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__Marguerite, mon amour

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what they knew at once is as certain as they will die -- coup de foudre -- naked separation -- intangible representability -- polysemy -- la garonnire -- silent eloquence -- if it were a movie, Kristeva would enter the room of the girl's younger brother while a Hitchcockian zero degree would frame printed passages on subconscious incest -- mise-en-scne -- spanish translation -- more love -- no love -- boring love -- emotionally retarded love. Saign. vertical smile -- revisiting your innocence -- death -- nota de la autora. Not wanting to talk about the obvious -- explaining the explicit -- filming a book -- sketches of the meanders of her memory -- recherche du temps perdu -- she scribbled love -- a love without epistles -- colonies, and eau de cologne. El amante de la China del Norte. A pastiche of other books -- literary bricolage. It occurred somewhere else, far from home -- at home -- it happened with another race. Fugitive -- rito de iniciacin. Looking at that part of herself she lost -- passion of the real, raw emotional texture. ek, Lacan, and Duras -- mnage trois. useless mother (father figure). Family dynamics: intimacy. ghettoes -- immigration -- endogamy -- aristocracy -- Lon Bolle. The girl keeps walking with the subtle sensuality of a ballerina. And Duras was still in love with her. Mise-en-abme - from Resnais throughout the Lover to Annaud -- mirrors and windows from paper to celluloid and vice versa -- intertextuality -- objet petit a -- jouissance. Love anxiety. Screen. Dj lu - Moderato Cantabile, impossible blue eyes black hair. Forgetting through memory -- le futur pass du subjonctif - y el pretrito pluscuamperfecto conjugado en subjetivo - Both are dead now: la nia and el chino. characters without name. Sus personajes sin nombre. Como dira Borges: "No me gusta hablar del amor en mis escritos, es demasiado importante para mi." Articulate omissions.

Valncia, abril 2002