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Rain beats
Rough tattoo
Slips off slate
Like an otter
On a slide
Racing to arrive
At the bottom
Fireplace pops
And hisses
Cut glass dark
With elixir that
Burns the throat
And eventually
Torches the manor
And the barn
Sprawled face down
On a parquet floor
Drowning in a
Puzzle piece
Reaching in vain
For a starting point
Corner, border
Anything at all
Every piece has
One blank side
The other side is
Even more blank
Don't yet know
How to solve it
Good chance
I never will
Even if
It keeps on raining
After the firewood's gone



Femur in a furry hand
At the end of a stick
Dagger that slips
Through muscle
Like a spy
Through enemy lines
Suits of steel
Fit for a prince
Rifle, bullet
Silver fortress
High above



From the fearsome
Craggy beauty
Of Cape Wrath

To the lawless sanctuary
Khyber Pass

To the endless green hunger
Of the Amazon jungle

It's all the same to me

All of the wild places
Are desperate and frightful
Beautiful, seductive
Each in its own way

You can wander in the world
Like a pariah
A blind man with a stick
Or you can spend your life at home

It doesn't make a difference

The most dangerous place of all
Is the place
You carry with you every day
In your chest



Minor irritation
Grit wandering
In my shoe
Chewing through
Soft spun wool
As a moth

Minor irritation
Scratching away
At my skin
Nagging like secrets
I've kept from myself
Kept for myself
To stew in

Minor irritation
Scrapes a tattoo
On my bones
Crimes of dispassion
I got away with
But can't seem to
Get away from
So many things
To own up to
So little time
Not to try

Minor irritation
By alligator hide
The gaping aperture
Passing through my foot
Is large enough
To poke my finger through
Large enough to fit
A railroad spike