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AUGUST HIGHLAND is the Director of Culture Animal. He is the originator of Hyper-Literary Fiction, Microlinear Storytelling, Next-Gen Nanopoetics, Genre-Splicing, Linguistics Engineering, Mediated Narrative Repatterning, Massive Media, Exhibition Literature, Linguistics Engineering, Visual Information Processing, V-I-R-U-S Poetry, Formal Spam, and Metapoetics Theatre. He is the founder of the Worldwide Literati Mobilization Network, the International Belles Lettres Federation and the Superheroes of Humanities. Highland's literary work has appeared in numerous print and online publications and has been translated into seven languages. He is a 2004 Pushcart Prize Nominee. More information about Highland's projects is at Culture Animal

Highland also creates monumental-scale visual poetic works, some as large as 122"x122". Examples of these visual poetic works are on exhibition at alphanumeric labs.

August Highland writes under multiple personas all of whom are members of the simulated literary movements (metapoetics theatre) which are listed below. None of these personas appear in the muse apprentice guild.

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