the muse apprentice guild
--expanding the canon into the 21st century


wrapped in a cocoon
of tinkertoys, a mad
scientist's city with bubblegum
bones: kinetic money glitters, tattooed on
a fiberoptic squid's eyelids,
and on the lips
of an astronaut/prostitute.

she rewrites the rules of her
philosophy in a birthday cake
FedExed to an interrogation room
programmed to explode
in a policeman's mouth

started to disapp(ear)
into the wings
of a fugitive moth
(the reincarnated
spirit of jesse james
back at home) on the last
out of here.


So what's real?
The crazed TV rejected its networks,
created its own body,
stoned on ice cream and hip-hop. It heard numbers
in the graphics. Not mentally ill, just better
educated and better off.
Believe the opposite and you can't be reasoned away;
the payola of digital thieves and guerilla executives.
Bugs. Tune the drums. Tweak the microphones.
Hyper-evolve, instead of simply reacting
The crazed TV rejected its networks,
created its own body.
Flick the switch.