi-layered conundrum a giraffe with the snake's tongue. hoops and marble damaged beyond repair, an optical illusion for the deaf. he was a priest who was mute, a painter who was blind, the extra in the movie who's always slightly out of focus. if a bird was a poem was an ocean, would it? flighted out beyond the United States of America; salary $432,987. that has no sense. {bracketed military tactics} lumen cursor xor mist dazed awoke lion adhered these an locust list incineration. musical snowfall, elements all of the brain. doctor's wonder about the patience w(h)ealth. i'm on a boat going nowhere, except for his grace. feathers and cutlery, not an exquisite combination. tree trunk's whispered about a forgotten mystery that when unburied will shine like light in the rug. marut! "say the good, pleasant." friends are all i have, no enemy exists but that in the spiritual realm. Holy Spirit inside of me, go among all the nations and spread the good news. we can do all things through Christ who sets us free. boundaries were never established, just a figment of the imagination. art was made to corrupt the government. is it working? violins of chaos, a jazz symphony for the dead. sound ricochets of the bullet, speed and blink. a lone-lighted house in the middle of a hailstorm. symbol a myth, metaphor for cars and vegetables. faster and faster the heart races towards a peace, the singing voice pretty and bits. skeleton. bit through the nurse like a horror's film brilliant maniacal. role the feedback and dust; clouds illuminated like hat. umbrella up for the fire that drops over the rainbow like a famous astrologist. swindled into believing nothing. shoes, bills, part of a daily exercise to depart from/form the punch out clock hour slips through like an elephant's esophagus for breakfast or perhaps not.



Abiomic ludicism
Centrifugal laser at out blast fission verified
Or code slight tapping fall the down the whereas repercussion, sonic iced to of.
Foreshadowed development mental walk-about.
Sloping up-suck in the wind droop.
Slippery known aborts it.
Verbatim length sagged
The integration, mast wick at tip burn, flew off a.
Step ground out side the or else.
Then demolished recreate back.
Backwards fission trip was he.
Outside the skin the refuse warbled blackling swept beat.
Cataract swivel loop
Physical drained endomorphic reanimate.
Staple yell
Clapped warp-in
Incisionary gash
Transfuse melancholy
Indivisible peace
Possibility of infection.
Auxiliary capillary leapt universe gone



Sustenance matter stating an exhibitionary characteristic to flow freely, with no tendency to disperse incompressible high-energy. Relativistic specifications bodily over the mind-sate; linguistically, constant articulation proceeding without friction and capable of prolonged vowel-like utterances. Having been liquefied, especially, the melted heat returning like waxed amulets, condensed oxygen to flow readily. Fluid anomalies qualifying abrupt breaks prose movements dancing clear, shiny friction slip readily convert impossible ascent. Air, intensely cold and bluish, lush form available in the oxygenated atmosphere of dewdrops. Space wet with the descendants of obligation, abolishes conversion as atoms relegate to molecular reconnaissance. Mercury's twelfth dimension roars up out of the scattering, crystallization revitalized and splayed opaque. Optical properties electric and alphanumeric, to form invisible systems available throughout distillation boiling aquatic emulsion, suspended. Alcoholic weight, smooth and tightly twisted river threads with data to the whereabouts of the supple imagination. Waxing color colonized brought up from wells synchronized in record. Cream separated but fusible as solid as the past dreams shook heavenly. Bodies of cells disperse with hydrogen bombs clear and essential, with specific gravity on its side. Natural steams stretching the womb, amniotic waves wash the metal excess; oval growths with legs transmitted. Apparitions relative, with curved animal-like ponderance upon the forehead. Floating through stations bound in cycle, the slightest hint of evaporation creates a cascading jerking that shatters the gates. Greenish-tinged rust, tests fume up when enclosed and diced for exhibition. Cultivation strands equatorial in satiated bearing signs flattened. Seed distilled. Remote deposits of the eye's chamber hook translucent, extending mirrors entwined geometrically. What inhabits our anatomy? Principle spiders scattered engraving malfunctional shocks of information that seem arbitrarily condensed and weathered. Determinant equinox of the soul forces the affairs to self-digest, this then becomes manifested in incineration coughing sparks of bones. Calligraphic designs fitted over the skull, the dawn of the end is clumping. If we find the past eliding with desire, our present state must no longer grasp desolation. Particles fabricated in the breath of lies, lair of estrogen deficiency time is sleeping. Estimate the width of a whisper, elements of eternity should come to the forefront frozen in time.



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