the muse apprentice guild
--expanding the canon into the 21st century



Dorthy Calmly (aka dotcom) wriggled into her tight dress and then dropped a sock
Lesson of wrinkled stock (stalk; yr nostrum makes a nostril on the saints
Roe coil, sinks ships in sense insensate, nor plunged her primer's wastrel
Hose of the lee day, fen of the marbled murre, I call you out to make amends

Later, then, what had called the day a rainy sleet-sidewise static on the roof
Mowed your puddles flat or mirror in glare's ritual a squinting at the wind's rule
You flood amazement from earthy poor and sembles stark return of the flute's carriage
I'll rope 'er slutty pour a cloud's recluse rerun of the hose and center from the mine

At story's palm enfold, unwind the cloudy sky has its holes of light within plenty
At live life out of control in too much restraint of the anchor due you held me in
This waning team as holds history's gate and psalm a movie at the end of time
At lingo's pining spin around the terrace global tents lo supal penne streaming

Co-tall and spinny, she arks her beck and fall of man what heard the motor running
Moan's overheard hard upon the deck, I'd whinny too, y'know, and succor inn
Chorus of plaid tense, but slapped her fancy tight against the grainy film over
Spudnut creamed onions plated farms-worth at tack or humor a twain'd mark

In her spiel a fungo lark due tumors repeats pleat-ed heat; eat her spinky, do
Couldn't stop coming. As if you'd afforded it. A narrative fuck if ever
Rose totes. A femur's cool reluctance to inform, like limping, healed him
Making sentence she called it, humming a syntax of diagrammed heralds

Sun's race to cloud-hide spurts heavenly motion across the windows
And again returns the line its hideout in reluctant showers pled
Nor fold in term turns wooden to the hour's triumph to be plain
From what holds aside as reaps the mellow hour yet remains infirm

You're loose! Lucid enough for temp or planer harps attend and spoon
The lunger hour's florid peace penetrated hard against her Levi's seams
Then split asunder a thunderous roaming hand upon slight cover of the tune
You'd held asided narks flutter the cloudy pin its future hours left in sense

At thirst, at sword, at calm reminder's gain, you called ahead and stirred
This flame no manner staid such calm rescinded now, a fluter's pain
Not firmed but streamed thus timely hours pulled the freight ahead instead
Or farmed these lines and grew such syllables where roots were claimed ahead.



Lunch at eleven. Or, the only way to have to speak what has been spoken to. Norml Hand tightened the vise around his balls and headed out for the job, today it was the red hand for the traffic lights. He'd be everywhere. It was the beast of times it was the wurst of thymes. No load barrier enacted late last night, but the hoopsters still line up at the gate, like good costumers late hodaddy included by'r leave, massa.

Eye'd inclined plain attachments uphill from the scorn. Hiawatha Hoser. Loosened his belt and gave a fart you could actually See, then wound it in around his thighs and duck out a dickster retarded only by his actual beauty from the nomenclature that was his. Buckdancer at the male whorehouse. Estimates of climates revered but unenacted by the lame deer dancing at the fire lodge long house into the night, boy.

This toungue-lashed muttering avoids the passionate discourse, is't my lack or lackey to the dust beneath your words cast carelessly too far too long to be dismissed as peradventure; (tongue-in-cheek) emissions of doubt itself might lead to longterm damage
Within sentence structure a lineation or a running-forward clinging etiquette withal
Another rheumy inclination left to doubt itself, here, within summary, within itself.



Egg-sack yolk soup, the color of dullards, wrapt iris leaf and memorandum blue
In eden's park we were kings over snapper and shrew; montagne clarity flat-screened
Dualisms fused in drug crazed midnight dances on the particleboard floor
At fire and sword the magnificent ones fought self and sign into the firepit
Nuanced picture-jasper nocturnes, songs from the sweathouse in due deceit

He was high in the naked skarn of the steep slopes of hirsute denomination
Within the void no hoppers or beer commercials let inside the sacred fen,
A smooth lady passed this way, then fled dark's hours made instead
From what'd affirmed today then not ahead, light's hours made in bed
Your names against wilderness and the despedita in your patient arms

Door of the hour's monarch, butterfly and then, they flood the natural
Hark of the high noon inside your arcs and terminals, inside time again
The hours farm ahead in perfect calm, as had, so let into the sign itself
Where the nasty girl resides in dubious realm or passage into seasons
Marked by what's been said again, you are the hour of your own receipt

And tempo. Salons aloft were only marking time out against its own passage
From aligned sensations blue and red and musical tonal astir in tempo's
Rhyme and season short against winter's stillness and long against the sum
Where lines out of size relimn the duty or rhythm in the line's line out
Between this and what follows a slow air unwinding sighs rely and trim

This light collar breathing light against my own time and seasons hears
Inside the self's stellar and pain withholding interior time at stall & room
You said 'enough' and plodded on in day and night withdrawal from time
Itself a reason in the mists of chance encounters day by day another again
Left you hearing scenes and signs along the way and left affirmed at

How the doorway roomed alert rhymes the deeper text within was held
At hostage moment of the driving rain sideways under a gray sky unbending
Here at the outer sign of day inherent looms and trusting falls ahead
As what's let behind you comes apart and leases doubt from inner postulation
Into where and when and the rest resting where this was the picture of now.