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miscellaneously, i dibble dabble
searching for ways to avoid ur scrible scrable
im out and about
dont wanna hear ur unconcerning shout
my mind needs to be quiet, mellow
ignoring ur "hello"
i mean...sure we all want jello
but if thats not what u need, then uve got too much damn greed
momentarily i amble through the nooks of my mind
ignoring communication, that which does bind
if its a nescessity for u and ur exentricity
leave a thelonious, harmonious rhyme
through which ill return in ubiquitous time
Sooth the throat like a tectured coat
Existence of talking, shouting cannot evoke
My emotions are calmed, abolutions thronged
As I lay down to rest, theres a pitter patter upon my chest
On the outside droplets emerge, iridescence glistening around them
Sun lightly falls upon me
As I sit inside me
Sprawled on the dewy grass
Bliss hits
Ectasy emits
Silence permits
Life is my accent
Externally, im cold, shivering
Internally at peace, warm, quivering
Life is non-stop
Reminding me of the beats of hip hop
They pounce…no bounce!
So leave me alone
Soon ull see
How everything makes sense when u dibble dabble miscellaneously

Above and underneath, there is confusion around
A red-breasted robin swoops to the ground
I see it, but it refuses to see me
Ignoring my existence,
The grasshopper negates
But pelleted, by a repetition of rain drops
From it emerges a frown
Simultaneously my recorder emitting red
Its hearing the softness of the rain
But does it know the story of this scurry?
In my left hand is jazz emitting its floetic sounds
To be blended with the rain in background
The robin comes around again
Passing by leaf and stem
Turning ferociously as the music uproars
The wind whips around the tip of her wing
Sounding of whisling of which only I can hear
My senses present, keen, tuned to this scene
She cries, its heard above the rhythmic piano
Setting a new beat…an interlude to this feat
We stare at one another…
Determination…anticipation…trepidation rise and fall
The grasshopper, he is timid
Prancing about the grass sprouted tops
He starts his own beat
Hes the conductor
She approaches anxiously…lost on a sharp solo
On the outside they hear music
On the inside they create it
The melody is unique
Nothing to tweek
And as it hits its peek
Silence emerges, rushes once again
Their rythem continues
Slowly depleting
As it fades to a finish

This music has a story
That of teasing and tyranny
This happened a week ago
Now the record is off to show
Wait…yes, I hear it on the radio
So does the man next to me and the woman next to he
They tap their feet and snap their fingers
Chitter chatter lightens to a pitter patter
Of the grasshopper I recelect
And I tell them of his tale, whom I thought his story id protect
Its an inigma to them, im only a drunk whose had nearly ten
But for me its beauty
For I can see
Who really created this dynamic melody.



cuz jesus is black and hes gots ppl in his pack a thinkin they can aspire to what they cannot cuz hes ethnocentric, afrocentric, and everythin they want not, so dont trickerize me w/ ur bible of thee, cuz ill drop kick ur beliefs, into a paper bag, and u can munch on that u borin old rag! dont patronize me w/ ur appealin songs and ur satirical thongs! cuz we got power, weve got spirit and weve got flavor, so go form ur wavors of derogitory shit cuz im the one u want, the one thats lit, ill bite what has not been bit, to prove my point of patritizm to the pacifists of the world. we concientiously object to what has been writ bout ur shit, so dont throw that fit u superficial illicit! i know rite from wronge and ill prove this by throwin out cabage to all, so u can munch in all, it ill rejuvinate u to a form of strength and individuality which u lacked, lots o ppl say im wacked, but whuts up w/ dat? u dont have the authority nor reasonin so dont spoil my treasonin of what i do not concur, to what is a blur, uv got no origionality left only superciality left of ur arfifical personality, yes, ur deft of what is meant to be had, u should be glad im tellin this to u cuz im not ur dad, im not a role modle, im not a leader, im my individual who sees things as they r risidual, so fight the vigerous current to achieve ur individual warrent, it allows u to and blend w/ all cultures and customs, cuz u got none o dis, all u got is ur ludicris, and ur images of this, ur leader wuz a tripin dude who abolished all that wuz crude, there were small qualities he wanted, nothin to be complicated, but u took that away and look what u have left today, uv got nothin, u say that ppl r gay and that is true! i admire those who r proud, and thos who have come out blazingly loud, thay have impacted society, something u have not, they have made a difference a new catagory of reference, so dont go a makin ur inference of these bold and strong characters, cuz they hold what u lack, the ability surprize, this is what holds ur demize, so look at me in my eyez while i show u what is the truth, be mellow, not ridgid like allz us have adapted to! his specifications were simple, those who r dedicated to survival and joy were to join him and they would employ, no they would deploy their spirit to the world and those who were lost, who had no meanin, the narcisistic ones, those who lived life to reach a goal which they did not know, who aspired to reach a point of true happiness, yet this wuz their prolem, their neglegence ruined their life, too concentrated on what could happen instead of what wuz outside the napkin, this is simple its everyday mirth, that appears to be what its worth, this is all jesus wanted fer u no enjoy the occasions in ur on goin saga, he didnt want u to drink no java! this is an abomination indeed a problem of creed, it mis-shapes ur willz to be poppin all thoz pills and so y is this? y do u drink cris, it may as well be piss, cuz thats what ur doin to urself ur pissin away ur dreams, i had a dream once and it wuz deep and profound it told me in a unheard of fasion to spread the word of passion instead of limitin ur ration! take what u want from life and experience it all, cuz u dont need extacy to reach an extacy of pure means! be what eva u want, just dont be blunt, thats obsurd and only one word, y not fill up ur head w/ ideas like peace and serenity and music and diversity, y not achieve what uv alwayz wanted to reach, gain what uv aspired, no longer will u need the poisin of java to keep u from bein tierd, live on thrill and if necesary let out a shrill of joy, eat a hot pocket or two and do what uv gotta do to get through to what uv needed to see into, dont live inside a box! get out break the ends, u dont need to make ammends to what u feel, that depends on how u wanna eat ur meal! like rubarb pie, thats the pacifyer of thy, not the common in between two thigh, no thats rhy and dry and not to bee eatin w/ an eye, cuz ur eyes hold the secret, but ur brain keeps them from peekin at it, u dont have poor judgement or a capricious goverment, let what u want be, ur own piety if religion restricts u than y not let it constrict u? thats what ur doin ur not free to see what is meant to be, ur locked inside a cage, u dont need an apoplectic rage! let ur emotions grow, so u dont have to throw that lil problem o urs into the neighbors doors! dont trouble them w/ ur problems for they have their own but the ones round the courner have not what u own, they are atheists not nilists nor monotheists and certainly not of that poly genra, for they have found what u have sought, the have earned what u have bought, they have learned what u have not, so be schooled by them, but only briefly cuz if it takes too long its often unseemly create ur own indivduality so no longer will u be restricted by some reality, if theres one thing to be communicated its to not be over zealous of what u have fought, thats over this is new, so find the brew that suits u, let it have what u feel in u, whether it be cannibus or all of this as long as u enjoy its bliss, i do not implie the drugs cuz some common thugz get wrapped up to tightly and r afraid to live brightly, but if u need it to start let it be only that time, for all time is precious and leprikonz, they supress us, from what is to be posessed and caressed, tell them it is ur turn to walk over the rainbow and be awed by the tripiness of all the colors, cuz each of those colors represents others, others that have pranced and danced all over the rainbow's pants, they have added flavor and thats what varies us from octopus to platypus, they know what they want and they grasp it w/ their mouths and they punt, what is not what they want, so diversify and overcome thy contemptuous lemon merange pie, move on to the revered pie of rubarb in the sky!