the muse apprentice guild
--expanding the canon into the 21st century



perhaps you were right
no one ever let you consider
that as we stand with recognition

the silhouettes in the kitchen
are long and proud and apologetic

true you could ve been correct
but they as well remain indigent
songs are loud voice strongest

opinions are sounds we make
when we remove the suspicion of certainty

could assume it simply that
or by miracle four young men in the kitchen
understand the questions and have obtained the

wrought the possible
can tie to the rudimentary contrast

a comparison so useless as to be consider only
       from mouths mouths of the artist

speaking loudly and we hear the changes as
poignant as we hear our heads together in the kitchen

the second you breath is home to that understanding ideal
we have started a faultless sincerity in

a childish guise obstructing who at one time
may have existed not in eyes but in bones

success is excessive attempts at justification in distance downward
words repeat in the text
strive to make known what you may have
already been apart of

accord drifted through empty rooms until it reached the
doorway firmly taking hold of the exit
and removing it from clarity

no where when you crave it immediately



i sat
down to write


having to rub my fingers to let the
blood back in

the heat was out in my small apartment
and the water had cut out yesterday

last year the lights were out for a week
because i forgot to pay the

electric bill
(what is most lugubrious is
mapped out)

we used candles to read
and to hold our fingers over

it was january
and the pennsylvanian streets
crippled under heavy bales of

freezing rain

while we drank old heathen
and watched from frozen windows



conceptions of what youve made
the value of lesson
when it comes down to it
all you see that it could subsist

an achievement of understanding/understatement


      outside of the boundaries comes to

      absolute. you are the absolute. resonance of
your production but your stage is pre set.
aged, accomplished all gone by substantial consequence

         language has left you well behind

you tell yourself about imagery and sensory adaptation
i wont read for you and i wont tell you

       im the actor. the resonance of
your talk on the coffer and the ideals of dead and white

have you forgotten the value of lesson
of worth of inhabitance that

     the apathetic and unjust
breath of inevitable

look at your hand and picture the box around it
yet picture the captivity inside the language


spent at hundreds growth of the inept
dont ask me the ability to
scar and remain the source of response

to elitist forms
     reserved for each particular

i strive for the
language of inferiority

and when he said open to consider youre still disapproved
i implied my own memory of impeached it isnt what you
would only hope to influence
but that you believe to be stuck in social facility

his disposition contained me wrong
the worth of twelve million

you elitist consummation

       the common language gone the absence of the twelve
continue with the breeding his implied through realization
not the one i hoped
but the one that seemed more than
                  substantial to himself

the words began to heed uproar of ephemeral
concluding early the suppression of guise

you cant consume yourself as much as you try

compensation devours attempts at negativity
and innocence an ideal of the guilt
which should be the absence of

in which you contain a personality slavery
the one which assumed position to

allow judgment and
complete loss

where is it and who are you
tied to contingency
coming to as the eminence of productivity

you add the allegory to any
     work of cultural argument
     quote them quote his theories

  subjective to no rule of unconcerned
as you oppose society to dull speech

i may contain you
and your knowledge of consideration

from the claret colors youve caused me
you cant take this into personal
        you cant give a dish and
open cupboard to the passersby


competence and consequence lay down together
       in passages in the same breath

you read them bound by
thesis you should have kept it simple

read it again

i lost the unbridled and gained understatement of

off and on to the rosary beads you lit a candle
to keep your words lingering
but ostentatious as it may

  the numbness proceeded through any prophesy of
of faith and i let it run
over institutionalized condition

      i watched and cried
i observed gaunt
and you told me it wouldnt be as this

while we kept track of those straying from
the granules when i looked i turned
recognizing the stray and i called back to and forth

and what i received as passing me
turned into a tumbling realism tamest
the revel of controlling theme and print
      where as years before in the structures i hadnt the


and then when realized i took up a mere sleeping bag
spoke out against the veracity
never with regret for the coming dead

      your idea left stolen by millions upon another million
condition willing to leave erudition intangible
           ive walked by without consummation formality

when you say i havent known that ive
ended an extraction of (re)presntation

        i feel as obscurity
the relieve of hesitating
when you say wrong or right im left for the open
for this the absurd
alliterates the passion for the abstract

    preach to me tomorrow
maybe youll listen to my face
more than youve offended uncouthness

  ive choked and breathed youve said ive understated and understood
please believe me when i provide
you with the cause of insurrection

and listen to the cars against the wetting wizens of the road
you dread tomorrow you lie if you dont
can that be considered
     can it that youve seen

coasts of adolescents
and know the language

they are receptive

    when they repudiate the heirs of mediocrity
and gentle lasting encode
the grasp of the first turn of faith

   that is your belief

costumed up bright candescent blue
         i did notice you those years back cant you understatement
    you knew mutiny early on now you act

the actor is the reaction no script
listen and read again

end the certainty of these absolutions